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  1. All fast food, you look forward to it thinking it will improve and be better than last time. But ultimately you feel disappointed and ripped off and it makes you feel crap next day
  2. We took our chances tonight, they didn’t. That was the difference, but they were far better drilled than us and being honest they should have been out of site before Byers scored that header. On a side note I really like Brennan, looks absolute quality
  3. There are managers out there now who demand work rate from their players as a minimum, but still play forward thinking, front foot football. The best managers in the world like Klopp, Pep demand the most from their players, that’s why they are where they are. There’s someone out there for us who will take us to the next level, just a matter of finding him
  4. And they’re all doing the business now aren’t they!
  5. What championship club? Would you say the same if Sunderland came in for Paul Warne? He should stay at Rotherham cos Sunderland are now a dwelling league 1 club who have just been thumped by the mighty Rotherham? No of course you wouldn’t.
  6. We haven’t been in the PL for 21 years but the thread is about Paul Warne, who manages Rotherham who’ve never been in ten PL, so I don’t really understand what you mean? Who are these ‘host of clubs’ lining up for Paul Warne
  7. History suggests he can only take Rotherham so far, if he wants to manage in the Prem he might see us as his best chance? We would back him in the championship unlike Rotherham, that could tilt his head, that and the extra 10k a week. Hope so anyway
  8. It’s not far he could bring a few with him
  9. When the last line of every interview is ‘we have a chance to put things right’ you’re doing something wrong
  10. I never said we were stratosphere’s ahead of them on the pitch did I? No, you’re just picking words to suit your arguments. We are stratosphere’s ahead of them as a club in terms of size and wealth. On the pitch at this moment time Rotherham play better football than us. But they don’t attract players like FF, Hooper, Fletcher, managers like Bruce, 45k to Wembley with thousands more scrambling on here for tickets. You see my point? Warne may look at us and think if I can get these up, it’s gonna be a different ball game to getting Rotherham up? We have the clout to back him and get behind him in the market to take his career to the top level, Rotherham don’t. That’s what I meant
  11. No doubt mate, but wealth nonetheless, we could quadruple Warne’s wages, if you don’t think that would turn his head then there’s no point in the debate
  12. See my original post you quoted. ‘Wealth’
  13. Irrelevant, we still have a lot of pull, if we can attract Steve Bruce I’m sure we can attract Paul Warne
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