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  1. Sonny

    Matt Penney Contract

    As if Man United wanted George Hirst. Bit ironic to bang on about Doyans sharp practice then believe that kind of twaddle.
  2. Sonny

    Matt Penney Contract

    I was being sarcastic. Of course we don’t know, so to state that we do then bash the club for it is pretty weird.
  3. Sonny

    Matt Penney Contract

    The policy you highlight of letting expensive players sit doing nothing until their contracts run out without trying to sell/loan them is bonkers. So bonkers it almost doesn’t make sense but at least we now know.
  4. Sonny

    Matt Penney Contract

    As ever, your detailed knowledge of behind the scenes information is much appreciated. Whoever your source is, thanks for sharing it.
  5. Think they just knocked up the bottom tier quick time as opposed to temporary seating. It wasn’t open at the start of the season but soon after and building the roof/second tier continued from there. It cost £18million for a two tiered end Stand about five years ago. Obviously I’m now an expert in the above having just googled it.
  6. Would love to go to a rock show with Reach. Would be a right nice night.
  7. Yeah as I said, maybe maybe not. You’re the one that’s certain. I’m just looking at the fact that nobody came in when they were at Maine Road then within a few years of moving to a state of the art stadium they’d already had two billionaire owners. If it suits to ignore that then no worries at all.
  8. Maybe, maybe not. Although in 92/93 Man United won their first title in 25 years. A full 14 years before the Thais bought Man City. Or just 4 years after they moved to a new stadium. If it was always going to happen then they sure took their time.
  9. That’s very true. It would be a huge investment but a real tangible one as opposed to playing staff. Manchester City has a massive leg up from the council but I’d be amazed if the Abu Dhabi royal family would have looked twice at them if they were still kicking about at Maine Road, Moss Side.
  10. Good point about the South Stand. Hadn’t really thought about it paying for itself but I guess it has, and that’s what we need again now. Used to baffle me how the hell other clubs have managed to afford a new/redeveloped stadium but then we spent so long absolutely on our arsès financially that it’s never been remotely conceivable for us. Would be interesting to know how clubs outside the Prem do it. I wonder how many benefit from a favourable council in terms of land or loans or something. Not so easy in a two club city. The North Stand is beautiful, I love it, but it’s only positive beyond it’s beauty is that the seats face the pitch. It can barely cope with half time in terms of food/booze even with a block closed for safety reasons (?) never mind provide anything the rest of the year. It’s not that far of being the least of our worries either which shows how bad the other two stands are. Get promoted to the prem and tackle it then seems to be the plan. Or get promoted to the prem and DC flogs us to someone with deeper pockets. Would be good if we had a plan that doesn’t involve the prem. Just on the off chance we don’t get promoted.
  11. I guess what sets Hillsborough apart from many of the other grounds that clubs left behind is that it’s already big enough. Most others were small and falling apart, ours is plenty big enough and falling apart. It clouds some people’s judgement about why we’d need to address the situation and doesn’t provide an obvious impetus in terms of big crowds that we’re missing out on.
  12. Sonny

    Matt Penney Contract

    I will confidently give this contract situation a firm ‘be reyt’.
  13. Think they’re on about putting a cap on how many players a club can loan out, which would achieve roughly the same thing I guess.
  14. Scrap both of these - sorry. Maps not set up right. Best estimate is... North roof to South Roof approx 155m Kop to Lep roof approx 204m Will do rest in a minute or two
  15. I’ll just have to check a few things and get back to you before taking those figures as gospel. Need to make sure maps are projected properly.