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  1. Could have sold them for £200 mate. £72 face value, plus booking fee. if you're not interested then don't comment
  2. Two tickets (together) avaliable for Saturday. £80 for the pair.
  3. Inboxed you mate. Do not pay £200 ha! No one should take that off a fellow owl
  4. Just googled him and he appears to be Adam Reach's doppelgänger
  5. Too good these, unfortunately. Too many pacey and powerful players
  6. Bit of fun, between now and the end of the season, 18 league games (and hopefully 3 playoff games), how many goals do you think Rhodes will score for us? I'll start... 8.
  7. Great idea. The Semedo one when O'Grady scored against United in 2012? Special pic that. Also, bit before my time but love the Waddle one from Wembley against them as well
  8. Never beat. Funny memory of him is the guy who say behind me shouting 'Nose Bleed' every time he went over half way because he was so high up ha
  9. Their left winger (Hudson Odoi or something like that) looks about 30. Apparently he's just turned 16. They're raving about him too. Set up the goal for them Does look good
  10. Another player I really liked when I first started going. Scored when we beat Boro one year I remember and really liked him after that. Pembridge likewise
  11. Purely in terms of a player who is exciting to watch and has genuine talent, I said Di Canio. Was also 7/8 when I was watching him, so football politics didn't really bother me then. Pretty sure I cried when I found out he left for West Ham, first real hero supporting us. Agree he didn't do himself any favours though
  12. So you wouldn't have played Cantona at Hillsborough then ;)? Ha only joking. Get what you mean, but speed kills
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