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  1. I've got a feeling Bannan won't be an ever present this season, i think we will rotate him a lot more than in previous campaigns.
  2. 2 injuries though and you start to sweat.
  3. Do we really want to be at the stage where we are putting Marvin Johnson in defence again?
  4. A 3 of Adeniran, Bannan, Byers/Vaulks would be great. Mix of everything in there, Dennis will be very important to us I feel this season.
  5. I like FDB, seems to have a good finish on him, have we offered him a new contract?
  6. Just me who thinks we still need a couple more centre backs in, got a good calibre of player there but a few injuries and we'll have to put Paterson Palmer or Johnson there. Are we still looking at Bringing Harlee Dean back?
  7. Dawson Ikwi Iorfa Henegen Hunt Byers Adeniran Bannan Johnson Gregory Windass
  8. Paterson is one of those players you "want in the trenches with you" and Brown is only young, see how he progresses.
  9. Same I'm struggling to see where bakinson fits in, like I said though it's a long season so he'll have a part to play at some point.
  10. We are now blessed with many options in midfield now, but are we going to be able to keep them all happy? I know it's a squad game and there are 46 games plus cup games and players get injured and whatnot, but with our current midfield, who starts? Who's on the bench? And who misses out completely? Barry Bannan George Byers Will Vaulks Dennis Adeniran Fisayo Dele-Bashiru Tyreeq Bakinson Alex Hunt (personally think he'll get loaned out)
  11. Came off the bench tonight, safe to say he didn't reach his potential
  12. Is there anyway to remove the sponsor? Will steam bring it off?
  13. How can you put Kean and lachman in? And emanuelson and floro, do they even play 200 minutes between them?
  14. Feel a bit for Sougou, think our expectations were too high back then and he became a bit of a scapegoat. Jaden Brown shouldn't be in this list, started brightly enough just had a stinker vs hartlepool.
  15. Top 200 at a push? I'm on about when he was inform, not how he was the other 40 games.
  16. A fan favourite whilst here, a very inconsistent player but when he was on form, he was unplayable, where in the pecking does an inform Jermaine Johnson place in our best ever players? Top 20?
  17. Loads of prem clubs do light shows and you don't hear anything about anyone having a fit.
  18. Won't be sky, way too early, they normally move games no earlier than 48 hours in advance.
  19. A couple more centre backs and we're there or there abouts I think.
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