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  1. I posted on here about Chansri complete disregard for hundreds of sponsors that were a loyal fan base too you could tell he was not even bothered on listening at all and to even bring a solution to it all it was his way or no way well I was never going to pay at least double for my tickets so were many others that walked out of meetings 20 years of sponsorship of players etc / kits and not because of good for tax purposes or actually to gain from business advertising it was a private sponsor deal because I loved the club . I saw the side that a lot could not see I do hope tho we can come out of this mess but he is not getting my monies again yet . I watch them away and on tv not at home hardly now people / fans are not fools And don’t want to give / pay over the top anymore just another side to it all
  2. Been to stoke many times I usually park behind the away end I think it’s Stanley Mathews way if you come from the derby side a50 take the turn off Left about a mile and half before the ground this takes you round to the away end it’s not the cheapest although all priced different the further you walk the cheaper it is the main tip is to come out the ground spot on final whistle and there is no hold up with police as you are parked directly behind it and if you can get a head start you can be out the area very quick the downside is you can get stuck there for absolutely ages if late out the ground but I have always managed to get away there also is a pub you can walk to as you enter the Stanley Mathews way no hassle just my take on it hope it helps
  3. i was there in the upper West Stand what a game and what a riot never to be seen again thank god
  4. Completely disagree with all that everyone entitled to there opinion but this is why we are in a mess he is clearly a better player then most we have He has been targeted and suppressed too Wednesday management / chairman too are living in the past
  5. Yes that’s exactly my thoughts I actually sponsored Danny Wilson that year kit etc as when he was manger and that’s what happened like I said previous posts hate to say it but Chris wilder would not do this to players he unites everyone if they are at the club bullen yes he is stale and not really seen football at the high level to see how you actually create winning mentalities unfortunately some coaches and manager try to put there stamp on things to prove they are in charge !! But they write there own downfall doing this it’s a shame that some of us can see this
  6. Great post and again egos bullen : Weaver / should be positive rather than negative they clearly have an issue with ff when really should be grateful there still being paid by Wednesday look at the rivals across the city they encourage players and work as one unit with Wednesday it always looks like there are divisions in the camp !! Work together bullen / weaver / monk and be positive we might get somewhere then
  7. Anybody that has played the game knows ff is 100 per cent a proper footballer and is needed in the team right now he has been sidelined to the bench for some personal reasons and stubborn managers that egos are bigger look at Di canio he was a one off manager did not like him and he went off to better things Antonio the same brunt the same these were / are proper players that Wednesday need with passion in them why can’t some fans see this unless they have never played or want the perfect yes man player ! Ff at this point we need him as he has energy loves the game and provides opportunities and is not defensive end of
  8. Well if we had fessi on fletcher off who is absolutely a waste of time we may actually have won easy tonight lee in the middle I have said last 2 years is lightweight and go back I said same of fletcher who can’t score unless has open goal and 20 chances the problem is the managers we have take it personal on players instead of realising there worth or not worth to the team nothing more to be said
  9. Fessi should have started why can’t the boss see this
  10. Looking like we be going another goal down at this rate wtf is going off
  11. Looking like we be going another goal down at this rate wtf is going off
  12. Fletcher never a goal scorer with the chances he has apart from his clapping to the players that pass he should be hitting the back of the net absolutely dreadful
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