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  1. I doubt it’s Monk who’s the slow learner if we haven’t grasped the above yet.
  2. I assume one of the reasons he ‘insists’ on one up front is because our strikers, bar Fletcher, are really a bit rubbish. Nuhiu does a job off the bench but the rest are garbage. I’d be very surprised if he’s not quite keen on having some better options available to him.
  3. I wonder if any of our players will do anything good. Just somebody, once.
  4. Thanks for transcribing these. Can never be bothered to watch/listen to press conferences but I read these. Wait... unless you’re actually Garry Monk.
  5. And if we win the case but keep spending we’ll be under an embargo anyway. We could well be if we don’t spend. Maybe there’s a reason we’re not being linked with the kind of players that cost the kind of money you’d like to see spent. It’s not hard to work it out.
  6. What an answer! Thank you for taking the time. So that’s a no then...
  7. I know you keep an eye on press conferences. Have you seen Monk say that FF is basically just deciding not to play? I haven’t but seems like it will pass into owlstalk fact shortly.
  8. We’ll probably get promoted in like 10 years but only stay up for one. So we’ll have given away 20 years worth for that price but only have the big bucks for one of them. Something like that. Can’t bring myself to read it. We could just sell players at the right time instead. Either
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