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  1. East Yorks Owl

    Team v QPR?

    I wonder if Winall is due a run out; I bet he’s chomping at the bit to prove his worth.
  2. East Yorks Owl

    My Balanced View

    I thought Palmer largely played as I would expect; poor execution with his passing and little imagination on the ball, but in fairness he seemed pretty solid defensively. I agree that Penney had a poor game and he looked low on confidence last night. That said as a young player he’s bound to have the odd wobble, but I reckon we’ve all seen enough already to know he’s got the ability to play at this level. With regard to Palmer as brutal as it sounds, I personally don’t think he’s a good enough footballer for the level we are playing at. For anyone who’s played plenty of football as you start to play at a higher level, there can come a time when you feel that the game and players around you are quicker in mind and body on the ball; for me Palmer often looks that fraction of a second too slow to react. The game doesn’t come naturally to him and it’s almost like he’s playing to a rule book rather than on instinct.
  3. East Yorks Owl

    My Balanced View

    I think you’re being a bit harsh there and I’m coming at it from the perspective of what we’ve got available at the club. Put yourself in DCs position; the bloke is losing millions and if we don’t get promoted this season it might be even harder next season if we have to become a selling club next summer. Dawson and Wildsmith are fine young keepers, but think Westwood offers us a bit more in ability, experience and distribution. It wasn’t so long ago that virtually every Wednesday fan would have bragged about Westwood being the best goalkeeper in the Championship. Anyway all about opinions, but I reckon it’s a crying shame that we don’t seem able to use his services for whatever reason.
  4. East Yorks Owl

    Sell Reach?

    He also never seems to get injured and has an excellent temperament. I’d be disappointed if he went in January because this season appears to be a last roll of the dice for DC and the current squad. Additionally if Reach maintains his form over the season chances are he’ll be even more valuable next summer.
  5. East Yorks Owl

    My Balanced View

    I thought the game mapped out similar to the Leeds game (apart from the result). Both Leeds and Boro played a high energy pressing game, high up the pitch. First half in both those matches we did ok, but second half we struggled to get the ball in the oppositions half. It’s admirable that Jos seems determined that we play the ball out from the back, but unfortunately we don’t have the personnel to pull it off against teams like Leeds and Boro. I suspect the United game will bring more of the same; Wilder is sure to want his players to aggressively press us high up the pitch. The absence of Westwood feels all the more disappointing because I really feel we’re missing his distribution and experience with games like last night. I also feel Lees needs more experience around him; he’s a better player than he’s looked this season but I think he’s struggling with the added responsibility now Loovens has gone. Last night was a bit of a reality check and I think Jos needs to find a style of play that keeps us in the game against pressing teams like Leeds and Boro.
  6. East Yorks Owl

    My Balanced View

    He's played loads of games so manager after manager must feel he’s up to the job. Personally I just don’t feel there’s anywhere near enough natural footballing brain or ability for the level of football we are playing at.
  7. East Yorks Owl

    João Does He Do It?

    Great to see Joao scoring a few goals and I think most fans would agree he’s got all the attributes to make a top player. I have to be honest and say his consistency and attitude perhaps aren’t always drawer. I still believe there’s an even better player than what we’ve seen already; I just hope continues to improve under Jos.
  8. Spot on post for me. Also it appears our manager is happy to invest in youth, so extending/renewing contracts for aging injury prone players may well not be his style anyway. For what it’s worth irrespective of results, I feel quite excited that the club is now looking to develop young talent.
  9. I actually think as a society we’ve come on leaps and bounds with respect to destigmatising mental health. I agree that the NHS is under resourced for mental health, but I sense the Government realise this. Let’s hope they can find the funds to improve the NHS services. With regard to the next generation I have daughters who are now leaving school as young adults. I sense they are far more aware of these type of issues and the need to talk about things than my generation.
  10. My heart goes out to you and your family. Your situation sounds so awful that I truly hope your wife finds a way out of the black hole she’s found herself in. It’s very reassuring to read that you are receiving help from the crisis team. Stay wrong and let’s pray your wife turns a corner and comes back to you all.
  11. East Yorks Owl

    Credit to Reach's fair play

    Maybe he is a nice bloke, but I reckon a more accurate description would be that’s he’s an intelligent player. I can’t recall him getting any stupid bookings or giving the ref verbals. He interviews with maturity and seems to offer a cool head on the park. I’d much rather have his temperament in the team than a player who can’t control his emotions. I reckon our Mr Reach is a bit of a class act.
  12. East Yorks Owl


    I’ve bulled him up on many a post over the last couple of years, because all the ingredients that make a top striker are there to see. There is a but though and that’s because at times his body language betrays what appears to be indifference when the goings tough. No doubt he’s got the potential to go higher, but has he got the heart and application to do it? Despite a couple of invaluable goals today, he’s still something of an enigma for me.
  13. East Yorks Owl

    Doing it the right way

    Completely agree mate and I reckon there’ll many more with your attitude.
  14. East Yorks Owl

    Doing it the right way

    I have to agree that the philosophy of developing home grown talent and patient progression, rests far easier than the short term gamble approach. The first year under CC felt like a year of sensible investment, but Year 2 was very damaging for our club. There are zero guarantees in football so those poor decisions made in year 2 were pretty reckless in hindsight. i personally felt more than comfortable with the MM Stuart Gray era, with the one worrying aspect that even under MM’s careful stewardship we were still losing money. I despair of the flawed economics of the Championship and wouldn’t want to be in DCs position. The development of our youth players feels so refreshing and appropriate after the crazy punts in recent years. These young lads could go down as club legends if they help progress the club to the next level. Lastly the fact that Jos appears to be more comfortable with this philosophy of developing youth suggests we’ve got the right man for the job.
  15. East Yorks Owl


    Just wondering were we as enthusiastic about Owen Morrison when he burst onto the scene? Hopefully Penney will go onto bigger and better things than Owen.