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  1. Undoubtably DiCanio was a fantastic footballer and in my opinion the most skilful player I’ve seen in a Wednesday shirt. With regards to whether he was a top ten Premier League player I’d find it hard to agree with that because his basic failing was his fragile mentality. On his day he could be world class, but other times his head was all over the place. Quite often the difference between the elite and the good is purely down to strength of mind. If DiCanio had possessed the focus of someone like Shearer he’d have been so much better.
  2. I think the story for Penney would have been much different if Jos had kept him at left back. Having played plenty of games at LW and LB I personally reckon the LB would be much easier for Penney to settle into first team football. Essentially the whole game is in front of you as a full back, but in midfield he’d have been far more unsure of his positioning and whether he should be constantly tracking back. Personally I think it would be sad if he doesn’t get a run of games at LB next season because there’s definitely some real talent and flair in Penney. Also his experience in Germany sh
  3. Football has been living beyond its means (at all levels including the Prem) for far too long. Maybe this pandemic and economic crisis could turn out to be a much needed complete reset for English football? Some clubs may unfortunately never recover, but hopefully most will and for those going into administration perhaps the creditors might need to take a big haircut and perhaps going forwards players and their agents need to earn less.
  4. Assuming the club want him to stay I would have thought a one year deal would be sensible. As a seasoned, quality player I would expect he’ll be on good wages so a two year deal would be a big gamble for the club.
  5. Watching his movement today I couldn’t help but think he looked our fittest player. Considering it recently looked like his playing days might be coming to an end, I’m amazed how sprightly and trim he looks. His constant pressing in that tricky last 15 mins was crucial for stopping City building on their goal. It’s a credit to the lads professionalism that he’s come back so strong. As an aside Wickham obviously gives us a serious goal threat, but I can’t help but feel he’s half a yard off the pace.
  6. Spot on post. Looking back the stand out two disaster signings were Abdi and Rhodes and with the finances at Championship level being so perilous generally, I reckon those two have really hurt our club. The saddest thing about Rhodes is that he seems a great lad and I’m sure he cares and would love to come good, but for whatever reason he’s lost his sparkle. As for Abdi, whilst I don’t know the guy I’d be surprised if he’s lost any sleep about the lack of value he’s given to our club.
  7. I agree with you. It would have been a soft pen but he tries to move his chest across to block the ball, but doesn’t manage to and it’s his arm that stops the ball. If the ball had been blasted at him and hit his arm I’d be more lenient but it’s the fact he moved his body across to block the ball and his arm did the blocking. I reckon if that had been reviewed by VAR it would have been a pen. I also felt the shove right at the end of game was probably a pen as well.
  8. Thought we looked ok watching those highlights and encouraging to see a bit of character equalising in injury time. Hopefully Wickham can regain the kind of form he showed us a few years ago because with Fletcher injured we’ll need goals from someone.
  9. For what it’s worth I’d hate to be amongst those making the big decisions. I heard today that the national debt will soon equate to £80,000 per UK household. We’re leaving one hell of a mess for future generations to sort out. Yes the Government no doubt have made mistakes (in hindsight), but they are having to walk a tightrope of prioritising public health versus opening up the economy. I also agree that many in the wider population haven’t looked to follow the rules and on the main I don’t believe the police have been asked to enforce as aggressively as other countries. Hopeful
  10. I was quite surprised that Sam didn’t mention Bruce in the list of managers who knew how to man manage him. In all honesty I’m not sure whether that says more about Sam or Bruce, but I have a friend who got to know SB very well professionally during his time at Hull City and he said he was a lovely bloke. I have to confess I still feel pretty gutted that Bruce was prised away from us in much the same way that Villa lured Big Ron all those years ago. I also feel Bruce may have been Chansiri’s last realistic chance to succeed with our club. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bruce’s depa
  11. Not sure if you can catch up on radio 5 broadcasts but his interview would have been around 11.45am today 22.05.20.
  12. I hope I’ve reported his interview accurately; it does seem a bit contradictory to the interview you heard. With respect to the level of training I was under the impression that Sam couldn’t train full time due to his previous injuries and that understood and managed by the club for the time he’d been with us. He said things had changed under the ‘new regime’.
  13. Just listening to a discussion on depression in football on radio 5 and they played a brief interview with Sam Hutchinson. He mentioned that it was only football that made him depressed and that the only managers that knew how to understand his depression were Ancelotti and Carlos. He also mentioned that he had to take anti inflammatories every day because the new regime at Wednesday insisted on players training every day to play in the team. He went on to say the anti inflammatories increased his depression and that training every day was the wrong thing for his body. Also menti
  14. I understand completely what you are saying about Milan’s level of investment and I can recall posting comments on here about how frustrating it was to see us still losing money under Milan’s tenure, but I still enjoyed Milan’s time at the helm especially whilst SG was manager. Essentially the finances in the Championship are completely flawed and I reckon as an owner you need to have nerves of steel to risk your hard earned in trying to get a club promoted.
  15. I actually prefer the idea of us having an owner who is prudent with the club’s finances. Personally, even though Milan invested far less than DC I actually much preferred the time he owned our club to the current period. With regards to Mike Ashley I’ve no problem with him being careful with his money, but I worry far more about him as a person and whether he could bond a winning, harmonious philosophy at our club.
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