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  1. No, I just thought all players had to be "young and hungry" according to owlstalk
  2. If he's not hungry I'm not interested. in fact, if he's not starving to death I'm not interested
  3. I've tried mate, the missus wasn't happy about him living in the tent in the back garden though, he was making a right mess when he needed a crap
  4. My eldest son is exactly the same. Mind you, he's only 6, so there's time yet.
  5. if your moaning about this free event the club puts on for the community, get darn 't Lane you absolute gibbons
  6. I thought it was in the 90's when DA did the Charterhouse deal to raise funds. He changed us to plc to put shares on the stock market. I could be way off though.
  7. you know what, think I've underrated him. Some absolute sensational goals there, some of the best strikes I've ever seen, he's a real game changer when you watch those clips.
  8. Saw it at half time from bottom of North. Fair play to them, I actually thought it was quite funny
  9. I'm going to feel like I've been dug up Monday after tomorrow's early drinking
  10. I thought it was a decent attendance considering it was a red hot, long bank holiday weekend. A lot of people will have gone away.
  11. Anyone who thinks we will get 8 million quid for any player is living in cuckoo land. No chance
  12. Me also. I actually said to my nephew, jesus christ what's Hector doing, that was lucky there.
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