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  1. To many idiots watching football, I don't think it's the drink that makes them act stupid more the white powder.
  2. Jamal Blackman just been released by Huddersfield Town.
  3. Well obviously he's better, but there's no need for him to be piping up about it on twitter.
  4. Shame it ended in relegation, same with Westwood really.
  5. Just announced his retirement, have a great retirement Lee! Great goalkeeper for us.
  6. Wouldn't mind Andy Rhodes back, club just seemed to fall apart when he left.
  7. Wasn't my cup of tea, glad he's gone but wish him well going forward in his career.
  8. Surprised about Berahino, Hutchinson I was 50/50
  9. He's our best keeper since Westwood? He's our only keeper since Westwood.
  10. They advertised it quite well tbh. Stop trying to find things to batter the club with.
  11. Thought he retired ages ago! Good to see him still going.
  12. Cheltenham at home, a couple of their players played well, think one was Alfie May.
  13. If he isn't 100% I wouldn't play him, put Dele-Bashiru in.
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