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  1. Is the £5m figure correct? If so seems a little strange when you consider he’s not played a match for Chelsea and has been predominantly on loan during his career. I know he’s had a terrific start with us, but chatting to Hull fans (who saw him on a season long loan) they weren’t that impressed by him. I’m not being negative for any other reason than hoping he’s within our budget and also reflecting that perhaps the best form of his career has been with us?
  2. Interesting post by the OP, I was thinking the same after reading Mowbra’s post match remarks. Also reminds of what I felt was ultimately the telling difference between us and Hull in the 2015/16 season, namely their midfield with the likes of Livermore, Diame and Huddleston looked so much bigger and more powerful than ours. Didn’t take Bruce long to make some necessary changes to our squad.
  3. The 10 month suspended sentence for a 2016 bar brawl is a little worrying. Let’s hope his scrapping days are behind him; we don’t need another Madine. Maybe SB and playing for Wednesday is exactly what he needs to get his career back on track?
  4. Think it’s more about hope and wanting, rather than expectation. The bulk of our highest quality players have been injured for the last season and a half, so I’m not sure anyone should be expecting anything more than avoiding the drop. The last few months have given the fans some welcome optimism, but I hope everyone is still realistic.
  5. In fairness to Moore I recall he was very successful during the handful of games he had in the PL and with the club lying in 4th position it feels more than a little panicky to me.
  6. Just noticed that WBA have sacked Darren Moore falling their draw with Ipswich. On the face of it, it seems very rash based on WBA lying in 4th place. Feels a lot like when Derby sacked Paul Clement a few years ago; not convinced it will WBA a better chance of promotion. Getting back to our club I hope and expect DC will show SB plenty of patience. Currently it feels like Bruce is ahead of the curve in terms of the team’s progression, but we all know it won’t always be this way. Personally I have a similar feeling about Bruce that I had about Ron Atkinson. I just like the lack of spin and drama about his personality. I also more importantly, expect the players will respect and appreciate his qualities as well. I know the club and DC would gleefully accept promotion ASAP, but in a way I can’t help but feel SB needs a year or two to build a team capable of competing in the PL. Looking at the current league table it looks like 70/71 points could secure 6th spot, so I suppose nothing’s impossible as we’ll probably need around 22 points from 10 games.
  7. Fletch looks like a man who is enjoying his football. Hopefully SB has made him even more motivated. Irrespective of age these players need to want to play to keep in top fitness. As I’ve said on another post I feel our bloated squad has led to some players losing their desire to keep in good enough condition to secure a place in the first team. Fair play to Fletch he appears to be a top pro.
  8. I’m sure part of the issue is just bad luck with some isolated match day injuries, but looking at the bigger picture could the bloated size of our squad also be an issue? I appreciate that a large squad should take pressure of player demands, but has it created a culture where players aren’t motivated to return to fitness? Just a guess, but if we only had a couple of players to cover each position surely both the club and injured player would be busting a gut to regain match fitness as they’d be desperately needed on match day. To add further weight to this argument, some of our long term injuries seem unusually vague/mysterious. If Abdi knew he was desperately needed to fill his position in the first team, would we have seen more of him on the park? For some of our long term injuries I worry that they’ve lost their motivation and seem resigned to running their contracts down from the treatment room.
  9. He desperately needs a prolonged run of games and fitness. There’s no doubt about his ability and I reckon Bruce could get him going. Just needs to regain his fitness and confidence.
  10. Thought he was spot on. No great drama and wasn’t too fussy. Very impressed tbh.
  11. In fairness to the lad I thought he did pretty well to get on the end of it. Just very unlucky it hit their keeper. It would have been magical if he’d found the back of the net. Thought he played a cracking game. He’s no bottler is he?!
  12. A few months ago I was giving up on him, but fair play to the lad you can see the confidence coming into his play. He looked very assured tonight.
  13. Tbf to Aarons I thought he worked hard defensively as well. All in all we didn’t too far off tonight. It was a real shame FF had to come off as he was starting to see plenty of the ball at the end of the first half.
  14. I thought the ref had a good game. Amazing that he didn’t show a card and all in all he was pretty fair and cool.
  15. Hutch had a great game. I’d have been delighted for the lad if he’d buried that chance.
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