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  1. What’s that pin badge they’re all wearing?
  2. Good stuff that. Comfortable away win in the cup with only half a side and three debuts for youngsters. Well done Wednesday.
  3. Sonny

    Did I hear right?

    Just enjoy his first ever post that doesn’t claim someone is being paid 50k+ a week.
  4. Sonny

    Did I hear right?

    First job - wing backs Second job - extend Bannan’s contract (he loves this club)
  5. Eat shït Sunderland you losers
  6. Prepare to be embarrassed Sunderland. Your first and biggest mistake will be not conceding victory before a ball has been kicked you utter utter losers.
  7. Sonny

    Borukov to play?

    El Toro
  8. Sonny

    Give Pelupessy a break

    You saying Pelupessy is on £50k a week then yeah?
  9. Sonny

    Give Pelupessy a break

    Nice one Sue
  10. Sonny

    Give Pelupessy a break

    Yeah give him a break you sh*t heads.
  11. Sonny

    Sheffield Star

    If Neil loves the media so much why doesn’t he set his own thing up.
  12. He’s only had two games to be fair but what the hell is he doing in the Belgian second division really. All this chat about ‘what father wouldn’t want the best for his son?’ when referring to our contract offer doesn’t really square with him ending up in that league. Way to make a point you pair of utter melts.
  13. This is probably an Owlstalk record for a flip between ‘he’s awful what a waste of money’ to ‘ffs why the hell isnt he playing’. *at no one in particular.
  14. Imagine it will take time to settle into the pace of the Belgian second division.
  15. Sonny

    Joao Injury?

    Not really clear on the point you’re making here? If our embargo stated in April then that’s when a fair few of them came back from injury not when 16 were out.