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  1. Wonder if any would greet them off the bus at derby before the game
  2. Yes agree we need to do the same or a protest outside the ground at least would highlight and get back to DC as when the fens are allowed back it it will be toxic so if he had /has any sense he will get out of this club
  3. The thread would be taken down I said something before simular against the chairman
  4. I agree it should be sorted out at the ground like the others are doing !! Now or v soon
  5. Take a leaf out of there book and actually pull together as fans and make it properly known to the chairman it’s disgusting what he is doing to the club
  6. Was packed solid what a great atmosphere
  7. 100 per cent other clubs dont stand for it
  8. They should do a proper car with a clown on and park it opposite the ground it might actually get some attention dc must sell up made a joke of our club
  9. Can’t wait to see what he has to say now pleased with a point from 12
  10. So if the right man why bring him off too many owls fans sitting on the fence Moore is no good snd chansiri out now
  11. Why is it ??? His tactics are the worst ever so who’s thick ???
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