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  1. Ah good. Just what we need. More pound shops and fast foot places. can't wait. Hopefully there will be a tanning salon / nail bar shop and tattooist also.
  2. I'm on the North, row 41 lepp end. There's about 4 or 5 of us who try to create an atmosphere around there, and a small group just below us. I think the problem is with it being season tickets only, especially for the bigger matches.
  3. It was on the row behind me. Someone took offence to some songs about united.
  4. We played some beautiful football that season. Oh what should have been.
  5. He summed up his 1st match analysis vs Blackburn in 1 word. Crap.
  6. Just cracked open a Stella to watch the final. come on England. Hopefully I'll be awake for the match later. 1-3 win COME ON WEDNESDAY
  7. Mrs kicked ®®®® out of me when I got in steaming if that counts
  8. If it wasn't for the fact I got made redundant earlier on this year and got a small payout, I wouldn't be able to afford a season ticket, let alone the match by match prices. I'm not having a go at the club, as we're not the only ones doing it, it's just a sign of the times I'm afraid, like people spending £1000 on a piece of plastic to phone someone on
  9. Totally agree with what you are saying, but I'll take dirty 1-0 wins every week if it gets us promoted. But we're Sheffield Wednesday, so obviously it won't
  10. My sisters boyfriend from Kent was coming to the match with us tonight. SYP turned him away at Watford gap services
  11. He has to start for me. He looks fired up and he just offers so much that nobody else in the squad has. I've no idea who he replaces, and don't care, that's the managers job.
  12. I think our best bet is to just put a 12th player on the pitch, see if anyone notices.
  13. I'm sick and tired of the referees in this league. They say it evens itself out over the season... No, it really doesn't, not for us anyway.
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