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  1. I'm in the same situation, apart from I'm not quite 50 yet. The general unwelcome feeling and tutting at you when they have to stand so you can get to your seat, the under the breath comments of flippingpart timers, it doesn't really encourage people to return. so much for WAWAW
  2. ItsJody


    just use a free vpn mate. if you use chrome browser there is a free one on the chrome extension site which I'm using, then go to club home page, click on ifollow and follow it, make sure vpn is running before you go to club site though
  3. There was a few in Friday night to watch the match.
  4. ItsJody

    Anyone got an Amazon Echo?

    Absolutely spot on.
  5. ItsJody

    New Kit update picture

    Are you actually stalking workers from the factory?
  6. My next door neighbour is a season ticket holder, and there's a few at work, although they've never been to a game
  7. ItsJody

    Fast Food Fans

    Nope, but some of the replies are ridiculous.
  8. ItsJody

    Fast Food Fans

    Ah great, another thread of personal insults towards Carlos. Owlstalk at its best yet again
  9. ItsJody

    Paradise Lost

    what a great post, and exactly how I feel.
  10. great post, always look in the bright side of life
  11. comparing cc to a nazi? And people reckon Cc talks rubbish...
  12. ItsJody


    Is there anything, at all, about Sheffield Wednesday that you have actually ever liked or been happy with? genuine question
  13. ItsJody

    Carlos haters

    I'm not sure your right there Maxine. I think some people would rather we lose than lose face on an Internet forum.
  14. ItsJody

    Carlos haters

    when you've got a headache do ya tell your missus you've got a brain tumor? Every post I see from you is negative and depressing,even when we win. I get it that you want Carlos out, but for God sake give it a rest.
  15. Att Chansiri has just made an official statement on his you tube channel that we won't be signing anyone because he's hid his dad's parker pen. The club has twitted that Mr meadows is urgently trying to get through to Sun life for a replacement.