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  1. well best to take him some flowers or a guide to the division 2 grounds
  2. For the sake of Swfc both short and long term vote with your feet I have done for 3 plus years since he screwed a few over on the corporate side with his arrogance / attitude and sheer contempt does not mean I am less than any other Wednesday fan I will still watch them I go away games etc when I want and listen and watch most too I got slated on here by a few when I said this 3 years ago but I could see what was going to happen the owner needs to go and by not going or if are present make it known that it’s out that we want other clubs don’t stand for this treatment why do we !!! with him in charge it will NEVER EVER WORK .so why delay !! we have equivalent to frank bruno as manager now it will be the crankies next . .
  3. Yes I went to Grimsby and derby away and ended up in the away end with other Wednesdites main song was were not supposed to be here !!
  4. I said all this after watching him from the Mansfield side stand when they played he just needs game time young kid with confidence will be what we need rather play young ones and have a go at teams
  5. Is it me or do some of the new women commentators on tv been brought up on a different game wolves v Everton now just heard he is a pocket player ! ? they are being overloaded !! Using the blocked lines !! dont get me wrong I don’t mind and not against this at all but I just think they are trying to be too technical!! Or is it me ? or can someone explain these terms !
  6. What do we all think the attendance will be tomorrow eve
  7. Yes me too years ago would be so mad but it’s so predictable and predictable that he will loose his job v soon as he is digging his own grave how actually can he call himself a manager !! Seriously is a laughing stock thick skinned as he is pinching a wage !! Big time . massive embarrassment to Wednesday
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