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  1. I'm quite happy to write this seasons ticket off as a gesture of goodwill to club. I haven't purchased one for next season so that bit it does not apply to me.
  2. Went to see my niece at school in Barcelona. Turns out her maths teacher is a Wednesday fan.
  3. Spot on post. People making out that millionaires are absolute heroes for deferring wages which they will still get paid. They want to try being on £8.57 an hour, being furlugh'd and having their wage cut by 20%. Morons
  4. Bosch on amazon prime is fantastic. Also on prime, this is us, is also good
  5. Good old Dave. I wish he'd stayed. I mean, just look at the cracking job he did at Chesterfield.
  6. just started using Pokerface app for ios / android. you can create your own table to play with friends, or play random public tables. It's pretend money, but we use bank transfer and play for £5 a game.
  7. Met him in a pub at Wembley after the playoff final, what a guy.
  8. Totally agree. This is the ideal opportunity to change close season to winter.
  9. Mr motivator could do a team talk and still not get a performance out of this lot.
  10. There's some absolute crazies out and about on the streets these days. Weird how most of them support Wednesday though.
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