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  1. hopefully monk will be able to bring them in, can only see it having a positive impact
  2. we look really good going forward again, we just need to find a finish from somewhere or it's going to cost us again
  3. I think it's we are playing well and making them look average
  4. What a shambles. it must be an issue at the ground, I've got a box and get every teams ifollow, everyone is working apart from ours and forests
  5. Exactly. I'm on minimum wage a drive a clapped out 56 plate fiesta. My boss is on 50k a year and drives a brand new BMW
  6. I'm quite happy to write this seasons ticket off as a gesture of goodwill to club. I haven't purchased one for next season so that bit it does not apply to me.
  7. Went to see my niece at school in Barcelona. Turns out her maths teacher is a Wednesday fan.
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