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  1. Someone (not me) will coin this ‘The RAF’. ARF ARF
  2. Dawson is a fine figure of a man. I like him.
  3. I’m available - I’ll tell you that for nowt #ifollow
  4. Decent report really on 5Live starting from just after 5pm. Lots on Wednesday with interviews from fans and also the Athletic’s Wednesday writer. No real suggestions on the best way forward though. Just that it’s all going to blow up in the Championship at some point, and it will.
  5. Just been a segment on BBC2 news about championship finances. Wigan chairman interviewed about how it’s a bubble that will burst. Mentioned us and said we deny the charges.
  6. He didn’t appear to even know what a good first touch might even be never mind actually having one.
  7. It’s not really working out for Rhodes is it. I can see he’s trying but...
  8. I think we’re going to win this you know. I really do. Maybe
  9. There’s actually an online player forum where they’re all discussing how crap you are. The golden rule on there is ‘Post AND poster’ and they’re all piling on right now.
  10. Could add a second verse... ‘You’ll never beat Iorfa But please, DC, I know you value loyalty but don’t let our adoration stop you from selling him for a fortune in the summer.’ Pretty catchy
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