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  1. Tom22709

    slack passing across the back

    The passing out from the back needs to stop, we aren’t man city, how many times have we been caught in possession deep in our own half this season playing like this? It doesn’t work unless you have quality ball playing defenders, which we don’t. It inevitably goes back to Dawson who launches it anyway. It’s pointless and risky. Does my head in
  2. No creativity? What about Lees? Pirlo of the championship
  3. Tom22709

    Do we really need Joey.

    Does the same job as Hutchinson but isn’t anywhere near as talented, but at least he’s out there week in week out and not suspended or injured
  4. Tom22709


    Wish he played for us
  5. Tom22709

    Fernando injured

    Gary Hooper also suffered a hamstring injury the last time we saw him RIP Fernando
  6. Top half yes, we’re way too inconsistent especially away home to make the playoffs, get Lee and Hooper back, and play our best players when available (not naming names) then who knows
  7. Tom22709

    Daniel Pudil

    He’s a great reader of the game, imo he’s better than Lees and should be the first defender on the team sheet
  8. Of course he should start, besides Bannan he’s our best player. And as soon as Hoopers fit he should start, as should Kieren Lee, these players like Matias and Pelupessy are doing really well as back up and stop gaps. But when your best players are available you play them. FF should start next game no doubt
  9. The lamb and mint pasties are t1ts
  10. Tom22709

    The sending off

    Red was putting record straight for their goal. Happens all the time, not a red but their goal was 5 yards off
  11. Nah he’s just a chilled out entertainer, very similar to Carlos apparently
  12. Tom22709

    Same, Better or Worse?

    Hard to say, we were in free fall under Carlos, we’ve continued that under Jos. One thing I would say is we’d have lost against the pigs again, that I’m confident of
  13. Tom22709

    Fernando on his bike

    At least we know he’s back home
  14. Proud of Rhodes tonight, gave 110%, pulled defenders all over the place creating space for Joao
  15. Joao was excellent tonight, 2 really well taken goals and held the ball up really well. But Reach takes it for me, best individual performance from a Wednesday player all season. Special mention for Pelupessy too. Had a really good game