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  1. The teams who play out from the back successfully do it with a plan, not just for the sake of doing it, the plan is to commit more of the opposites to break ranks and create openings (beat the press) To do it successfully there needs to be movement in front of the ball and wide players getting chalk on their boots to stretch teams, having players with a nats of ability goes a long way too. We don’t have any of these things, we just pass it side to side for a bit, boot it and then it comes straight back. That’s not ‘playing out from the back’ that’s delaying the long ball for another 20 seconds
  2. Our season (and near future) rests on tomorrow night. If we win I’d give us a slight chance of staying up, draw or lose and we’re gone. Let’s just hope Moore can drill it into them and they can show a bit of fight. I won’t hold my breath
  3. Like I said he’s been thrown in at the deep end, saying a 19 year old isn’t ready for a championship relegation scrap isn’t destroying them mate, playing him week in week out in a championship relegation scrap where he can’t afford to make any mistakes could however
  4. Yea I said he’s a decent defender, his pace gets him out of a lot of holes he digs himself. I do like the kid though I think he could be good for us, just wouldn’t like to see us playing out from the back with him and Lees in the side
  5. Yea he overplays because he can’t make quick, simple decisions, he’s not a bad defender and tbf he’s been thrown in the deep end this season but anyone with eyes can see the kid ain’t ready at this level. And if playing out from the back is gonna be the new norm Osaze should be back in the 23s working on his technique
  6. Don’t think the boys will fancy being in the dressing room after letting a two goal lead slip with this fella
  7. If he wants us to play out from the back I think he’ll have to rethink his tactics after about 5 minutes, Lees and Uhroghide are literally the worst footballers in the league with ball at feet
  8. Everybody who sits in a white seat on north stand take a small tin of blue paint and a brush and get to work while lads amble around against Cheltenhem
  9. If we played out from the back with Uhroghide and Lees collecting the ball we’d be relegated already
  10. It was always gonna be a massive ask for us to stay up this season. We desperately needed to strengthen in January and didn’t. Buck stops with the chairman
  11. That was pretty out of character tbf, before this game we had a top 8 defensive record. Our problem is we enter the opposites final third once maybe twice per game if we’re lucky
  12. And made a goal saving challenge in the first half. Miss that one?
  13. This would have made more sense, still wouldn’t have been funny but at least it would’ve made sense
  14. How on gods green earth did this man never play in the premier league? Made football look easy, It’s a travesty that he’s now gonna be playing his football in the lower leagues but that’s what bad injuries can do I suppose. For me he’s now in the conversation when we talk about legends of this great club
  15. Favorite player since Di Canio, a proper unsung hero, I’m stunned he’s never played in the premier league. He’s way too good for league 2, but that hip injury destroyed his career
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