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  1. I was quite surprised that Sam didn’t mention Bruce in the list of managers who knew how to man manage him. In all honesty I’m not sure whether that says more about Sam or Bruce, but I have a friend who got to know SB very well professionally during his time at Hull City and he said he was a lovely bloke. I have to confess I still feel pretty gutted that Bruce was prised away from us in much the same way that Villa lured Big Ron all those years ago. I also feel Bruce may have been Chansiri’s last realistic chance to succeed with our club. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bruce’s departure took a lot out of DC.
  2. Not sure if you can catch up on radio 5 broadcasts but his interview would have been around 11.45am today 22.05.20.
  3. I hope I’ve reported his interview accurately; it does seem a bit contradictory to the interview you heard. With respect to the level of training I was under the impression that Sam couldn’t train full time due to his previous injuries and that understood and managed by the club for the time he’d been with us. He said things had changed under the ‘new regime’.
  4. Just listening to a discussion on depression in football on radio 5 and they played a brief interview with Sam Hutchinson. He mentioned that it was only football that made him depressed and that the only managers that knew how to understand his depression were Ancelotti and Carlos. He also mentioned that he had to take anti inflammatories every day because the new regime at Wednesday insisted on players training every day to play in the team. He went on to say the anti inflammatories increased his depression and that training every day was the wrong thing for his body. Also mentioned he probably shouldn’t be mentioning this as he was now looking for a new club. Only a brief interview but quite enlightening.
  5. I understand completely what you are saying about Milan’s level of investment and I can recall posting comments on here about how frustrating it was to see us still losing money under Milan’s tenure, but I still enjoyed Milan’s time at the helm especially whilst SG was manager. Essentially the finances in the Championship are completely flawed and I reckon as an owner you need to have nerves of steel to risk your hard earned in trying to get a club promoted.
  6. I actually prefer the idea of us having an owner who is prudent with the club’s finances. Personally, even though Milan invested far less than DC I actually much preferred the time he owned our club to the current period. With regards to Mike Ashley I’ve no problem with him being careful with his money, but I worry far more about him as a person and whether he could bond a winning, harmonious philosophy at our club.
  7. Is it usual to send a player you are looking to develop for the future, out on loan until their contract expires? Seems like we may have lost control over Penney’s career. If he’s perceived to have performed well in Germany is there anything to stop any other clubs picking him up in June? From what I saw during his time with us there was plenty of promise, but he seemed to lose his confidence. At the time I felt he should have been left at full back rather than experimenting at left midfield (which I personally feel is a harder position than full back). In summary I reckon Penney’s a decent player, but like most young players needs plenty of support and patience. Just hope we haven’t lost control of his future now.
  8. I don’t see why we need to be too pessimistic about the chances of returning to some kind of normality by October. Surely we all need to be open minded? Ultimately the medical science and the numbers will dictate, but perhaps over the coming months the confirmed cases will drop off at the same time as medical science improves our understanding of the virus? Personally I expect things to steadily improve over the summer months. i get it that sporting events are a nightmare for social distancing, but we are all looking at the risks based on what we understand today. Only time will tell, but I can’t see any point in being too downbeat about where we might be in 6 months time.
  9. Completely agree with you sage. I reckon MM would be a perfect fit for us at this moment in time. Not sure about his wage demands, but I don’t reckon he’d have been on a fortune at Ipswich or with Ireland.
  10. Lets put it this way if we were currently without a manager I’d take Mick in a heartbeat. Our current predicament needs a strong character who can command player respect; I reckon Mick would comfortably fit the bill and I think he’d be up for the challenge.
  11. Liam has been a good servant to the club and on his day can be a pretty solid defender. That said I’ve always been of the opinion that he hasn’t got those natural attacking footballing instincts that a full back needs in the modern game. Correct me if I’m wrong but has he ever scored a goal for us? Whenever he finds himself in a good attacking opportunity I get the feeling he lacks composure and the natural instincts to inflict the killer blow. Maybe a goal would give him the needed confidence, but my gut feeling is he’s playing at a level slightly above his ability.
  12. Really enjoyed that; I thought we looked more comfortable watching that than I felt watching it on the day. The biggest eye opener is watching the amount of full blooded slide tackles. Early on in the match Worthington ploughed into Dennis Irwin two footed and nobody seemed to care. We certainly made it a very uncomfortable match for them in the day, i only wish our players of today would show that bite for us. Big Ron was a cool customer wasn’t he. You could tell the players would run through a brick wall for him.
  13. I think that motivation would be an issue within most squads that get too big. On an amateur level anyone who’s played any kind of team sport knows how frustrating it can become when a squad gets too large. I would have thought mid 20s should be the max for any first team squad; I reckon CC was trying to keep way more than that happy during the 16/17 season.
  14. All about opinions but I think he overachieved with the 2015 2016 squad. Ironically the over recruitment following that year ruined the squad and the club’s finances and probably made it harder for CC to succeed. I’m not saying CC wasn’t without fault by any means. I also wouldn’t know where the blame should lie for the crazy recruitment carried out in the 16/17 season. I do believe that the recruitment for that season has put us back years and probably ruined any chance DC had of making a success with our club.
  15. In fairness to Carlos I reckon most fans would agree he was right to stick by that list of core players (I know I would). Unfortunately for him he was unfortunate to see too many of his core players injured at the same time and i would hope he’d be honest enough to accept he created some of those major injuries through playing injured/fatigued players. In defence of Carlos I would happily state the 2015/2016 season was easily the most enjoyable season I’ve experienced as a Wednesday fan since our gradual demise from the mid 90s. Some of the football was a throwback to the pass and move of Big Rons first era and you could feel pride at the way we played. Also CC himself was honest and a character; just an absolute shame he couldn’t ultimately get the job done.
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