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  1. Poll: Carlos Back him or Sack him

    Anybody who voted to sack him 7 days ago that are now voting to back him are just your typical fickle football fans. Today was a fantastic result, performance and tactical masterclass from Carlos. But one good performance in 9 isn’t good enough, our league position after over a third of the season isn’t good enough, our playoff no show wasn’t good enough, our dismal steel city derby defeat wasn’t good enough. Let’s just hope today is a sign of things to come and not just a one off
  2. Rhodes goal video

    If Man City scores that goal SSN would be jizzing themselves for months
  3. Streams for tomorrow

  4. Hopefully we can smash and grab our way to one but it’ll have to be a perfect away performance like Newcastle on Boxing Day. We’re capable of it but it’s gonna be tough. Huge game this though, a win puts us right back in the mix and might just give the whole club that lift it needs, lose and I just can’t see a way into the top 6 for us.
  5. Back on Carlos? Don’t think stumbling to a 2-1 win at home to Millwall took much pressure off him tbh mate. The failures against Sunderland, qpr, blades, Bolton, burton and Birmingham means we can’t afford to lose at Villa, one of the best teams in the league. That’s the kind of pressure we’ve put ourselves under now.
  6. Can’t wait to take my 8 year old, this’ll toughen her up
  7. Can’t see us coming back with anything, don’t think we’ve got the desire or the gameplan to go there and outfox Brucie. Makes you realise just how important those wins were at Burton, Bolton and Birmingham............
  8. Time to sell JR?

    Scored loads playing alongside Gestede who's excellent in the air, would like to see him play alongside Joao with Hooper in the hole behind linking the play.
  9. Lees to bannan bannan to lees lees to bannan bannan to lees lees to Westwood SMASH
  10. Owls in Adeje Tenerife

    Don’t know how they’ll show it mate, it’s not on telly
  11. Promotion

    No chance, say what you want about how bad the football was last season we were gritty, we ground results out and won games. This season we’ve lost all that, now it’s just crap football
  12. The f*ck off Wednesday thread

    I’m gonna go bowling now. And pretend that each skittle is one of you f*cking tails (except hopper man) and the ball is Carlos’s head!!
  13. The f*ck off Wednesday thread

    F*ck off Wednesday you bunch of utter useless, lobster thunderc*nut b******s!!!!!!!
  14. Van Aaken

    I think he’d be better playing just in front of a back 4, collecting the ball from lees/loovens and pinging it around, this way he can drop into CB when defending. Less pressure on him then and I think he’s made for that role
  15. It must be true, I mean I can really imagine Chansiri waking up one morning thinking ‘I think I’ll buy that David Jones from Burnley today..really seems like my kind of player’