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  1. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    Is there anything, at all, about Sheffield Wednesday that you have actually ever liked or been happy with? genuine question
  2. Carlos haters

    I'm not sure your right there Maxine. I think some people would rather we lose than lose face on an Internet forum.
  3. Carlos haters

    when you've got a headache do ya tell your missus you've got a brain tumor? Every post I see from you is negative and depressing,even when we win. I get it that you want Carlos out, but for God sake give it a rest.
  4. Att Chansiri has just made an official statement on his you tube channel that we won't be signing anyone because he's hid his dad's parker pen. The club has twitted that Mr meadows is urgently trying to get through to Sun life for a replacement.
  5. Proud dad moment tomorrow

    I'm taking my 4 year old lad today for his first match, I'm taking him on the kop as is our family tradition. He's a bit of a smart arse though, refusing to wear his shirt, says he supports Newcastle, and his favourite colour is red! Still, it will be a moment to remember for us both.
  6. Rangers

    Taking my 4 year old lad today, it's his first ever game seeing as it's cheap. I'll be taking him to the back of the kop as is family tradition. The problem is being 4 and a smart arse he has decided he supports Newcastle and his favourite colour is red. Any tips on a kids home near Hillsborough would be great, as that's what he's been threatened with
  7. Joe Palmer

    And your slagging off peoples mathematics with grammar like that? wow.
  8. iFollow

    I use ipvanish, £7 a month and get no loss of downstream or upload speed at all, plus its unlimited bandwidth and has apps for ios and android. The free vpn's are useless tbh
  9. Rotherham fan

    How can this be from a Rotherham paper, it's not in Urdu?
  10. Ticket stubs......

    Not seen badge boy and the thread rater post for a while, they talk the most sense of anyone on here