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  1. Joey Pelupessy grabbing the badge with a massive smile is my favourite thing ever. No doubt at all he's gonna be our club captain.
  2. ItalianOwl7


    same with me
  3. He seems to be more highly rated in Portugal and a more consistent starter than Sasso was.
  4. He seems to have decent pace for a centre back, can attack a ball from set pieces and is decently young, could be a good bit of business.
  5. ItalianOwl7

    SQUAD NUMBERS 2017/18

    Surely nobody can moan about those!
  6. ItalianOwl7


    There are a few 'Irish pubs' on the main Island, one close to Ferrovia, but you'll have to research whether they show football matches.
  7. ItalianOwl7

    Fulham fans on 'dirty Wednesday'

    If I was a Fulham fan I would reign in the arrogance, it will come back to bite them. How they have come up with all these misconceptions is laughable, like their own player thinking they had beaten us already this season. Also, the only word required to put them in their place is 'clappers'.
  8. ItalianOwl7

    Somebody make this song work, please

    Really doesn't seem easier to reproduce
  9. ItalianOwl7

    Somebody make this song work, please

    Being a Napoli fan (as well), that would be amazing
  10. ItalianOwl7

    Leeds Evening Post

    Stopped reading at Leeds
  11. ItalianOwl7


    I'd like to see some sort of a connection between Napoli and Wednesday
  12. Great video, and great music!
  13. ItalianOwl7

    Bannan needs to up his game

    He was excellent at Fulham away, but people expect so much from him considering how good he was last season. As we all know, his best position is central midfield, and playing on the flanks does not do him any favours. However, once (if) he is taken out of the team we will realise how important he is to us. I often rewatch games and he is involved in most of our more threatening attacks in some capacity, I think we now take him for granted. He often had equally 'poor' games last season where he tried things which didn't quite work and put us in danger, but that comes with his style of play. If you don't allow him to try the adventurous, many of our attacks just won't happen.