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  1. East Yorks Owl

    Fresh Fan Investment: New Share Offer

    Prior to MM the biggest obstacle to investment in our club appeared to be our fragmented ownership. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the large shareholder base the main stumbling block for a big investor coming buying us. I believe DC owns 100% of the club; assuming he’ll want to sell the club at some stage in time, surely it makes it a much easier sale if he’s the only shareholder?
  2. East Yorks Owl

    Joao wins goal of the month

    I hear what you’re saying, but not all players mature and peak at the same age. Arguably Rooney and Owen peaked in their late teens, but others need more time to build confidence and ability. I guess Vardy would be a prime example. Personally I feel there’s still a better player in Joao than what we’ve seen thus far. I hope Bruce can give him the belief to go onto the next level. Based on the financial constraints at our club, it’s more important than ever to realise the full potential of what we’ve got already. I think Joao could be a beast of a forward at the Championship level if he believes it himself.
  3. East Yorks Owl

    Joao wins goal of the month

    That’s one hell of a strike. Just another reminder of the potential Joao has to become a top class player. Very few pros will have the ability to hit a ball as hard and accurately as that shot. Out of all the players in our squad I believe Joao has all the qualities to go all the way - I reckon the only possible question is whether he believes it himself.
  4. East Yorks Owl

    Stop the blame game.

    One other thing about yesterday. The young Hull winger,Jarrod Bowen, killed us yesterday and he was signed from Hereford after they dropped out of the football league by Bruce in 2014. It’s obviously taken a few years for the lad to blossom, but hopefully he’s an indication that Bruce has more to him than just buying players who are the finished article.
  5. East Yorks Owl

    Why the urgency?

    Not sure why you’ve been negged tbh. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I would expect most of us watching that display yesterday were thinking the same as you. The big thing for me yesterday was how negative and passive we looked. Even Westwood seemed to be looking to run the clock down by taking an eternity with goal kicks in the first half. We just handed the initative to Hull and by the end of the match they were so comfortable that a few of their players were showboating. I could forgive our style of play if we were playing Man City away, but I’m not sure we had to be so scared against Hull.
  6. East Yorks Owl

    Stop the blame game.

    I was sat with my mate in the Hull end and he’s a season ticket holder and knows his football (having played and coached at an amateur level). He commented on a number of their players who are currently unrecognisable from last season and earlier this season. Even older players like Campbell who has suddenly found energy from nowhere. I guess it just shows what can happen when everything clicks. Their manager has obviously found the magic formula with that squad of players, but a few months ago they were bottom of the league. Lets see what Bruce makes of our lot before throwing the baby out with the bath water. I’m sure there is dead wood to be removed, but hopefully he’ll get a tune out of some of the existing squad.
  7. East Yorks Owl


    Spot on post. He’s got a lot more going for him than against him. It would be interesting to see him play a settled wingers role with a decent full back for support. Definitely an asset, but might have to be sold to balance the books.
  8. East Yorks Owl


    I think this thread just exemplifies how angry and pissed off any clubs fans get after a poor display like ours yesterday. I was sat in the West stand with my mate who is a City season ticket holder and tbh I just felt really disappointed. Over the last year Hull have been a selling club with a huge disconnect between the owner and fans, so much so that even with the run they are on the attendances are still sub 15,000. Despite all of this their manager has got what looks like a pretty young and inexperienced team playing some great football. It goes to show what’s possible with good management and a strong team ethic. i actually believe 3 nil flattered us yesterday and I bet the Hull fans were proud as hell last night, but at least the few Hull fans I spoke to in the pub all agreed that Bruce is a great appointment. I really hope that yesterday’s performance turns out to be a blip, because if we continue in that vain Bruce will find himself walking into a relegation battle. Similar to other numerous posters, I found myself wondering how we would have played yesterday if Bullen had remained in charge. We may well have still lost, but I reckon we’d have played with a bit more pride and confidence. Lastly in response to the Hull poster I get what he means about the getting mauled thing and fair play if they identify with it all. I live locally so have been to Boothferry Park and the KC with Hull mates over the years. I think more than any other club Hull seems to identify with this unusual self deprecating theme. I always found the good afternoon west stand, east stand etc announcements really cringey, but I now realise it’s just how the club sees itself. In a way when the owner decided he wanted to change the name to Hull Tigers, a bit of me actually wondered if the Hull fans might be happy with the change, but in fairness that turned out to be a step too far on the cringe barometer. Anyway fair play to their team yesterday, based on that showing I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the promotion shake up at the end of the season.
  9. East Yorks Owl

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    I guess you’d need to ask the players to really know if and what the difference is, but looking at us today we looked incredibly passive. As an example Westwood seemed to be time wasting from the first moment he touched the ball and similar to the Leeds game, we couldn’t cope with being pressed.
  10. East Yorks Owl

    If you are going to change it....change it

    Is it for Agnew to turn it around though? I watched today’s game in the Hull end with a city supporter and felt slightly embarrassed by how negative we played. It felt like Westwood was wasting time from the first time he touched the ball and Fletcher looked completely isolated. As a team we seem to really struggle against high energy pressing opposition and we had no answer to Hull today. It seems inconceivable that Hull were bottom of the table in October, because they looked a very polished side today, although we were so passive it just gave them more and more confidence as the game went on. When you look at today’s performance I agree with the OP that it looks like a flawed decision to relegate Bullen. I just hope that by the time Bruce takes over it hasn’t worsened into a fire fighting situation for him.
  11. East Yorks Owl

    Hull pubs for saturday

    Theres a new Wetherspoons called the Cross Keys just at the back of the Green Dragon. If you want a taste of the past pop into Nellies just off the town centre, gas lamps and everything.
  12. East Yorks Owl

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    The Cheese is one of the roughest pubs in the city centre, plastic glasses and all. Probably wise not to venture any closer.
  13. East Yorks Owl

    Hull pubs for saturday

    I used to go to the Waterfront frequently in the 90s and really enjoyed the place. It’s still going, but now has a different name, Atik. I also spent some time in the Tower and it was pretty grim. For those who are driving I would have thought it might make sense to come off the Clive Sullivan Way at Hesse and have a drink there rather than closer to the ground. Another option for those with a little more time would be to go to Beverley for a drink. I love the place and it’s infinitely nicer than Hull.
  14. East Yorks Owl

    A new signing

    When I watch Palmer I never feel like I’m watching a natural footballer, in fact I’m usually half expecting him to fluff his lines. On the other hand when Kieran Lee was at his best a couple of years ago he made the game look very easy and instinctively he always seemed to get himself in the right position at the right time. I’d love Liam to improve to the extent that I see similarities between the two players, but I just don’t expect him to.
  15. East Yorks Owl

    Be careful Wednesday

    So EfL FFP rules permit a maximum of £39M of losses over a 3 year period and Birmingham have just reported annual losses of £37.5M in their latest results alone for year ending June 2018. It makes you wonder what sort of numpties are running football clubs in the modern era? The Telegraph also states that their wage bill alone represents £202 being spent for every £100 being brought in. I hope and believe DC is running our club with a little more care than the Brum owners, but I guess nothing should surprise in the current environment.