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  1. Hey mate are you dead or whats going on? nobodys heard from you for ages

  2. Was just going to post the same. Think it was Burnley at home. Feel like we only really signed him as an U23 player but he was utterly dreadful. Nightmare for all concerned.
  3. Exactly the same here then just stopped. Feel like Channel 4 used to show the playoffs so it was quite accessible. I did consider watching the playoffs last year but didn’t get around to it. It’s great so far. Slowly drip feeding in background to the last season whilst looking back on various stories. Although I’ve just discovered that only the first two episodes are available so if you want to binge on all ten then you’ll need to wait a month.
  4. Watching The Last Dance on Netflix. About Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. Pretty good, pretty good. That guy was one competitive sportsman.
  5. Someone’s got a right rag on here.
  6. Be amazed if Bin Salman sacks Bruce to be honest. (Probably hack him up and smuggle him out of St James Park)
  7. Newcastle are going to be f-in minted. Bruce wants to watch out next time he’s called to a meeting with the new chairman though.
  8. Watching Cracker from the start. Just as good as I remember. Five episodes in and recall it will only get better.
  9. Well the previous chairman, Ian Lenagan, left EFL in Sept 2018 and they had an interim chairman until appointing Rick Parry a full year later. So I suppose they were quite (slowly) reactive to the fact they needed a new chairman because the old one had left. What do you think? You didn’t really answer my question about what you’re saying / implying?
  10. Not exactly sure what you mean / implying? Nev said Parry moved the guy on. If he’s talking about Harvey then they weren’t even there at the same time.
  11. Shaun Harvey left his role as CEO of the EFL at the end of 18/19 season, before Rick Parry joined as chairman in Sept 2019. No overlap.
  12. Yeah I know quite a big group of avid Liverpool supporters and none of them hold any malice towards us. They’re always keen to chat about our woes and see us get back in the premier.
  13. With regards to this and especially the type of sentiment in bold, could it be that you have your thoughts on this, and other people have theirs... and that’s perfectly fine.
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