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  1. He’s didn’t say it’s going to happen. He said not finishing the season would be tough on some teams but so be it.
  2. Mods please rename this thread Liam Palmer.
  3. The plus side of not playing is that all our players will become brilliant. Like when Paul Heffernan wasn’t getting picked and everyone thought he was the answer to our striker problems until he became the best player in the world. Now all of our players will be the answer to all of our problems. So in answer to your question, we won 11-0.
  4. Yeah be careful what you wish for otherwise you might end up under consecutive transfer embargoes, staring a points deduction and relegation in the face having sold the ground.
  5. Great - glad you now understand the situation a bit better.
  6. It also spreads in air droplets (coughing and sneezing) and stays on surfaces, so I think whilst good hygiene and habits is the key, thinking pragmatically how much can you rely on literally everybody to be hygienic. If the aim is to stop spread then you do what will achieve that in practice not in theory.
  7. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-face-summer-rebuild-garry-monk-man-lead-it-2444429
  8. I think people would just like any kind of viable sustainable plan. If the plan doesn’t work then you reflect on why that is then tweak to improve it. Currently our ‘plan’ appears to be continuing with the one that is failing spectacularly. Because embargoes, points deductions and relegation isn’t a huge step back for the fans already.
  9. To be fair your primary evidence was some screenshot of a paragraph taken from some article without a link. How are you supporting your theory (or theories - there seemed to be about 12 of them)?
  10. So their plan of scouting quality players on the cheap and selling for large profits in order to continually improve the squad to the extent that they’re in the play offs whilst funding modern infrastructure, is in fact a plan lacking in any ambition. Whereas our ‘plan’ to waste so much money that we go under a couple of embargoes until we have to sell our ground to comply with P&S and face a large points deduction and possible relegation as we tumble down the league table playing in a ground that’s slowly crumbling, is in fact the better plan and all we have to do is keep trying.
  11. It’s the next logical step as we move from the Prevaricate Stage and on towards the All lay at home in bed and drown in our own lung juices Stage.
  12. That’s good news. Didn’t think they’d turn those tests round so quickly. Suppose they didn’t have time to do Arsenal etc before a decision had to be made.
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