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  1. His first season was the best I've had since the 90's. The Brighton semi final game, Wembley, the Arsenal game, to name but a few,with flowing attacking football. I understand people need someone to blame for our demise since then, but I don't understand the vitriol towards him. Obviously he lost his way towards the end of his reign with us, but unfortunately that's what happens to all managers at all clubs in the end, with the exception of Ferguson, it's part and parcel of being a football manager.
  2. A member on here does his own, I've been using it for years on android with no problems, always updates etc
  3. Ah, the latest saviour has arisen. Joey P, set piece specialist.
  4. I don't believe this exists anymore, not since the introduction of the SKY money, foreign players and big wages.
  5. advert bloker I meant, obviously not allowed to type it on here it automatically changes it
  6. I have a season ticket on the North stand and don't go, due to circumstances, so have to watch on the Internet. Not everyones situation is the same as yours
  7. What are you trying to watch it on? if its a pc or laptop, use chrome browser with owlstalk plus add on installed, I've been using this setup for years watching vipbox streams, and don't get any pop ups at all. I also use chrome on my android phone, and have an app installed called adguard, which is free, and don't get any popups
  8. All club funds are now in Mrs chansiri's name She was last seen out shopping for handbags
  9. So not only did we beat his Leeds side, we beat his Brighton side too. Oh dear Ben lad, never mind, just think, one day you might get a move to a decent club
  10. don't forget to save your ticket stubs or you won't be allowed on the return flight
  11. Or maybe I've never asked her round. Or maybe we meet in hotels?
  12. I've had a hard on for Carol Vorderman for years, but she's never been round my house.
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