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  1. Really? He’s been crap for 2 years now, I’d me much happier to rinse them out of millions and let him go and sit in their treatment room
  2. He’s a little sh*t sometimes but does get singled out by refs, it’s not fair really
  3. Just because he’s out on loan doesn’t mean they don’t want him, he’s highly rated there. But struggled with injuries and isn’t ready for their first team
  4. Offer them all 3 years, we’re going places with these lads
  5. Over the course of a 90 minute game it plays a huge role, over the course of 18months and 3 transfer windows. Not at all
  6. If they go up, they play the type of football that will keep them up, they’ll be the next Bournemouth. I hate Chris Wilder with a passion but he’s a very good manager. Let’s just hope West Brom get their act together and Pigs bottle the playoffs. Then Everton sack Silva and offer Wilder the £40k a week he seeks
  7. His defending was, his distribution was horrendous
  8. Forestieri was FAR worse, no threads on him yet
  9. Defensively he’s solid enough, in a system that requires fullbacks to provide width going forward he’s not good enough. Neither is Palmer
  10. And Nuhiu is a good target man? Loses every header mate
  11. You wouldn’t want to keep Joao? He has all the attributes you’ve just mentioned
  12. Doesn’t really say anything bad about us does he? He’s a terrible pundit though, he’s so out of touch about anything outside the top 6 PL teams
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