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  1. It was odd watching fairly good performance, going in ahead but still being certain that we were going to lose. Neither goal was surprising. Really weird way to watch a game, and not at all fun knowing the goal is always coming for the opposition.
  2. Yeah, I agree. Pukki and Cantwell were always going to get a decent chance across 90 minutes and both of them put them right in the corner. The way our players snatch at their chances show how few they've had over the season.
  3. Evening all, I've been writing up some of my thoughts on the Norwich game and thought I'd share the link in case anyone was interested (not another blogger I hear you groan). I've been doing this for a while without posting but felt inspired - if the players can have 4 shots in one half, anything is possible isn't it. https://football-on-the-brain.com/2021/03/15/sheffield-wednesday-win-another-first-half-swfc-1-0-ncfc/ I'm hoping the notes of sarcasm don't make it too difficult reading!
  4. Would be nice to see David Jones come back too
  5. He did well considering how isolated he was at times. Dealt with Jota pretty well. Also, think back, he’s actually been solid or even good for the past 4 games. I’ve seen comments from all those games saying it could be his best game in a Wednesday shirt. support him and we might keep getting improvement!
  6. Yes, we overhyped him but then again we’d literally just left League One and this was exciting. Paired with the fact he looked good on his debut and him and Rhys McCabe seemed to turn the whole team into Barca B for an evening. Don’t care if it didn’t work out, will always stick in my memory as one of my favourite ‘obscure’ Wednesday games!
  7. I’m a Southampton Owl, fed up of only having Reading away other than London games
  8. Got mine this morning! Bottled waiting for my dad (tomorrow morning), hopefully we can get tickets in the same block still
  9. He's done well, considering he's had to come in last minute on a couple of occasions, definitely worth having in the squad
  10. 3 of us coming up from Southampton. And a few neutral friends going in the home end with a friend who's a Reading fan, warned them that they'll all wish the were with the Wendesday!
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