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  1. Hooper/Fletch

    This 100%
  2. Carlo season one

    Needs to, because we are getting nowhere near our clean sheet record at this rate. The ironic thing is that he probably thought it wouldn't work after the first season, but we now have the players to make it work
  3. Wednesday Team Up With Sekonda

    Are you winding me up?
  4. Wednesday Team Up With Sekonda

    Bring back COG
  5. George Hirst

    One less thing to worry about then
  6. George Hirst

    Could say the same about my situation at work, but if I started promoting rivals on social media, at the expense of my employer, then someone would have a word
  7. Gary Hooper

    The only player I would be confident in producing the goods at a higher level
  8. George Hirst

    He's paid by the club and should know better. If it was another player who didn't play today (e.g. Palmer) he'd be crucified. No excuse
  9. Jordan Rhodes

    Im at home watching an X Factor repeat with my wife asleep on the sofa. But I'm spread eagled in a beautiful homage. Welcome to my world
  10. Joao

    Was one point where he turned at ran at defenders as they backed off in fear. Forgot that feeling
  11. Woman stadium announcer

    This was the last straw for me. Back of the North Stand didn't know what had hit it after her final outburst
  12. Jordan Rhodes

    I prostrate myself before your superior intellect
  13. Jordan Rhodes

    Actually never thought of that. Good point
  14. The demise?

    Brighton at home, playoff semi
  15. Team for brum

    actually got part way through typing a team and then stopped because I couldn't bring myself to give some of them a place in the team after today