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  1. This. Not going to criticise the bloke for having the balls to show for the ball whenever we need some inspiration and the going gets tough
  2. This is brilliant. Loved watching that. Footballing wise the club is gone for this season (and possibly longer) but a Summer of this kind of stuff and people will re-engage, and this is what is needed. Create a sense of togetherness and that the club genuinely cares about the local community
  3. I'd take them going 3-1 up with a few minutes to play then us scoring two in injury time to keep us up. It still hurts...
  4. I agree with a lot of what you say, but I'm.not sure about the Bannan/Harris/Reach would tear the league below a new one comment. I've made the mistake of thinking that in the past. A season like this really takes its toll on the mentality of certain players. Get a good start and maybe...lose the first couple and would fold like a cheap suit
  5. I was the form tutor of Matt Crooks for three years. I just know what is going to happen...
  6. You'll just get loads of people being turned away from the turnstiles when they go to Aldi to grab a pre-match sandwich and come out with a new chainsaw
  7. He was a top player and, even though it's a rarity for this club, he played his best football for us. Aside from the screamer at Bramall Lane, the one just after half time when we lost 3-2 at the Lane was a quality strike
  8. Just an amazing footballer and the main reason we played that great football under Carlos in the first season. It was his speed of thought that made him a class above. Masterstroke by Gray to move him into midfield, and definitely my favourite player for a long time. He is the perfect example of the fact that you shouldn't give up on players too early. He cam from Oldham on a free, didn't get a look in at right back under Jones, and then becomes probably our most complete midfield player in many a year
  9. I'd disagree with the third line but, apart from that, this is absolutely spot on
  10. Wouldn't worry, I cant remember it either
  11. Can just see the promotion party...Vorhees a jolly good fellow...
  12. The lineups these days get me about as excited as when Graeme Lee once played up front at Hillsborough
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