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  1. Biddy17

    New Kit Questions

    Solid blue back on the video
  2. At least CC won’t have a clue about that line up
  3. That save against piggy Donaldson though
  4. Biddy17

    Local press

    You lot are embarrassing
  5. Biddy17

    Hutchinson injured again?

  6. George Boyd = Kevin Parker (tame impala)
  7. Biddy17


    You'll find it easier if you accept we weren't up to it and they were instead of making excuses
  8. At hillsborough!!! What the FOOOOOOK???!!!! And against them... Why is it so typically Wednesday
  9. Biddy17


    Thank frig for that, possibly didn't deserve that but I'll take it, should be fired up for the second half now
  10. Biddy17

    The jones vs hutch debate

    Hooper! Rest of the team need to take a leaf
  11. Biddy17

    The jones vs hutch debate

    At the moment hooper is the only player who appears driven
  12. 2-0 down early on, team looking unmotivated for whatever reason. It's times like these when we need Hutchinson in that midfield. That is all
  13. Biddy17

    Any streams?

    http://rai.rivosport.co/c14.html http://sstvsports.888webhost.com/ http://pasiondeportiva.me/viewer19/view4.php http://goolsport.net/tvskymain.html These are all web based streams (flash), dont know how secure etc the pages are but i've used them before i must admit and no problems other than adverts.
  14. I'm watching sky sports on the day pass
  15. I'm all set up and ready, same as h-owl-er. CMONNNN WEDNESDAYYYYY carton of oranjeboom at the ready, was on offer at my local Thursday camel $25 !!!