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  1. I'd question the sanity of anyone who stayed after 4th went in
  2. A bunch of overpaid wasters need our support? Balls to them, if they can't be arsed then why should we be arsed watching them in freezing cold
  3. Reach does exactly the same on the right, If this is the plan then just switch them, basic stuff isn’t it
  4. I think the entire clubs got a losing mentality and has done for years. Fans fearing worst rather than being optimistic of something good happening, we can still have the odd good run of results or a decent season but theres always the fear of it all going belly up. We aren’t on our own there’s plenty of clubs like us where negativity just engulfes the entire club
  5. Teams got a losing mentality, it’s been there since FF missed that pen and it’s hard to get rid of.
  6. If my Mrs said “Tom, do you want some ‘Hendo’s on your dinner” I’d chin her. Relish
  7. Teams that get promoted don’t lose a game when they’re winning after 85mins, that’s 8 points we’ve lost so far this season from winning positions. We don’t know how to manage a game which I’d think would be one of the things a defensively set up team like us should be good at.
  8. Fletcher gives a lot of fouls away by allowing defenders to climb on his back
  9. He was brilliant, gets a lot of criticism but I’ve no idea why, he’s our best player hands down and we’re lucky to have him.
  10. Thought he was outstanding today, only ‘mistake’ he made was letting Bamford free for that header, but tbf was a great ball and great movement from Bamford. But Fox was faultless otherwise and it was a really tricky afternoon for him having to look after Costa.
  11. Looked really up for it today, props to him he played well
  12. It was tactical but not purely for that reason, Monk wanted to nullify Leeds press by going long and trying to recycle possession in midfield. Problem was we were a man light in midfield so our back 4 was exposed way too often
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