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  1. Shelley Owl

    Last good transfer window

    Other way round...crap window
  2. Shelley Owl

    Last good transfer window

    Burton's hold-up play
  3. Shelley Owl

    Last good transfer window

    Burton and Tudgay
  4. Someone would have to pay me to do a dump on the north. Can't people hit the bowl rather than the seat after 2.45?
  5. Shelley Owl

    Team v Hull

    Spot on
  6. This, for me, is the main issue. If we have problems, then being open, sharing the longer term plan and creating a sense of togetherness is crucial. The current situation, the ticket and membership prices and the silence over FFP suggests we are being treated simply as a way to cover the costs short term. Trouble is, you alienate enough people, there's an atmosphere of negativity, we underachieve on the pitch and no one wins. The chairman needs to make a statement on this asap, the only way we are going to do anything this season is if we feel like we are all pulling in the same direction
  7. Shelley Owl

    Tickets bought online

    You must have some inside information...are we under an embargo?
  8. Wildsmith Palmer Lees Pudil Thorniley Hutchinson Bannan Boyd Forestieri Reach Nuhiu
  9. 4-2-3-1 with that group of 11 would be a better set up, with Boyd on the right and Bannan in the middle of the 3. Reckon we are currently going to concede a few however we set up at present, so might at least try to carry more of a threat going forward
  10. Shelley Owl


  11. He missed one penalty two and a half years ago and scored the other six...you are right, terrible player...