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  1. 1978 ish away at West Ham over 7 thousand Wednesday fans in away end we had to go in their side stand called the chicken run worst thing is Wednesday went snd scored !! had to say nothing snd actually glad when they scored coming out was like a battle but I was with West Ham fans snd somehow made it to the train station and lucky got away other mate was in the chicken run too and he just put his finger on mouth to say whatever you do don’t speak scary times hey
  2. Yes it’s not a witch Hunt it’s reality that the managers are not good enough for Swfc hence supporters actually saying the truth instead of pussyfooting about the situation.
  3. Dc out get rid of the clown or we will be in a worse mess like derby soon everything has a price !
  4. Yes hate I agree I do too So do many others I know I have reasons for saying that about him he is a clown and no respect for loyal fans .
  5. It serves a purpose of what a clown he is
  6. 3 or more years ago when first met the clown DC I said he is a joke only now are people finding out the truth of his behaviour it’s appalling he gets away with it he got rid of loyal staff from over years too when he came in I was not one that bowed down to the clown get him out the club everything has a price
  7. So keep going then and watch the club fold anyway I agree boycott it he will eventually have to react everything has a price ! does not mean armchair fans it’s called being actually sensible on it all opposite of your opinion
  8. Your kidding arnt you hust get rid of moore and no settling for second best why would anyone accept this meets Sheffield wendnesday not Worksop town
  9. It’s goodnight now need a calculator at this rate !!
  10. Why when he could be the player to have a go at them is not in the starting line up ? beyond me
  11. Absolutely we don’t shout for anything / penalties or fouls no where near enough
  12. well best to take him some flowers or a guide to the division 2 grounds
  13. For the sake of Swfc both short and long term vote with your feet I have done for 3 plus years since he screwed a few over on the corporate side with his arrogance / attitude and sheer contempt does not mean I am less than any other Wednesday fan I will still watch them I go away games etc when I want and listen and watch most too I got slated on here by a few when I said this 3 years ago but I could see what was going to happen the owner needs to go and by not going or if are present make it known that it’s out that we want other clubs don’t stand for this treatment why do we !!! with him in charge it will NEVER EVER WORK .so why delay !! we have equivalent to frank bruno as manager now it will be the crankies next . .
  14. Yes I went to Grimsby and derby away and ended up in the away end with other Wednesdites main song was were not supposed to be here !!
  15. I said all this after watching him from the Mansfield side stand when they played he just needs game time young kid with confidence will be what we need rather play young ones and have a go at teams
  16. Is it me or do some of the new women commentators on tv been brought up on a different game wolves v Everton now just heard he is a pocket player ! ? they are being overloaded !! Using the blocked lines !! dont get me wrong I don’t mind and not against this at all but I just think they are trying to be too technical!! Or is it me ? or can someone explain these terms !
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