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  1. So you are itk then Where has it been said they have downed tools
  2. Pieman-Think you've made a great point there, I'm very surprised this hasn't been sorted by now. Mr Rightside you have my vote for post of the month !
  3. I think the OP did a disservice to the fact that it was a great save by telling g everybody to get a grip. That's why we have ended up having this debate rather then all agreeing what a great save it was Which it certainly was !
  4. Brilliant Save Beholder, but that's not all a keeper has to do Where Dawson lacks is commanding his area and marshalling his defence. Hes still only young in goalkeeping terms , so hes got time to improve in these areas But get a grip if you think he is ready to take the gloves full time Brilliant save though Well done Dawson
  5. That's why I think VAR is a great thing, the sooner it's available in the championship the better. We have always had more decisions against than for
  6. Westwood had a great game, it's not always just about shot stopping. Marshalling the defence and giving the odd boll oking out to defenders often gets missed.
  7. Agree with Hutch and Palmer ban from shooting outside the box.
  8. Monk said that the whole squad had given 100 % in training , why is everybody having a go at Rhodes , let's see how things develop I'm sure Rhodes will get his chance again
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