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  1. Obviously need a replacement for David Bates👀
  2. We don't have that many songs at the moment do we? Obviously there's the usual songs that we can sing no matter who's playing, but I feel like we've lost a lot of songs over the past few years due to players/managers leaving (Carlos had a dream, follow follow follow, here's to you atde nuhiu etc.) We've not been left with the biggest selection of chants, so has anyone got any ideas for new ones? Bonus points if anyone can make a decent song about Fisayo Dele-Bashiru😆
  3. Genuinely think we'd have done a wolves and be up there challenging for Europe
  4. This old gem should do the trick😆
  5. I don't personally think that sacking Monk would be beneficial to us whatsoever, simply because of the current managers who would be available. I don't think there would be much of an upgrade available to us that we could afford. That being said, I definitely wouldn't trust him to bring in the players that we need in the transfer window. He signed 11 players at boro and look where they are now. I feel like this upcoming window will be the biggest we've had in years and he needs to get it right.
  6. Did you see the game? They were all over us until we bought something different on with Nuhiu. He also got the assist for the 1st goal with a great through ball.
  7. Last minute equalizer v Fulham this season Scored the insurance goal v Leeds this season And probably a few more that I can't remember. It's not just the goals though is it. It's the fact that he offers something completely different to anyone else we have. Opposition defences can't deal with him late on in a game when they've got tired legs which is why he's better as a sub rather than a starter
  8. I see, so regardless of the hearings outcome we'll still have our hands tied financially I assume.
  9. If we are found not guilty, would that mean that we would be starting the FFP ladder again? DC sold the stadium for 60 odd million which resulted in us posting a 2 million profit over the last 3 years if I'm not mistaken? So, if found not guilty, would that mean that we would be able to spend what we want going forward as long as we don't breach the FFP rules for the next 3 years?
  10. Best impact sub we have IMO. He's such a unique player which a lot of opposition defences don't know how to handle. I'd be happy if he signed a new contract. Wouldn't want to let him go for free and certainly wouldn't want him playing in a team against us next season.
  11. What's the latest on the hearing, any updates? It's like looking for a needle in a haystack trying to find relevant info when you're trying to skim read through 66 pages
  12. Same here, half expected boris to turn round and say April fools on the 1st! Least there's a chance of Leeds not going up and the grunters not getting into Europe!
  13. How dull is it without football? Obviously these are strange times and the top priority is making sure we beat this virus, but I've been lost without football. Pretty sure I've watched highlights of all of our games since the 70's since we've been in lockdown! Just goes to show how important football is in all of our lives and how easily it can be taken away from us. Just can't wait for our first game back, home or away, in this league or league 1. Whatever happens, just want the wednesday back
  14. Was wondering if anyone could sort me 2 tickets for forest away? Will pay extra!
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