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  1. Frozen Regular

    Ipswich Roll Call

    Me + 2, half seven departure, straight into the Punch and Judy
  2. Frozen Regular

    Reach initiation

  3. could be worse, we could be in League 1 getting rinsed 3-0 at home by southend united #swfc #wawaw

  4. Frozen Regular

    86 points is the target

    Carlos, is that you?
  5. Frozen Regular

    Forget the Coat!

    They must be his fair weather shoes. I would hate to see them bobby dazzlers ruined in the rain.
  6. RT @retrofootball99: The Sheffield Clubs 2004-2005 Home Shirts. Who's is better? RT for The Owls FAV for The Blades #swfc #twitterblades ht…

  7. RT @jimtaylor1984: https://t.co/goLZWRi2uz #proud #wawaw #swfc