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  1. Chansiri isn’t gonna hand out contracts to Monk and all his coaching staff to sack him after 7 games. Monks here for the long haul so may aswell just accept it. At least it’s behind closed doors so none of us are wasting our Saturdays anymore
  2. He’s just having his annual purple patch. That’s 4 games he’s played well in, so he’s got another 2 then he’ll go missing for the next 25
  3. Heard this too, my mum works closely with SUFC commercial department and the main guy there left us to work for them. Stating he had loads of ideas and a structured plan to completely overhaul our commercial department but was overruled by DC, says he’s a very difficult man.
  4. Best player we’ve had since the 90s in his prime years under Gray and Carvalhal realistically should have been playing premier league football We've been lucky to have him
  5. Wait until Atts 16th birthday and we probably will, and I’m not joking, the blokes a maniac
  6. Each club should employ one fan to play rest of season out on FIFA. It’s the only fair way of doing it
  7. Dejphon Chansiri, get out of our club! Should be ringing around 3 sides of the ground next Saturday. It’s not his club, Him, Monk and the players are just representatives who are doing a p*ss poor job and dragging us down. It’s our house and we need to kick the f*ckers out...Hate them all
  8. We sit far too deep and invite pressure, plus leave nobody up for an outball. So the high balls into the box just keep coming and we keep giving it back to them, happens every time we go into the final phases winning. That’s tactics, not to mention players that aren’t willing to put their bodies on the line and give away needless free kicks inviting more pressure.
  9. Something like this takes planning, a vision, and a team of people with the knowledge to be able to put it together. Something our “chairman” has none of. If it was up to him we’d end up with a rollercoaster and a chuffin ghost train
  10. Charlie Adam coming on and waddling around was quite amusing too, looked like he’d won a raffle
  11. Really? Glad this has come up, a story that hasn’t been covered
  12. Agree about the booing of Dawson thought that was harsh, it’s not his fault he keeps getting picked. The rest is b0llocks
  13. Not when he’s costing us points he isn’t. The entire team and manager were a disgrace today, embarrassing. But the fact is if Dawson puts that ball in the stand, we take 3 undeserved points home. He needs dropping
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