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  1. <a href="https://gyazo.com/9c15372db7c06405e7554ba04306b762"><img src="https://i.gyazo.com/9c15372db7c06405e7554ba04306b762.gif" alt="https://gyazo.com/9c15372db7c06405e7554ba04306b762" width="240"/></a>
  2. Proper footballer, rare to see a player put their body on the line so often. Asset to the club. Handsome poopydoo, too.
  3. Hate to wee wee in your pot but the celebration was a nod to one you can do on fifa - bazza and fletch play the game together regularly haha
  4. Bloke at work consistently slags this bloke off. I had to walk away today. Thought he played brilliantly, albeit his left-footed tendency.
  5. I'd say the contracts we managed to renew outweigh any signings (bar rhodes).
  6. Think they always leave one open until half time. I could be wrong though.
  7. I learnt a lot about myself drawing all morning. It was absolutely bobbar, I'm awful at drawing.
  8. Ohh Sam Winnall he is so wonderful When he scores a goal, its so beautiful magical When he gets in the box he is fast as lightning, it's frightening And it makes all the wednesday sing. DUDUDUDUDUD DUDUDUDUDUD DUDUDUDU OHHH DUDUDUD DUDUD DUDUD Be even better if we died our hair bleach blonde and wore questionable euro-leather outfits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qz7ncADpes Nb* understand it's a direct copy
  9. Fantastic toneyt! He and Wallace played brilliant together on that left flank, although I do feel his talents would be wasted if he played LB more than LW. Chalk on his boots all night, loves to go down the line. He is the width we've been crying out for!
  10. Used to ball boy with him at sheffield FC, nice kid as well haha
  11. Haha I could do it to that one too! Taking requests. I remember that game though, absolutely dire.
  12. My_Movie.mp4 https://twitter.com/YungBoyR/status/749207299550539776/video/1
  13. Me and 15 other yoofs on an executive minibus. Ain't gonna end well.
  14. You're in luck, Fishcake ain't going to brighton, he told me at the bus stop this evening.
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