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  1. I didn't say you did. 'Ooh just rewind that bit, I think they sang about us, bit further... yeah there... turn it up, did you here that, I'm pretty sure they mentioned us'
  2. Leeds United are in competition with all other activities. The fact that loads of people would rather do something other than watch football does not mean that Leeds is some massive footballing city, it means most people aren't interested, which is exactly the point that is being made. Bizarre
  3. Loads of people in Leeds don't go to the football because they are interested in something else - glad we agree on that.
  4. Oh eye, they flock to Headingley from Moortown, Chapel Allerton, Hyde Park, Chapeltown etc as opposed to South Leeds.
  5. Jordan Rhodes

    Hope he comes on for a run around because Hooper and Fletcher have put us 3-0 up.
  6. Don't care if they do or they don't play. It's Leon Clarke and Billy Sharpe ffs. Jesus.
  7. Shirts

    I demand a shipping container Cam NOW
  8. It's always 'Fire up' your photoshop with you. Noticed it for years. Hmmm. Yeah.
  9. Genuinely don't remember anything about this.
  10. Any actual pigs on here?

    One of them posted on here a few weeks ago. He was really dull. Can I call him dull? Calling someone dull doesn't seem like abuse. Surely I'd have to call him a dull tugger or something like that? Please clarify.
  11. That idiot Kevin Gage

    Didn't this spanner say something a few years ago that he then deleted and the Star had to apologise? Or was that a different spanner?
  12. One idea to get round this problem is to still spend the £200 on a laptop but then keep it for the long term as opposed to just using it for one single match, or use the laptop/tv that you've already got.