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  1. you can change the manager but until we change the players whom are just not good enough nothing will change
  2. I can't believe people are even questioning it. Even thinking that we won't do it. Have faith in the squad people. We will easily beat Wycombe to 24th place.
  3. I know it's a cliché but it really is the biggest game of the season so far today, or so it seems anyway. I think we will right the wrongs of midweek. 2-0 win coming up
  4. it'd definitely be a bit bitter, and would probably go flat quick
  5. If going back to games means sitting 2m apart and wearing a mask, then I'm not bothered, it'll just ruin what going to games is about for me and I'd rather wait
  6. What a fantastic bloke, really happy he's signed another contract.
  7. to become a millionaire overnight, who wouldn't want it?
  8. I've got IPTV. Paul Walker doing commentary too, it's nice to hear him doing our commentary again
  9. Surely that's the whole point in working? I certainly don't go to work for the love of the company.
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