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  1. Need a new manager before the season starts though we cant afford another bad start Theres no way I'd give him the job permanent but would keep him at the club
  2. I was under the illusion that the Wednesday Tap was open after the match ?
  3. Would love to see this guy in the crowd again love the bloke !
  4. I think you’ll find the reason for them having more possession was because we played hoof ball after the first 20 minutes and they kept it on the floor. As for an attacking threat I thought they were great result yesterday but not a brilliant performance (weather had a good saying in it) lets hope Fletcher and Hutch recover in time for stoke
  5. He's scored 6 in 25 (inc 16 as sub) and 9 in all competitions, which is one goal every 122 minutes on the pitch I must say that,s really sh.t isn't it
  6. Chansiri Love the bloke Think he has been badly advised until now Bruce appointment will be the turning point Would love him to stay and see the job through to the Promised Land
  7. Office Outlet near Morrisons
  8. Just spoke to him in Derby Says he Hope's to be back playing in 5 weeks Just in time for Brucey Buzzing UP THE OWLS !
  9. He is, but some people aren't happy unless they've got something to moan about !
  10. Dont think I hes good enough to take the job full time but he has done a cracking job in between and should be offered a full time position at the Club, post Bruce, The man loves the Club and should be looked after.
  11. I suggest you look at his overall managerial record you're talking b....cks !
  12. I wonder how many of the begs would now be plusses Terry, quite a few I would suspect.
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