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  1. They wouldn’t be penalised twice for the same loss because the loss is cumulative over three seasons which form the reporting period. Next year the cumulative loss will be a different figure from a different period, albeit with two of the parts of that loss being the same. They will have been given the chance to rectify the situation (via another seasons accounts) but punished having again failed the test.
  2. To be honest I think it’s pretty clear he does understand and has clearly explained how it works. You just disagree based on how you think it should work.
  3. So you are currenrly under the impression that we are weighing up a deal to buy Dundee.
  4. In our situation and with his injury record we would be bonkers to sign this guy. Utter madness. Even if he’d managed to play most of the games whilst he’s been here you’d be questioning his past injury record but he’s not even managed more than a handful. If he signs then I hope it’s cheap and I hope he proves me wrong as he is talented but how much warning do we need.
  5. You forgot Iorfa. I do agree with you though. Currently mad to sign either and not convinced we couldn’t do better for cheaper even they hadn’t been injured so much (although hard to comment on Lazaar).
  6. That’s us getting a points deduction next season then.
  7. Ta Can’t really complain about a call for more transparency to be honest, no matter who it comes from or why. All our fake sponsors are well dodgy aren’t they. Just have to hope we have more support or better lawyers.
  8. Support what though? They can’t change the rules retrospectively so what would they be supporting? An investigation? Is there an article about this meeting somewhere?
  9. This is like in The Wire when the Co-op meet to discuss how to stop the Boy Marlo muscling on west side dealers territory. Marlo will just do what he wants regardless.
  10. Gibson to ring a D-Taxi during the meeting. If one turns up then no case to answer. Can’t blame him really.
  11. The Birmingham ruling did state that giving out a deduction 7 months into the season was regrettable and that they’d aim to rule much earlier.
  12. I suppose it’s their league their rules though? They don’t stop us employing anyone but they sanction who is registered to play in their league.
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