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  1. But Hooper has been injured for most of the season and we only signed Rhodes in January?
  2. Ever considered factoring in fixture difficulty? What if the games with Forestieri were much easier than without him?
  3. Would like to join the queue for a ticket on Saturday please. Don't mind coming to collect it etc if anyone has one available. ST Holder and just missed the deadline; all my mates have managed to get one so would be really grateful if anyone has one going spare! Thanks :)
  4. Anyone remember this one from Barnsley away a few years ago?
  5. Last minute and shot in the dark but If anyone has any spares for tonight please get in touch.
  6. On the off chance does anyone with 100+ points want to do a swap for my 10 points ID? Ideal for someone currently waiting for general sale to buy with others. If not I will be requiring a 10 points ID and will swap for a home game on my season ticket next season!
  7. Oh dear, did you not get my message? Fair play for sharing them either way
  8. I've got a 10 point ID I could do with swapping for an ID with 100+ so I can buy at 9am tomoz
  9. Need 1 more ID with 10 points to get the required tickets I need. If anyone has one to share I will exchange my First Priority Season Ticket for an away game next season or can arrange something else. Drop me a PM Many Thanks
  10. If any ST Holders are unable to make the final then I would be eternally grateful for any Client ID's to purchase an extra ticket, will be sat on my own otherwise. Will also be willing to exchange my ticket for a low allocation/high points away game next season as I always qualify for first priority! Just drop me a message! Many Thanks
  11. Could be an interesting signing
  12. So in summary; Hooper is left out of the match day squad despite having a shirt laid out. Westwood is named in the starting 11; comes down with illness within an hour of kick off 6 loans named without the club noticing Don't like speculating but something strange is going on, especially with the performance and the nature of the defeat today.
  13. Hooper is statistically our most efficient striker achieving the greatest output for the total mins played. With 3 wins on the spin why change anything
  14. If you leave early the Wednesdayite car park is usually okay to drive straight out. It starts to hold up once people start coming out the ground in which case will take you ages!
  15. https://youtu.be/CSExRwnewfE?t=201 3.21 - watch him accidentally catch the women in front and get a right earful
  16. The appeal was my reason to ask as Carlos seemed well oppose to the first yellow. If not it would be nice to see Matias have the chance to prove his worth
  17. Apologies if covered elsewhere, is he available tonight?
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