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  1. Westwood had a great game, it's not always just about shot stopping. Marshalling the defence and giving the odd boll oking out to defenders often gets missed.
  2. Agree with Hutch and Palmer ban from shooting outside the box.
  3. Monk said that the whole squad had given 100 % in training , why is everybody having a go at Rhodes , let's see how things develop I'm sure Rhodes will get his chance again
  4. Bullen needs to get the "I think I'm ready" out of his system at a lower league club , he will always be welcome here when he's found his level , but not as manager.
  5. The worrying thing was all the players, owlstalkers, Biggsy and others were all saying how good he was and that he deserved the chance Can you imagine if we had dropped in lucky and got a win against QPR That would have been another season down the pan Let's hope the lost points dont cost us at the end of the season
  6. Was sat next to him having hair cut on Friday in Duffield, so looks like hes still not got a club. Maybe we could get him back on a rolling contract hes the link we have been missing in my opinion.
  7. Been saying that all along Hootie, let's hope the points lost dont cost us at the end of the season I'd got us down for at least 13 points from the 6 games
  8. Didn't put anything on Was waiting for confirmation from DOTTY !
  9. Looks like Chansiri wont make any change until it's too late as usual. He wont be having any more of my hard earned money until hes sorted it
  10. What I was trying to get at was the players are just as pee off as the fans with Bullen
  11. If he doesn't make a change I'll be watching from my armchair via streaming or sky ! Making a saving of £130
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