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  1. @Lord Snooty get a mom poll set up ffs Fox is in with a chance here.
  2. I wonder this as we don’t actually seem to be playing very well but then I also wonder how far you have to go into a season for a ‘false position’ to not really be possible. For starters I’m looking forward to @HirstWhoScoredIt‘s thread which will show that (bar the final order) most of the top six is usually ‘settled’ after 15 games and we’ve already achieved his required 20 points minimum for the first third of the season. I also think goal difference is often a decent indicator, especially the further you get through the season. It’s really obvious I suppose but goal difference often broadly mirrors league position, give or take and barring the odd anomaly. We’re currently where we should be in that respect. TLDR I’m an optimist see you at Wembley.
  3. They’ve proper done you here by moving this to the graveyard. Wouldn’t have hurt to keep it in the main section for a couple of days WOULD IT!!!
  4. No, obviously, but I don’t understand why you’d be pointing out that the wall wasn’t offside. That’s why I’m searching for some further meaning that would merit you making such an obvious point.
  5. You’re saying Flint wasn’t obscuring Dawson’s vision? Or Flint wasn’t in an offside position? Confusing
  6. Sorry I’ve no idea what ‘the part that was obscuring his vision wasn’t offside’ means.
  7. I’m not sure what point you’re making, and bearing in mind you’re definitely wrong I’m not sure I want to know... but feel free to explain.
  8. The wall wasn’t offside though was it?
  9. Issues like this where people’s desire to always be contrarian stand out a mile. It was offside.
  10. I am devastated about last nights injustices but the thought of Borner’s smiley chops is keeping me going.
  11. This post is ripe for another episode of ‘Did they really get negged to death, let’s use the search function and find out’.
  12. Doesn’t matter if it’s the league that’s poor. We only have to measure ourselves against the other 23. Regardless, we’ll have done ridiculously well if we make the play offs - whether we beat Cardiff or not.
  13. He’s scored more than that against Norwich never mind in total over the last two years. Must be 10 or 11?
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