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  1. Did Dave work for John Lewis? I’m sure he came to my house a few years ago to measure some new curtains. We had a good chat about Wednesday. If Dave was the same man he seemed a lovely guy. RIP fellow Owl.
  2. I quite like how Monk comes across in the post match interview. Seems to have a clear picture of what he wants and also how he’s going to go about it. Really hope he can fire the players up and get us playing with plenty of confidence. He’s obviously no fool; hopefully he’ll surprise a few of us and make a real fist of the opportunity.
  3. Two quality crosses and two quality headers. Especially loved Harris’ wing play for Fletch’s goal; I bet Fletch absolutely loves having a winger of Harris’ ability in the side.
  4. I get your point, but the money at this level is certainly life changing (especially if they’re successful). Also it’s possible this opportunity doesn’t come around again if things turn sour at Lincoln. For what it’s worth I admire their motives and loyalty if they decide to stay at Lincoln. Such qualities are very rare in football.
  5. It makes perfect sense what you are saying, but assuming a move to a club like ours would financially set them up for life, surely it must be tempting? If they stay at Lincoln there will come a time when things start to go wrong and no doubt at that point they won’t be in such high demand.
  6. I bet Bruce walking out on his contract was a real body blow for DC. It’s such a fickle and unpredictable business; DC must wonder what he’s got himself into. I can’t help but feel the next appointment is crucial, as I’m not sure our owner will want or need to put up with the hassle indefinitely. Personally I’d be tempted to have a good look at Rowett and Holloway as I reckon one of them will be a winner for our club.
  7. Exactly right Junk, but it becomes a bit of a catch 22 in that perhaps Bullen would have a far better chance of success with a quality number 2? For what it’s worth I think LB deserved the opportunity to prove his worth, but I reckon DC will probably now be looking elsewhere. Nine points from six games is by no means a bad haul, but it’s the feeling that the players aren’t busting a gut for the manager that would make me look for a new face.
  8. Just watched the interview with Fox, post Preston, on the SWFC YouTube channel. The lad didn’t seem very comfortable with the questioning especially when the interviewer specifically asked how he felt about being booed by his own fans. I felt sorry for the lad and really don’t get why you’d want to boo your own player, unless it was obvious they didn’t give a throw about wearing the shirt. Maybe Fox isn’t good enough, but the boo boys are only going to destroy his confidence more. With respect to whether we should sell him it might make sense if the player wants to go and there’s a transfer fee to be had. I appreciate it leaves us a little short on full backs, but perhaps it’s for the best if he wants away? Following on from that I hope our fans aren’t going to shift their vitriol onto Odubajo now. If they do it will make it much harder for him to move on from yesterday’s errors.
  9. I definitely agree that DC should take his time. Out of interest are you leaning towards LB getting the gig or do you think we need a more experienced man?
  10. In fairness to DC if there were a similar candidate to Bruce available he’d probably have signed him up by now, but it doesn’t appear that any of the usual suspects fit the bill. Getting back to Bullen, he’s made a good start so I don’t see why DC shouldn’t give him more time to prove his worth. As an aside I was interested to watch LBs post match interview after the Millwall defeat. I actually thought he came across well and didn’t appear too rattled by the loss. My main fear with LB has always been how well he’ll cope when the wheels come off, but perhaps with some other experienced coaches around him he might be ok?
  11. Just watched the highlights and was surprised that we didn’t have a defender on the front or back post for the corner when Millwall scored. From Westwood’s perspective it makes even riskier to go flapping at the cross with nobody protecting the goal line. I’m maybe a bit old fashioned, but always prefer to have a defender on each post for corners.
  12. I suppose because nothing has changed since LB took temporary charge, DC has nothing to announce. In reality his search for a manager and LBs caretaker role continues as well. In a way making his trial less official might actually suit LB as there won’t be the same feeling of rejection if DC appoints another manager. Also as things stand I reckon LB would be happy to revert to his coaching role if a new manager came in.
  13. I suppose DC might still be interviewing/searching for his perfect candidate so giving LB an official trial period would make things very difficult if DC then found his ideal man. The current situation can’t go on forever, but for the time being I can see why DC is allowing it to continue.
  14. Whilst I can understand why he wanted to manage his hometown club, I feel he showed a lack of class for leaving us in the lurch. SB comes across as a professional and respectful man, but in reality he didn’t give a throw about our club or DC and I just wonder if the football gods will come back to bite him.
  15. I can understand why DC is dragging his heals. Working on the basis he hasn’t found anyone willing to take the job who meets all DCs criteria, why not give LB more time? Bullen has thrown his hat in the ring, but he’s no track record apart from his limited previous caretaker periods. His previous periods in charge showed promise but also suggested he might be fragile when the team suffers a bad defeat. if I were DC I’d be tempted to give Bullen more time to prove his worth before making a decision. For what it’s worth there’s plenty to love about LB, but I just have doubts about how he’ll cope if we go on a bad run. On another note I reckon most of us would have been very happy had Hughton taken the job, but CH aside there’s nobody else who really stands out and with that in mind I don’t blame DC for taking a longer look at Bullen.
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