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  1. Anyone who thinks we will get 8 million quid for any player is living in cuckoo land. No chance
  2. Me also. I actually said to my nephew, jesus christ what's Hector doing, that was lucky there.
  3. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. There's no point dwelling on what ifs, just enjoy the good times when they come along, because as we know, they don't last long!
  4. we need to grab the game by the short and curlies from the off, high tempo and high pressing line. Otherwise, it may be a close shave.
  5. If we don't go up this season, we'll win the league next, Mark my words.
  6. They must be of legal age now n all *rubs hands together furiously*
  7. Me being one of them. It's not only the ticket price though, it's everything else that goes with it.
  8. I used to make vimto, true story that. Good video too.
  9. summed up perfectly, I can see the lad becoming a fans favourite.
  10. Derby are our bogey team, the new arsenal. 1-1 Fletcher
  11. Has Bruce still got contacts there? there's been a lot of changes there since his days.
  12. Still goes in The Ashley in worksop
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