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  1. Are the rumours true?

    They are above us in the league.
  2. You gotta love Ross Wallace. I hope he has a blinder, the cheeky little get. Get them right wound up.
  3. U23s v QPR

    I don't find it bizarre in the slightest. He's literally done nothing whatsoever in the professional game yet apparently he can see a game out like Nuhiu.
  4. U23s v QPR

    If Hirst wants to play big boy negotiations then he needs to put out to some sources just how derisory this contract offer is and let the press do the rest. He'll have an improved offer before you can say McGugan Meltdown. Kivo and Grandad aren't cutting it right now.
  5. U23s v QPR

    I wonder if Chansiri will post any videos of him sulking alone in his office.
  6. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Like everyone else has resoundingly said so far... get well soon FF!!!
  7. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    That is a very elaborately staged picture, I'll give him that. Turn the camera around and he's actually at a BBQ in Watford (again).
  8. Opera browser and ifollow
  9. They can barely get near the ball. Guessing their tactic isn't to chase us around all day.
  10. Well, that's another 3 points in the bag then. EASY EASY EASY

    Rock and roll
  12. Early Favourites

    People might not have been happy with last season but over the second two thirds we had promotion form. CC has failed twice at the play off lottery but he has shown that once the team hits its stride during the regular season then they can and will maintain that form long term. I'm hoping that now we've got nearer the top a bit sooner than previously we'll find that consistency sooner too, then who knows.
  13. The Felt Trilby What a player
  14. Forest played Total VVank more like Yarp