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  1. Nah he’s just a chilled out entertainer, very similar to Carlos apparently
  2. Tom22709

    Same, Better or Worse?

    Hard to say, we were in free fall under Carlos, we’ve continued that under Jos. One thing I would say is we’d have lost against the pigs again, that I’m confident of
  3. Tom22709

    Fernando on his bike

    At least we know he’s back home
  4. Proud of Rhodes tonight, gave 110%, pulled defenders all over the place creating space for Joao
  5. Joao was excellent tonight, 2 really well taken goals and held the ball up really well. But Reach takes it for me, best individual performance from a Wednesday player all season. Special mention for Pelupessy too. Had a really good game
  6. Tom22709

    Joey Pelupessy

    Wow, what an amazing jawline this guy has. Properly jealous
  7. Tom22709

    Fun things from last night

    What I liked last night was that WE were the nasty ones. WE were the ones that were getting in their face and roughing them up. In the last couple of years we’ve been way too soft. And teams like Brighton, Hull, Burnley etc were the ones doing it to us. We just need our big hitters back and I think we’ll be in good nick. Just hope we keep it up
  8. Hope we’re in the same division next season, because with that level of organisation and commitment and our strongest 11 out, we’ll give them the runaround big time
  9. Tom22709


    Really good defensively, his positional awareness is spot on, clearly a seasoned pro and very vocal. We caught united offside loads last night which is a very good sign. Only qualm I’ve got with him is he’s sloppy on the ball, but that can be worked on
  10. Tom22709


    All I can say is I’m glad my 11 year old has been having all those karate lessons lately, he saved me a right pasting. He was like king fu panda working his way through that crowd of hoodies back to car
  11. Tom22709

    Chris Waddle offer??

    No we don’t. We need people who actually know what they’re doing
  12. Tom22709

    Paul Lambert

    Might not be an exciting appointment but would be a good one. Lambert is a football man, something the club seems to be lacking at the minute. His teams play good football too, really high tempo. So the players would have to shape up in terms of fitness, I’m sure he’d get us going.
  13. Tom22709

    Do They Actually Care ???

    How do you know this? Unless you’re the clubs accountant or a relative/friend of Ross Wallace I don’t see how you can
  14. Don’t think this thread is going as planned