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  1. He may well end up with the caretaker role by default, but I’m not convinced he actually wants to be the next manager. Bullen’s also probably quite pally with the players which won’t help one bit when he has to make those tough decisions. Lastly he comes across as a little too honest and a little too nice; I fear he’d really struggle under criticism from the fans and media. If if I were him I’d try to stay at the club under his current guise and leave the hot seat alone.
  2. Nearly all of ‘em are merry go round managers though aren’t they? I actually like the fact he’s a bit of a joker although I’m pretty certain he’s more than capable of reading the riot act when needed. From a players perspective I expect he’s great for building team spirit and sometimes you need someone to take away the pressure of it all. The more I consider our options the more I’m warming to Ollie getting the gig.
  3. I certainly wouldn’t rule him out. He seems to have an affinity with the club and I’d imagine he’d bring plenty of positivity to the club. Lastly his interviews are always great value. I reckon we could and have done a lot worse than Holloway.
  4. I’m feeling a bit of man love for our Bazza. He’s obviously done very well for himself, but still comes across as a down to earth, humble lad. Only thing missing in the interview is more about his time at Wednesday as this is where he’s played most of his first team football.
  5. Surely one of Bruce’s most impressive signings has to be Jarrod Bowen, signed for Hull from conference side Hereford United in 2014? Arguably Bowen has been the Championship player of the season and will surely leave Hull for big bucks.
  6. Dont be so sad, Hooper was never the striker for us that he could have been. As per Mr Farrell’s post I have to agree that he never looked in top condition, which is quite frustrating when you consider the ability he obviously has.
  7. On another note I reckon Bannan is by far the better pro and has definitely made the most of his natural abilities. On the other hand I think FF has that extra pace and flare that could get him to a higher level, but his application and temperament have probably held him back.
  8. Two very different players so it’s a tricky comparison. Perhaps a clearer conclusion could be met by who would attract the higher transfer value? I personally feel FF could attract the higher transfer value, despite in my eyes he being less valuable to our club.
  9. So sorry for your loss. Look after each other through this horrendous time.
  10. Im not so sure that DC would increase prices if we gained promotion. I think the current ticket prices are designed to maximise revenue to appease FFP rules (its another debate as to whether we’d bring in more revenue with lower prices). If we were in the PL the FFP constraints would disappear and I reckon DC would price to fill the stadium. As an aside I reckon the reason why our attendance has held up is largely based on the Championship being such a great product. We’ve averaged over 24,000 per home game this season, but that’s only the 8th highest overall. I can’t imagine many, if any other second tier leagues around the world attracting that sort of support. I was also very surprised to see Forest lying 3rd with an average over 28,000.
  11. Why not be open minded about KL? There’s one thing about him, IF he stays fit you’d be pretty certain he’ll be an asset to the team and could make a real difference to next season. Also with the possible exception of Bannan, who out of our current bunch would be better in midfield? If the money and terms of the contract are right I’d hope we can keep him on, assuming the medical opinion says he’s fit. As an aside there have been plenty of players who’ve come successfully back from career threatening injuries. Look at Shearer as an example, I’m sure he’s broken his leg on two separate occasions. I played amateur football for years and badly broke my tib and fib. After about 18 months I felt back to normal and touch wood I’ve never had a problem since (now 22 years on) and still playing active sport.
  12. I suppose in defence to Lee, with the exception of his last injury, he hasn’t been too injury prone. You can tell from that photo that he hasn’t gained any weight. I would expect the club’s decision will largely focus on medical opinion. I’ve no idea as to how likely his injury will recur, but if the medical prognosis is favourable I reckon SB might want to keep him.
  13. Not sure how much interest there would be for him out there, but this summer is the last opportunity to sell him for a fee. I’m not sure whether Nuhiu will be in SBs plans or not.
  14. I personally love the Championship and when you consider that most clubs are running annual losses to chase the dream of promotion, the quality of players in show each week is arguably higher than it should be. I just wish that clubs like our own could compete without getting into debt, especially when you also take into account the crazy ticket prices.
  15. Agreed, but in this case it probably would have made the free kick much harder to get up and down. Similarly the ref no doubt felt quite relaxed about the Norwich player taking the free kick further back.
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