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  1. Just me who thinks he’s absolute dross? Watching him last night frustrated me so much. Whats his actual best preferred position? Let’s be honest, he’s not a winger in the slightest. He’s no pace and can never beat a man. That right hand channel is lacking so much. Miss the Wallace/hunt days, the overlaps and creativity...
  2. Just a quick question.. is he available for saturdays game at Hillsborough? If so I’m sure the inevitable will happen...
  3. I'm going to the game tomorrow. Just wanted to hear everyones opinion on there thoughts of the reception Carlos will get? will you be thankful or will you be booing?
  4. Saw this on twitter just.. hoping it's just a rumour. Have a feeling this seasons going to be good one for him.
  5. 150 - it's got to be gold or somthing! These are the two that's caught my eye in the past
  6. Well what are your views? seems uninterested, feigning injuries, getting sent off. Acting like a child recently. is he after a move? What's the score? After 15 minutes today I wanted to drag him off myself, no interest or pressuring their defence at all. He seemed to love it here last season, what's gone wrong.
  7. Well completely lost for words after that. first off I thought we started off quite bright, things looked well, but what happened 10 minutes in till the end? Imo fessi looked completely uninterested? Unfit? Or just a fans man? Adam reach? .. looks good in spells. But I think Carlos is to blame for his poor form. Left back, left wing, shadow striker? What is he and can they not find him a position? Hunt and bannan also poor today.. Today aside, I'm still behind Carlos but I feel he's walking on this ice with both supporters and chansiri. If you look at all the signings he has bought in are many of them playing well or worth signing? weve spent an awful lot of money past couple of seasons, just worried it could be wiser spent. rant over; onto the next.. UTO
  8. Just interested to know who everyone thinks our best player is? I mean week in week out whos top of the pile for you. Mine is Sammy Hutch, every week hes at least a solid 8. looses his head every now and then but his passion for the club is immense.
  9. After URBZZ signing we have so many wide left players. Almost 2 players for each starting position now. Just interested to hear what every bodies strongest starting 11 would be now?
  10. I work away a lot, with a few weekends added in. Really don't know weather to go for a season ticket or not. At nearly £20 a game it's a bargain, but once I start kissing a few it'll start costing me. Is there any clarification on match day tickets yet on how much these are going to be? And as I'm 22 will there be an under 25 bracket on match day tickets like there is on season tickets now? Many thanks in advance!
  11. If we win today. Carlos had a dream.. We're Sheffield Wednesday, we've made our way back de de de
  12. my beach balls & Jesus's are coming with me!
  13. I think the team for tomrrow is all but certain who will start. westwood hunt loovens lees pudil ? Lee Wallace Bannan Fessi Hooper Big throw up between Lopez & Hutchinson. Lopez has been in outstanding form the past few games. But IMO Hutch was out saviour Vs Brighton. Hutch for me tomrrow - but he needs to keep his head the full 90. cant afford to go down to 10.
  14. Absolutely brilliant player. Agree with most on this thread, our best player. Indispensable this season, and very influential for us being where we are in the table.
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