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  1. ItsJody


    thought this was going to be about the last time Huddersfield lost.
  2. ItsJody

    It's Jos Working Out So Well...

    Imagine where we'd be if we had signed Cantona
  3. We all hate Leeds scum on repeat
  4. Great OMDT. How Rowett ever gets a job is beyond me, there's hope for us all yet. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  5. ItsJody

    Great North Run

    my mate is doing it, he's a Derby fan though so if you see him trip him up
  6. ItsJody

    Streams for today

    Take a look at enigma 2 boxes, especially the VU ones, before you buy an android box, you have a lot more power and versatility. https://www.world-of-satellite.co.uk just avoid buying clones off ebay
  7. I'd have him back.
  8. ItsJody


    classic joke that
  9. listening on talk sport 2, wow they hate us on that station
  10. When I was a lad me and my mum were a 1 parent family living in a council house, she couldn't afford to take me to games, but made me a member of the 'young owls' club. Can't remember exactly how much etc, but it made me feel as a young lad like I 'belonged', like I was part of the football club. I now have kids of my own, and I can't afford to go to games, I want to ensure my 2 young boys, 5 and 1 year, end up as owls, if there was a similar scheme in place for 30 quid I'd sign them both up.
  11. ItsJody

    Fernando's Ripped Shirt

    they do drink it in the Congo though
  12. ItsJody

    [Rubbish thread title]

    Spot on post and exactly how I am / feel.
  13. ItsJody

    Back to training early

    I work for a very large high street supermarket, I turn up every day and do the least amount of work as I can get away with, and proper take the pee with fag breaks. Do you think I should be embarrassed that I'm ripping the shoppers off and be banging on the managers door for more jobs to do? People get glossy eyed because it's football, but to footballers surely it's only a job?