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  1. Well didn’t manage to get tickets so will offer £100 to whoever’s chosen charity for 2 tickets. On the reserves list but don’t hold much hope.
  2. Hate having to do this but doesn’t look like I’ll get any tomorrow. Require 2 tickets will make a £50 donation to charity of choice. Oh and not just wanting to go because it’s Chelsea...I was at Luton!
  3. OzzyHurst

    Hull Tickets

    Looks like I’ll just miss out on tickets for Hull. If anyone can get me 2 or someone is selling 2 let me know. Cheers
  4. OzzyHurst


    Been in the megastore today and to be fair to them they’ve listened....it’s Gnomes galore! Seriously who wants a f##king upside gnome!!!
  5. Forest tickets sorted! If anyone is selling Villa tickets please let me know :)
  6. If anyone is selling an adults and child’s ticket for either game please let me know. Willing to take 2 adult tickets and can collect.
  7. OzzyHurst

    2 villa tickets for sale

    Are these still available?
  8. OzzyHurst

    Derby ticket avalable

    If anyone has 2 for sale I'm happy to meet in Derby. Need tickets together.
  9. OzzyHurst

    2 x Derby tickets required

    Still after 2, can collect from either Sheffield or Derby.
  10. 2 tickets required either both adult or 1 adult and 1 child. Can collect from wherever. Thanks
  11. OzzyHurst

    2 Burton tickets required

    Tickets sorted thanks to SW_Owl
  12. If anyone is unable to attend I am after an adult and child ticket (willing to take 2 adult tickets) Just been released from hospital so can now make it. Able to collect tickets today.
  13. OzzyHurst

    ID number with points wanted !

    Sorry it's been used now