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  1. Was on middlewood road just past the entrance to Hillsborough Park, loads of people around when it happened, got plenty of the mandatory sarcastic cheers
  2. The bottleneck outside leppings lane was horrific last night, the coaches made things ten times worse, worse part about it was the idiots charging their way through the crowd to get to the blades fans. Saw a young lad who can't have been much older than 12 get decked by a chavy woman forcing her way through the crowd with no regard for anyone else. As for the police they were absolutely useless, taking any excuse to push people or hit them with a batton. They didn't have a clue what they were doing. At one point a group of 5/6 of them rushed into a riot van, put the sirens on, drove about 10 meters down the road only to get out for a second and get back in after they had a shout at people walking on the pavement.
  3. Couldn't we just offer him a 6 month contract on a slightly reduced wage? See if he stays fit + on form and if so extend it and put his wage back up. Seems like a sensible think to do rather than risk having him on the books for another year if he can't get rid of his injuries
  4. What allocation have the pigs got just out of interest? Full west stand or just upper? If just the upper tier do we have the lower?
  5. Not thinking big enough here. We should get it draped over the back of the kop like the old zebra one
  6. I don't see why not? We bought him for around 5m and he's done nothing but improve since being with us. I mean if Rhodes is worth 11m then surely a more diverse, younger player can attract the kind of interest that would warrant that kind of transfer fee?
  7. Now, before I get any stick for this just hear me out. In today's market I reckon Reach could be worth at least £15m if he keeps up this kind of form he's in at the moment by January. He provides goals which is obviously crucial, he's gifted with his right and left foot, he's strong, comfortable on the ball. He may not have the most pace about him but he sure knows how to beat a player. And to top it off he's comfortable in a number of different positions. He's also English which will increase the asking price somewhat. My point is, is he too crucial for us as an individual or should we sell him and reinvest in different areas e.g. Cb or fullback? Personally I see benefits in both options but I feel like if the right offer came in for him I'd let him go and reinvest the money elsewhere as i feel like he is our most lucrative asset at the moment. Thoughts?
  8. Born in 99, always considered myself a bad luck charm for Wednesday since the year I was born was the season we were relegated from the prem Best player in my opinion has to be Antonio. Fessi and Bannan come close but always remember him being miles better than the squad that we had at the time. Would love to have kept him and seen how he would fit in with the current squad
  9. Listened to a podcast about Nile Ranger and his life/career by true geordie. Pretty much just says he knows he's been a tw@ in the past but is waiting for an opportunity to get back into football. Not sure how much I believe him as he just seems a bit lazy but its a good listen if anyone has a couple hours free.
  10. Any scarborough owls travelling to Sunderland next week and got one or 2 seats spare? Can't seem to get anything sorted so thought I'd turn to owlstalk :)
  11. Was talking to my mate last night, he's just been released from Blackpool under 21's as they couldn't afford to keep him on. He had a trial at Oldham the other week and they told him that they were looking at getting a new gk coach in so could well be rhodes:/
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