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  1. Tonight we need to surpass Kaiserslautern at home. It should be the most hostile atmosphere in Hillsborough's history. No one should leave that ground being able to speak properly. These nights were taken away from us. People abused our football club, when your walking into the ground tonight, cast your mind back to empty midweek LDV Vans matches, think about a succession of managers given a shoe string, think about family members who are no longer with us who loved this club. We're coming back and tonight is the biggest opportunity to make it happen we will ever get.
  2. Lets see if they still feel like the relaxed underdog when we get a corner and the whole stadium erupts and is willing the ball in the back of the net. something tells me they are throwing dirt at us because for first time in the season they ARE feeling real pressure. Welcome to the library lads :)
  3. I still feel deep down they feel they needed a goal in that second half. Therefore they are trying to build the pressure on us, they chucked at us everything they've got and it didn't come off. Its far from a forgone conclusion Wednesday night but they know its advantage us now
  4. http://downatthemac.proboards.com/thread/104869/ithe-noise-all Just read this. Get ready Hudders!!!! I would f*****ng love it if we spanked you now
  5. Heard it a few times away but never seems to get going but can't make out the words Its to the tune of the diamond Ross Barkley song Everton sing Not sure if it starts with "We have a player called Fernando" Can anyone help out with the words ????
  6. Am I right in thinking that on Saturday? If we draw Fulham Win Leeds Win Then a draw between Wednesday V Fulham would see both teams guaranteed play offs regardless of what Leeds do? I know Fulham's goal difference would mean they are pretty much there but do you think it would affect the game at Hillsborough? Personally would love to see us pass the ball between us for 90 minutes, I usually wouldn't condone it but its LEEDS ha ha ha ha
  7. I think this is offial the worst thread ever Love the OP
  8. I heard it, dont like fact it addresses united tbh
  9. So Rhodes was greeted with a re-hash of an old Ryan Lowe song at wigan. This simply doesnt cut the mustard, he needs his own anthem, our record signing who wanted to come to play for us deserves it !!!! My shout is Jordan Rhodes, take us home To the place we belong We're the famous Sheffield Wednesday and we signed Jordan Rhodes repeat Simple, effective and only his WAWAW
  10. Anyone who watched Wednesday at Brentford, Reading, Derby, Cardiff and Fulham away not to mention the first half of Leeds at home will know he is EXACTLY what we need. The amount of clear cut chances we created in them games is insane.
  11. Reading it again it was Ritchie suggesting Ron spent money however that paragraph from Pleat is beyond words, is he actually defining his time at the cluib as success. Is he actually praising himself for replacing sheridan, hirst, bright and waddle with Briscoe, Whittingham and Hyde?????
  12. This article only confirms what i always thought. David Pleat is seriously the most deluded mananger ever ever ever to walk into our football club. Pleat remembers Humphreys as “a quiet boy. What he’s achieved is a great credit to his dedication and honesty.” That Wednesday team contained a mix of “what I call fading stars” – John Sheridan (“a marvellous passer but never very quick”), Waddle (“very popular with the fans, but obviously he’d lost his ability to burst”) and Walker (“contrary”) – but Pleat credits their success to a nucleus of less decorated players, including Humphrey
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