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  1. Knows his way to the training ground so yeah get him in.
  2. I wasn’t clear. Didn’t mean the coach sanctioning it. I meant them not doing what the coach wishes (which would definitely not be just standing still). That’s just speculation now though and you’re right, sometimes that happens and particularly on a midweek. Something to keep an eye on.
  3. I would describe Harris as ‘badass’. He is badass
  4. Part of the reason for that in the first half was because everyone else was so static. Nobody was moving into space so Bannan had to go back. Then he’d be the only one showing for the ball so he’d get it back again... and repeat. I’m concerned as to why this was. Lethargic midweek game maybe. If it’s coaching then there’s no excuse. If Lee is playing then he is absolutely always showing for the ball wherever it is on the pitch.
  5. It’s only half an answer to say ‘drop Reach’. You’re also saying don’t pick Lee or what? Bannan? Hutchinson? Bold moves...
  6. He’s quality on the wing. Play him there, or at fullback/wingback if needs be, or not at all. There’s no shame in sharing 2 starting positions with Harris and Murphy. I get the feeling he’s being shoehorned in by Bullen out of respect. That’s great because he has definitely earned respect these past two seasons but it’s not the way to pick a team and he is not a centre midfielder. To be fair to Bullen it was forced on him a bit by Bannan getting injured and if Luongo had been here a bit longer he would have probably got the nod. He should do in future because he very much looks the part.
  7. Was just thinking about this song yesterday - classic
  8. Lovely cross though that, wasn’t it?
  9. We really could do with the uncertainty around the managers position resolving though in an ideal world.
  10. Not inconceivable for the above post to be true i.e. we’ve approached him and he’s just said no and that’s why there hasn’t been any prolonged/widespread speculation. Can’t see the fact that Lincoln have won their first 4 games and are top of the league making leaving any more appealing either.
  11. How do you know that we haven’t tried / aren’t trying?
  12. This Luongu looks like the right kind of player though.
  13. Think we could have saved on the smoked part to be honest. Plain would have done. [Posting this to tempt fate. Also true]
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