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  1. Watching the Leeds highlights he got caught napping on a couple of occasions and on another day it could have cost us more dearly. In reality he’s bound to make mistakes, but it will be his strength of character and inner belief that will be the difference. In fairness to Palmer I think he’s improved this season, but in the modern game you’d probably want him to show a bit more offensively. The real test for the young lad will come on the back of when he makes a real howler. Hopefully he’s got what it takes to brush off a few setbacks, but Palmer’s no world beater so I hope they can push each other on.
  2. Michael Owen’s hatrick in the 3 - 3 draw versus Liverpool was awesome. I wouldn’t have wanted to be John Newsome that day. If he hadn’t had the problems with his hamstring he’d have broken loads of goal scoring records. The next one won’t be popular but I can’t remember feeling more battered after seeing us lose 7 -1 versus the title winning Leeds side. To make matters worst we had a very handy team ourselves, but couldn’t touch them that day.
  3. Have to agree, but if I had to pick a winner from the three I’d definitely opt for the first goal. He took that first goal beautifully and timed the ball so sweetly their keeper was rooted to the spot. Certainly not the finish of a forward who hasn’t scored for his team for 18 months. It’s to be hoped he’ll take huge confidence from that hat trick. Maybe, just maybe we might get something out of JR to justify his transfer after all. He comes across as a top bloke so I’d be delighted if he comes good.
  4. Howdid the NZ media react to the defeat to England and the Hakka incident? From what I’ve read I got the feeling the NZ team were gracious, accepting the better team won.
  5. I don’t believe Ben Stokes went to public school, but I reckon most of the rest did. It’s not a criticism by the way, just a reflection that public schools coach cricket where as state schools hardly play it at all. I played village cricket for around 15 years and you could spot the lads who’d been to public school straight away as their techniques were so good.
  6. In fairness last weekend was so good for us English because your boys are usually kicking everyone elses backsides. I have to admit I felt a little sorry for your boys in the cricket as I felt we definitely got the rob of the green. Also Kane Williamson came across as a top bloke. If we’d beaten the Aussies under similar circumstances they’d have been whinging like hell.
  7. Owen Farrell and George Ford don’t sound that posh to me, but even if the game is a bit middle/upper class why not enjoy if for what it is? Cricket’s arguably even more elitist as nearly all the England players went to public school, but it certainly wouldn’t put me off watching.
  8. Have to say I absolutely loved England stuffing the All Blacks last weekend. Thought it was a cracking performance. Also thought the Weds v Leeds game was great viewing as well. Can’t really understand why you wouldn’t want England to do the business against South Africa on Saturday (assuming you’re English of course). Have to admit when it comes to world cups in any of the major sports I can’t resist getting all patriotic. I thought the cricket final versus New Zealand was absolutely amazing. To give you an honest answer as much as I love Wednesday I’d probably take the England win as it’s a World Cup at stake.
  9. I thought we set up just right to stifle Leeds. Both Fletch and Nuhiu were a constant thorn and on balance I reckon we largely controlled the game. Before today’s match I doubted we were a top three side, but after today I think we’ve nothing to fear in this league.
  10. i still think we haven’t had the chance to fully conclude how good Winnall is. His scoring record, Wednesday aside, is pretty impressive averaging just under a goal every 2 games for Scunthorpe, Barnsley and Derby. For the money we paid I still think it was a smart buy and I reckon we’re yet to see the best of him. As for Rhodes we simply hugely overpaid for a player who was already showing signs of being on the wane.
  11. If he wanted out surely it would have been easier all round to simply ask for a transfer? I appreciate that asking for a transfer offers no guarantees of a move, but it would have been a safer start than assaulting a ref. I’d accept that DiCanio had a screw loose, but I’d still hold out that he was the most talented player I’ve seen in a Wednesday shirt. The greatest tragedy for me is we’ll never know how things would have worked out had Big Ron been retained at the club during his second stint. I can’t help but feel he was the perfect man manager to get the best out of the Italian boys.
  12. Did Dave work for John Lewis? I’m sure he came to my house a few years ago to measure some new curtains. We had a good chat about Wednesday. If Dave was the same man he seemed a lovely guy. RIP fellow Owl.
  13. I quite like how Monk comes across in the post match interview. Seems to have a clear picture of what he wants and also how he’s going to go about it. Really hope he can fire the players up and get us playing with plenty of confidence. He’s obviously no fool; hopefully he’ll surprise a few of us and make a real fist of the opportunity.
  14. Two quality crosses and two quality headers. Especially loved Harris’ wing play for Fletch’s goal; I bet Fletch absolutely loves having a winger of Harris’ ability in the side.
  15. I get your point, but the money at this level is certainly life changing (especially if they’re successful). Also it’s possible this opportunity doesn’t come around again if things turn sour at Lincoln. For what it’s worth I admire their motives and loyalty if they decide to stay at Lincoln. Such qualities are very rare in football.
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