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  1. Pretty sure he came back about the same time as Forestieri
  2. Another look at me thread Title says we are signing him, then the thread says we are looking at him plus other teams Misleading at best !
  3. Bluey9


    You’ve obviously got some insider knowledge within the club. I would say Jos doesn’t know his best 11 yet as for Rhodes leaving, yes maybe that might happen
  4. Bluey9

    Naah then Colin!!

    I think Warnock’s reaction last night just goes to prove how much he’s bothered about United when he’s managing another team,
  5. Bluey9

    End of season clear out

    Agree with most but there’s no way I’d led Westwood go, as you said, probably the best keeper in the division on his day, Wildsmith has done brilliant since coming in but still has a lot to learn in dealing with crosses and commanding his box. He will be a worldie in time but unfortunately not yet
  6. Bluey9

    Naah then Colin!!

    Talking out of your backside Neil The mans got more promotions on his cv than any other manager in the Championship And he would have come to Wednesday Look at what he’s done at Cardiff with half the money
  7. Bluey9

    please no

    What a pointless thread !
  8. If that’s the case we will be insured
  9. Bluey9

    Lucas Joao

    If I remember right it was a four year deal Steelowl, so he should have next season
  10. Bluey9

    Me, my fat friends and legroom !

    The Grandstand has got the most leg room try it Pal !
  11. Bluey9

    Jos dropped a b******* today

    How did he know results were going to go in our favour ?
  12. What a load of proper Top Of The Range Bull Shi.....t !