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  1. I've been behind Bullen all along, but it was a disaster today, and midweek was not much better.
  2. Not all disabilities are physical mate
  3. my Mrs salutes if it's a single magpie on its own, drives me nuts.
  4. I'd be no good doing that job, my work colleagues tell me I've got a glass back, they'd see straight through me.
  5. Hes the 2nd best player I've seen play live, Messi is the 1st. Also my all time Wednesday hero. WADDLE 8 was the print on the back of my shirts. Loads of great memories of him playing for us, anyone remember doing the conga round millmoor in his comeback game from injury for the reserves? it was the biggest crowd millmoor had seen all season.
  7. Totally agree, but do we have the squad capable of keeping it up for 90 minutes?
  8. I thought this Fred was gonna be about your betting tips
  9. Good 3 points tonight. We were very sluggish in the 1st half, and apart from feeding Harris, looked bereft of ideas. 2nd half we upped the tempo, pressed high like we did against Barnsley and forced them into mistakes. Borner seems to be really coming good, Luongo looks desperate for a start, Murphy came into the game more after the goal. A special mention for Fox, who's had dogs abuse on here, and in the stands previously, made a fantastic block near the end and had a great 2nd half.
  10. We could do with ten minutes of injury time here
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