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  1. Views of a Neutral

    Get your mum and girlfriend on here to speak for themselves.
  2. Bored

    If you don’t know or care about what is happening then maybe you just prefer other things now. That’s absolutely great - go and put your considerable enthusiasm into whatever that thing is. Everyone else will just have to muddle on.
  3. Bored

    No problem with the OP. Although as they care so little I assume this is the last we’ll be hearing about it. No? No.
  4. Done with it all

    Yeah for sure, just have to weed out the comments from them that don’t actually go very often anyway or just have something else they’d actually rather be doing. Saying that you made a rare effort to go to a game and it was a boring nil nil isn’t really a newsflash.
  5. Done with it all

    I think it’s fine if people don’t want to go but just don’t bang on about it listing all he ways you don’t care anymore. Unless there’s some Meadowhall shopping forum that you’ve spent the last couple of years posting on about how you’d rather be at Hillsborough then crack on I suppose, fair’s fair.

    What an utterly dreadful idea
  7. I’m not sure if taking seven touches to get the ball out from under your feet then languidly decelerating sidewards in the direction of the nearest clump of Bristol City players constitutes trying something different.
  8. Why doesn’t he start Joao ffs Yeah here’s why
  9. v Bristol City August 2015

    What a silly sausage
  10. Why are we waiting Oh why are we waiting Oh why are we waiting Oh why oh why Hurry up
  11. I feel personally offended that FIFA and UEFA and the FA and anyone else who may be to blame has made me wait a whole two weeks since our last match. What a horrible thing to do. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL WIN WIN WIN
  12. E-cash

    ‘I’ll never get me head round that’ said man posting on the internet.
  13. ‘Probably drop him next game L0l’ - Stopped Clock
  14. Sorry, I definitely didn’t mean to imply that you had but can see how the sentences following on could suggest that.