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  1. Tom22709

    Liam Palmer vs Eden Hazard

    We’ll be up against some great players next week, but hazard won’t be one of em, Pedro, Willian, Higuain, Morata.....EZ!!
  2. Hutch is immense, his awareness is top level, we’re lucky to have him. He’s injury prone yes but if he wasn’t he’d be playing PL football regularly
  3. Tom22709


    Never rated him, has the odd good game but not really ever impressed me, met him though, lovely fella
  4. Tom22709

    Fletcher & Joao

    Felt like Joao coming on gave the whole team a lift, the goal obviously helped a lot but we were full of confidence in that 2nd half and looked like a really good side.
  5. Since the early 90s era Kieran Lee is my favorite ever Wednesday player, be gutted to never see him in a Wednesday shirt again. He’s a different level to everyone else on the pitch when he plays. Fingers crossed for him and us
  6. Tom22709

    Neeskens Kebano

    Forestieri would reinvigorate the squad if he was ever in it
  7. Tom22709

    Fernando in trouble again?

    Why would he be in trouble for that? Players get scrutinised too much nowadays, he’s only having a laugh who cares?
  8. Footballers don’t have a value, they’re worth however much the buying club are willing to pay, if it’s a prem club coming in for Reach, we should rinse them for every dime
  9. Tom22709

    Van aaken off

    Probably a loan deal, no way would we recoup the alleged money we paid for him and Chansiri won’t sell at a loss
  10. Tom22709


    People like you are why I’m glad I’m antisocial
  11. Fair enough, you get 80-85 years on this planet if you’re lucky, there’s things more important than working, I’d do the same
  12. Gary Mince Donny Romance Puff Stepdad Steve Bricks Gifty Mcwhiffle Comfortable Derek Alan Pickle
  13. 1. John Terry 2. George Boyd 3. Memphis Depay Rest are crap
  14. Tom22709

    What has happened to Penney?

    On the bench Saturday, Fox playing well, be daft to drop him
  15. Tom22709

    Ins and outs

    Gary Cahill is too good to be playing championship football