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  1. Where have you got the idea that Nixon is Bruce’s mate and where has Nixon stated that Paxo is still about (not that I’m doubting he is)? Keep posting it, people will keeping asking for some substance.
  2. Loves a bit of drama, this guy. He’s no better idea than anyone else at this stage but apparently we did this to pay the bills over the summer (and so all that implies). Fancy that.
  3. If you did it last year then you should need to do anything. Have you checked?
  4. Well I’m sure the official site will have some photos from the training camp and I reckon they will include the players who’ve had their contracts extended and some new signings. To me there doesn’t seem like much point in pant pïssing for the sake of a couple of weeks.
  5. I think this could have happened but instead of Bruce hitting the roof they’ve just had a calm professional chat about it.
  6. I’m really unconcerned by these issues right now and yet this doesn’t mean that I want Baker to be the first choice right back next season. It feels normal to feel like this too.
  7. Unfortunately it seems that a pretty large section of supporters who use social media are like 65 year old women. Always fretting, worrying, believing anything they hear and gossiping about it. *Sorry to all you 65 year old women out there.
  8. Been a lack of media chatter about Rhodes lately. I was hoping that’s because both sides are done with the posturing and actually getting a deal done.
  9. Would he be bound by a non-disclosure agreement for a contract he didn’t sign. Maybe he hasn’t said anything because it wouldn’t be in his interest to pick through events. I don’t think that would reflect well on him and his dad, or anyone involved.
  10. Post up a link and let’s see who the bearer of this ‘news’ is.
  11. True, although moving to a club in this country and then/or going on loan to L1/L2 might have made him financially secure and gave him enough decent experience to make a proper career out of it. Maybe the arśe end of Belgium will also give him that experience. Early days but not panning out too well so far.
  12. I used to go on the Teamtalk Wednesday messageboard before finding Owkstalk about errrrr 18 years ago. I recall it basically consisted of asking the one moderator what he thought about stuff. You know like Pablo Bonvin, Egan Ekoku, Paul McLaren, Chris Stringer.
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