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  1. Shelley Owl

    Dave and FF

  2. Shelley Owl

    Great Pic From Today

    Swivel on that, camel breath
  3. Shelley Owl

    Predictor For Remaining Games

    You needed 52 points to stay up last year (Blackburn in 22nd had 51 points). Have a look at the current table and let that sink in...
  4. Probably summat about Etienne Esajas
  5. Don't be a deke
  6. Shelley Owl

    Thank You Dejphon Chansiri

    Ridiculous post. I can just about make out the blurred outline of Jack Hunt in the background
  7. Shelley Owl

    Captain of Sheffield Wednesday

    Reach - he lifts his game when he has the armband. Lees responds to it in a way that it negatively affects his game. Time to build for the future and Reach is perfect for the role in Amy opinion
  8. Shelley Owl

    Tinpot pre walkout music

    Anyone remember the Ballad of Chasey Lain at half time?
  9. Tbf Joao has been much better at tracking back recently
  10. Shelley Owl

    A song for Carlos

    Carlos had a dream, to ruin a football team, he wasted our money, we couldn't afford to sign any on loan, we passed it across the back, with nowt in attack, Happy 150th, he's on his way back