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Community Answers

  1. So it's been suggested in other threads that a good few of our pre season games will be played behind closed doors.
  2. What's trains going to be like for the Alfreton game? I've googled it but can't find anything saying they'll be striking just wondered if anyone worked for a train company and had any inside info.
  3. Under 23s are having a friendly vs Stocksbridge in July.
  4. What do you mean "nowts riding on it" a prestigious place in the legendary Carabao cup second round is riding on it. Arguably bigger that our last game vs Sunderland.
  5. Wednesday Peterborough Mk dons Barnsley Ipswich Portsmouth
  6. I know pal, just getting a bit worried the lack of movement on this front.
  7. How many times did he appear on the bench? Someone on hear will know
  8. Look into my eyes not around my eyes, your under, you will reject your contract offer from Rotherham and sign for Wednesday.
  9. For the first team we've only announced Alfreton and Harrogate, should we be worried about the lack of games announced, surely the schedule should be there or there abouts in being finished.
  10. Shoes the length some of our 'fans' will go to, to try and damage the club a tiny bit.
  11. I'd have kept Waldock for another season just for back up.
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