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  1. Time for Abdi

    Yet another example of a player who is given small windows of time in which to impress, whilst players such as Reach appear undroppable
  2. Megson haters.....

    How about a clean sheet?
  3. What is the job of the wingers?

    This is this season in a nutshell for me
  4. Best Sheffield Wednesday Kits Ever

    Loved that kit. Clubs seemed to have original and innovative designs in the 90s
  5. Caption Competition

    Carlos, distracted by bright advertising boards, misses Bannan top-corner thunderbolt
  6. Caption Competition

    Carlos: 'Two intruders have just entered from the other side of the stadium. Security!' Jones: 'That's Almen and Marco boss'
  7. Her teachers will be pleased she's made the effort to attend
  8. Ross Wallace

  9. Team for Tuesday

    Westwood Hunt Lees Van Aken Pudil Matias Bannan Lee Reach Hooper Joao
  10. Remember Aaron Cawley?

    You are an absolute flaming John Thomas
  11. Hooper/Fletch

    This 100%
  12. Carlo season one

    Needs to, because we are getting nowhere near our clean sheet record at this rate. The ironic thing is that he probably thought it wouldn't work after the first season, but we now have the players to make it work
  13. Wednesday Team Up With Sekonda

    Are you winding me up?