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  1. "Although the Blues allowed loan stars Mason Mount and Fikayo Tomori to play for Derby County against them in the Carabao Cup earlier this season, the FA Cup regulations are different. Rule 15 (j) (iv) states: "The Association will not give permission for players on loan or work experience to play against the lending club."
  2. You've not read the write up on the other end of the link have you? It's the F. A rules, not Chelsea, stopping him playing. The league Cup rules are different to the F. A cup one's, hence derby's players could play.
  3. Womble Owl

    All Wednesday

    Got it for Xmas from my mum. Cried watching it, which was strange as in not an emotional guy in general,but it really struck a chord and brought back memories from my childhood. Also the dvd has extras, not sure if they're on the you tube, but the Lee Bullen interview is worth the cost of the dvd alone.
  4. Womble Owl

    Give me...

    We had microphones on the Kop though
  5. Womble Owl

    Liam Palmer vs Eden Hazard

    At the end of the day for all their worth they're only human beings, all the pressure is on Chelsea, the game is live on terrestrial TV, they'll be worried about us, have no doubt.
  6. Womble Owl

    Owls in the Park

    Personally I've never been bothered with it, but my kids love it, and surely that's what it's all about, kids enjoying themselves and getting involved with the club
  7. Womble Owl

    Now the dust has settled...

    6th. We'll sneak into 6th last day of season. Then beat piggies at Wembley on penalties to secure promotion.
  8. There's no wonder we have done very little in the past year without these two, especially Lee, such a shame.
  9. Womble Owl

    Sitting down at away games

    So you were selfish for your first 50 years, and now your not? I'm not quite as old as you, but I still went on our standing Kop, and it was amazing. Surely you are being selfish by not wanting the younger generation experience that same feeling?
  10. maybe their both having a sex on the beach, in the sun
  11. Womble Owl

    Bet365 live stream

    If you don't know what iptv is I wouldn't bother trying to learn before kick off mate. If you have a laptop, plug it into your TV, Google swfc v Luton live stream, there will be loads of results, and watch the game on your TV like that. Just make sure you use a ad blocker in your browser
  12. I'm siree wilder would do the same, but probably can't afford it being on minimum wage and all that
  13. Womble Owl

    Any credit to Chansiri?

    I'm sorry, but you've just done exactly what you said others have done, in your opening sentence! So you didn't go to Wembley, where Carlos got us within 90 minutes of the prem? You didn't go to the 3-0 annihilation of Arsenal in the cup? You didn't go to the play off semi's V Huddersfield? You didn't enjoy the free flowing attacking football Carlos brought in that first season? Alienating fans? Sorry, but people alienate themselves by deciding not to attend or buy merchandise etc. I thought we had stripes back? Yes, he's made mistakes, as I'm sure you have in your life/job, the difference is you or I are not continually scrutinised 24/7 on social media, so they are easier to forget. Jesus christ, give the guy a break.