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  1. Well the message is in the title the only way to get the change is not to go at all and see what happens other clubs would do this considering this appalling condition we are in hardcore fans or not it’s the only way now for quick change
  2. So if we have them for next year starting off with say minus 12 I can’t see many tickets being sold ! The team can’t get motivated now never mind then what a shambles from the chairman !!
  3. Burnley away 1.1 in the cup before the reply atmosphere will 10 thousand easy Wednesday fans was amazing all the Arsenal reply games again best atmosphere at filbert street Boxing Day and cup semi
  4. Hi great pic did you crop the pic down if not would you have a bigger one ? Thank you 

    what a great guy he was 

    1. Hodgyowl


      That's how it download off Google fella, he was a legend really gutted to hear the news 😭

  5. The greatest of all in my time amazing man met him lots at Hillsborough behind the scenes . brought us back from the brink . Set the team up for Howard Wilkinson to take over
  6. Never what to your drug dealer !!!!!! what a ridiculous comment why bring drugs into it ??
  7. Ok so if you found your wife in bed with your best mate would you let him stay in your house until you sold it !!! can we have a poll on that one !!
  8. So when Steve Bruce came in we were poor !! I don’t think so wake up and realise monk is the most uninspired person imaginable and the chairman is as bad mall he wants to do is keep nipping outside the stand for a smoke !!! but seriously you think monk is any good !! It’s laughable ! Monk is stealing money from the club if he had morals he would leave and so would the chairman it’s all disgusting .
  9. Absolutely spot on been saying this when he took over the worst attitude I have know to fellow supporters disgraceful beyond belief
  10. How many good chances do we need we could have sewn the game up and no enthusiasm by monk at all
  11. actually your right tho cant just get rid as he has stitched everything up now with the owning of the ground etc I just said he has ruined the club .even if he had taken us into the premier the greed would have continued with uping the costs even more . if he cant run a shop and look after good people who were at the club for years then it would just have got worse its only my opinion we are all entitled to that without people falling out
  12. he has ruined the club full stop , we could have had someone better in long term .all those that say where would we be without him !!! look where we are now !!can fans say we are pleased where we are now really !!!!! the man is a joke to the club
  13. the next hero is the one to sack monk and to buy the club of the chairman that is the next hero
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