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  1. Hey guys, as a tribute to Kieran Lee, could we please resurrect the L***s collinding thread please one last time? Cheers!
  2. I think for the sake of resources, it will just be just one broadcast per game but I think that the overlay may be factored in afterwards, or else like you say, it would be an inefficient use of resources on their part.
  3. I think at the end of the day, if it can potentially lose the broadcasters any money then it’s certainly within their interests to take measures such as these. I think when they’ve taken the measures to create a service such as this, it shouldn’t be too much of an ask for them to configure. I’m sorry I can’t elaborate more on the ins and outs but I honestly don’t know.
  4. I haven’t checked the length of the hexadecimal strings to tell but could it be people’s public IP addresses in hex?
  5. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that it’s not a MAC address as such but a unique identifier that uses hexadecimal. Not sure what the identifier is directly referencing but it will certainly be iFollow’s way of working out who’s stream it is.
  6. Börner for me has the passion when he’s playing. I understand that he’s not featured in every game but then again, Loovens spent much of his time on the sidelines. A Captain for me needs to be passionate and seeing him celebrate after clearing the ball off the line earlier on in the season does that for me. Seems like a lovely bloke too.
  7. Did anyone get down to the bottom of whether the game is available on the Sky Red Button or iFollow? I ideally wanted two tickets for tomorrow but can’t get them now for some bizarre reason despite the fact we didn’t sell out.
  8. I know these types of threads are pretty rubbish normally but what about this? Joey Pelupessy Pelupessy Woooaaah Dont You Want Me Baby - The Human League
  9. Personally, I'd love us to play him where Hutch normally plays at CM when we can afford to. He's got all the right aspects and could start attacks from midfield which is what we really need at the moment. Just a thought.
  10. Well given that it would cost the company more to produce two separate apps than just one. My gut reaction is that it will just be the one.
  11. It will be available in our App Store or how else will people UK listen to commentary?
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