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  1. I can’t help but feel a little man love for wee Bazza after watching that clip. At a time when loyalty in football appears to be so fickle, I couldn’t help but be impressed by how focused his on the club. Comes across as a top bloke.
  2. I guess what we could do is go down the Brentford route and invest in our scouting network and look to sign players on their first professional contracts. I suppose we could acquire players from lower clubs in much the same way as Celtic poached Shaw and also PL clubs must be releasing development players all the time who aren’t likely to make the grade? I’m not necessarily saying this IS the way to go, but DC is a business man and at the moment our youth development must be giving him doubts.
  3. As the title suggests and in light of our experiences in recent years, is it actually worth spending all the time, money and effort on developing youth players only for the bigger clubs to cherry pick the players of any real promise? I appreciate that our club/DC might have been smarter in tying down the likes of Hirst and Shaw, but in reality I expect our experience has been replicated by many other clubs. I don’t know how much of a financial drain our youth development has on the club, but it’s a real sickener to see our top prospects leaving for a relative pittance.
  4. I really hope we go down fighting in this match, because I still feel we’re good enough to remain competitive in this series.
  5. I hope Root doesn’t incur the wrath of the match umpire for shaking his head in disbelief, because that was an appalling decision by the umpire. How can you think he was playing a shot with the bat completely hidden behind the pad?
  6. I do find it funny watching a batsmen batting with glasses. In fairness to Leach he’s a real gutsy cricketer.
  7. In fairness we’ve had a couple of unlucky dismissals and their big scorers got a few breaks. Cricket can be all about momentum and it’s been all with India. Even if/when we lose this test I still when we’re in with a chance for the rest of the series.
  8. I think this was a more useful throw to win than the last test. Very impressed with Foakes, he looks a class act.
  9. Very interesting, there’s plenty there that I didn’t know about. If true that’s appalling that we’ve had a manager who has had a financial interest in an agent business that we’ve then bought players through. Also reassuring that DC is an honest man. He’s obviously made plenty of mistakes, but I’d love to see it come good for him at our club.
  10. I thought the foul that gave yesterday’s penalty was particularly brain dead. Bannan looked to have their player covered and it was an extremely clumsy challenge.NT mentioned that we looked tired yesterday; I expect that daft pen didn’t help the players energy levels one bit.
  11. I think it’s fantastic to see what NT’s achieved thus far. There are definite parallels between himself and Stuart Grays promotion from coach. If he keeps us competitive I think DC would be crazy to change tack now. One further point I sense NT isn’t too frightened by the prospect of us losing a game or two. He was very bold at Bournemouth and listening to his interviews I don’t believe he’d be broken if we had a bad patch. I’m a big supporter of Bullen, but it was quite apparent that he somewhat crumbled when we lost whilst he was caretaker. Only time will tell, but I sense a bit more steel in NT.
  12. As a club we really need to improve our track record of bringing on our development players. When you consider the experience Penney has gained over the last couple of years (including a season in Germany) it would be a real disappointment if we don’t hold onto him for at least another season. He’s obviously got plenty of ability and that rare commodity, a quality left peg, so it would be depressing to see him become the finished article in another team’s colours. Surely our days of living hugely beyond our means have gone, so it makes sense on loads of levels to make the. OST of our homegrown talent.
  13. Completely agree about Warhurst carrying out the ball effortlessly from defence and can recall thinking exactly the same thing about Bougherra. I wonder if Celtic think they might nab another from us in young Liam Shaw as he’s showing a similar ability to carry the ball (early days I know for the lad)?
  14. Hopefully playing at CB will be a little easier on his body than playing in CM. You would have thought a partnership of Lees and Hutch with Westwood in goal would be pretty solid at Championship level.
  15. I think it’s pretty obvious from a financial perspective we need as many of our young development players to make the grade as possible. If NT and his coaching staff remain in charge they’re well positioned to give these players the best chance of succeeding. It also goes without saying we need to be clear about who needs to be retained because there appears to be something missing in this department.
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