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  1. Captain of Sheffield Wednesday

    Reach - he lifts his game when he has the armband. Lees responds to it in a way that it negatively affects his game. Time to build for the future and Reach is perfect for the role in Amy opinion
  2. Tinpot pre walkout music

    Anyone remember the Ballad of Chasey Lain at half time?
  3. Tbf Joao has been much better at tracking back recently
  4. A song for Carlos

    Carlos had a dream, to ruin a football team, he wasted our money, we couldn't afford to sign any on loan, we passed it across the back, with nowt in attack, Happy 150th, he's on his way back
  5. The Legacy of Coco

    Exactly. Also, Trevor Francis would have won the Premiership if he hadn’t been sacked...
  6. The Legacy of Coco

    Bang on the money
  7. Saturdays Programme. It's a sign...

    Can we please cut it out with the train gags? Some of us are a bit tender and it's not funnel
  8. George Boyd is on it
  9. Jones

    Agreed, first time since Huddersfield away I though he was a proper player
  10. Lee Bullen

    I agree with him staying, it feels right at the moment. But I hate this term 'legend' to refer to Bully. Yes he gave 100%, as many have over the years, but he was a very limited player who would be no where near a best Wednesday XI at all. I love his passion, but I also loved Lee Peacock and Andy Pearce's passion, but I wouldn't class them as legends
  11. And that's the thing, everyone has their opinion. Can't help but feel this is an attempt to split a fanbase that is starting to become restless