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  1. Could have worn your home shirt we look more like Ipswich than Ipswich do
  2. Sitting in the home end just not the same, did it once before at Ipswich, think they scored 5 that day, no fun.
  3. Getting desperate now, been chasing one all week and missing out. Live an hour away, can meet at the ground Will pay over the odds if needed. PM me if anyone knows anyone who's got a spare
  4. Still looking for a ticket, that one had already gone, Anyone with a spare, I can meet in Ipswich
  5. Thanks Trev, just hoping for a reply
  6. PM me if anyone has a spare ticket going, thanks.
  7. If anyone drops out or has a spare ticket
  8. Yours for £25. Will be at the pub by the ground from 2-2:45. Let me know if that works for you.


    1. MMMM


      Great, my no is 07903548983 let me know which pub when you get there as one on each corner, I'll have 90's orange away shirt on. Cheers

  9. If anyone has one spare ticket, please let me know.
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