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  1. Sonny

    Forestieri Red Card

    Yeah great job winning that corner and then putting a cross in that lead to the goal. Fuming about that.
  2. Arrrrrr Hahahaha Hahaha Hahahaha
  3. Westwood just slinging punches about.
  4. Refs having an absolute shocker here. Different planet. Mind you, he’d done Boyd there hadn’t he.
  5. Nando will score the winner today. No bother.
  6. Shocker, that. Challenge an absolute mile off.
  7. Sonny

    U18s | v Crewe

    Yeah this is a sweet matchday thread. No moaning. Just bang, goal to Wednesday, boom, another goal to Wednesday. I’m sure it will be the same at 1pm.
  8. Sonny

    The Pitch again

    Looks a bit patchy in that last photo to be fair.
  9. Sonny

    The Pitch again

    Have you looked at all the other pitches in the championship from that viewpoint or just on the telly (where ours looks great).
  10. Sonny

    The Pitch again

    So in front of the North on the half way line... pretty near to the above picture then? Why does it look so different to your description?
  11. Sonny

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    We’ll pïss it second half.
  12. Sonny


    Fox didn’t do too badly either. Not his best game but he’s got Boyd to work with as opposed to Reach. Worlds apart.
  13. Sonny


    Patchy start but looks a he’ll of a lot livelier than Boyd, which wasn’t hard to predict or achieve. Sling him in, I say.
  14. Sonny


    Very decent first half. Him and Reach were a constant threat together down the right side. Not as good second half but nobody was really... apart from him bursting into the box for Reach’s late chance. That’s what it’s all about.
  15. Sonny

    A Look To Next Season.

    The way Palmer is playing we’d be mad not to offer him a contract, especially considering he’ll be about all we’ll be able to afford.