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  1. mr g 1999

    Andy rhodes

    Was talking to my mate last night, he's just been released from Blackpool under 21's as they couldn't afford to keep him on. He had a trial at Oldham the other week and they told him that they were looking at getting a new gk coach in so could well be rhodes:/
  2. mr g 1999

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    Say Saudi Arabia were a championship side, would they beat us? Could they challenge for promotion?
  3. What's the most freakish goal that we've scored? Wallace v Brighton in playoff semi final 2nd leg where he crossed it and everyone just watched it go in? Hooper v Cardiff where he pinched it off the keeper and (again) crossed it into the goal? Which other weird goals do you remember?
  4. mr g 1999

    Creating new fans...

    Living in Scarborough, I never used to see kids wearing scarborough shirts until they moved to their new stadium and now they're everywhere. And with them being promoted its only going to increase. Think kids just need a reason to take interest. Genuinely think its the fact we've been awful for 18 years so reckon as soon as we go up more kids will start taking interest, even if it's just because we'll be playing better teams.
  5. mr g 1999

    The away end

    Was in the lower lep for the game against the pigs and at half time the fence separating both sets of fans just swung open at one point so don't think its the best idea to have big followings in the upper while our fans are in the lower unless some work is done to better-segregate both sets of fans
  6. Sounds about right, what year did it shut like?
  7. I think my dad used to take me to a pub on herries road pre match when I was younger. Think it has a care home in its place now. Can't remember because I was only young and didn't get to many games but what was it called? Used to love a coke in there pre match
  8. Carlos had a dream, but then went to swansea We've got no players anymore, they've all f*cking died the team coach is a hearse this can't get much worse We're sheffield wednesday and we need a nurse
  9. BREAKING: Steven Fletcher signs for Sheffield Wednesday… Full story coming up at http://swfc.co.uk #swfc
  10. mr g 1999

    What time and where from?

    Same for me! What a coincidence
  11. 188.8 miles from Scarborough for me
  12. mr g 1999


    Someone please get one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/MobileFDL-Swimming-Giant-Inflatable-Pool/dp/B01DEKW2NK/ref=pd_sim_sbs_201_4?ie=UTF8&dpID=51QYLINdZCL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=FTQQG8R46Y9982EKP4A7
  13. Links for tonight's game http://footballstreaming.info/streams/todays-links/index.html
  14. mr g 1999

    Quarter Final Draw

    Worst possible outcome
  15. Fantastic performance! Can see us smashing Forest by 4 or 5 on Saturday in front of another big crowd. The only way is up from here! UTO!!!