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  1. I think our best bet is to just put a 12th player on the pitch, see if anyone notices.
  2. I'm sick and tired of the referees in this league. They say it evens itself out over the season... No, it really doesn't, not for us anyway.
  3. christ what's happened to us? come on Wednesday ffs
  4. Yea it's a pub mate, the tongue in cheek bit was telling you to go to it, we used to drink in there during the day, you'd go back at night if ya wanted some paid services
  5. My post was a bit tongue in cheek, it used to be where the ladies of the night were, not sure about now though as not been for years. Thought I'd best let you know, didn't want to be the cause of a divorce
  6. Bit of a bum deal for nuhiu if they give it that hasani fella. Bet he'll have reyt arse on about it.
  7. It came across on TV as a decent vocal backing I thought, especially 1st half.
  8. Played poor tonight, passing was awful. That being said we had enough chances to win the match, and was denied a penalty.
  9. I can't see anything less than 3 points tonight if im being honest. I actually think it'll be our home games where we struggle this season. 1-3
  10. I used to like bacardi breezers, do they still sell em?
  11. Who do I send my begging letter to? specific players or just they club in general?
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