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  1. East Yorks Owl

    Wee Barry Bannan

    A couple of years ago I had a chat with a guy I know who works for one of the big life insurers in Scotland. When I mentioned that I was a Wednesday fan he immediately asked my opinion of Bannan. It turns out they both played together for Scotland U19s. I asked him how good Bannan was in those days and he mentioned that He was a different class and that nobody could take the ball off him. His only surprise was that Bannan hadn’t made an even bigger impact as a pro. Have to say I really like Bannan as a player. He’s constantly looking to make us tick and I love the way he retains possession.
  2. East Yorks Owl

    Is it true?

    Yeah I absolutely understand it as I’ve worked in investments for 25 years.
  3. East Yorks Owl

    Is it true?

    Loving that chart btw.
  4. Have to agree about 1998 and greatest regret for me was that Hoddle never had the chance to complete his stint as England manager. Similar to Venables he was tactically strong and seemed to command the players respect. I’m not sure whether the FA had any choice about sacking him, but it was so disappointing that it wasn’t for football reasons.
  5. East Yorks Owl

    I just watched! #swfc

    I’m not sure if the rationale to sell him or keep him defends on whether he’s perceived as being our best keeper. The crux is he’s out of contract next summer and could go for nothing. If we extend his contract he may well demand a wage increase, either scenario probably doesn’t work for our finances. Wildsmith and Dawson both look like they could be the real deal and any funds received for Westwood would be much needed. This situation reminds of the movie Moneyball from the point of view of the club need to work out how to get the best overall outcome for the club working within the finances available. Personally I think it makes sense to take any sensible transfer fee for Westwood and allow Wildsmith and Dawson to compete for the number 1 slot.
  6. East Yorks Owl

    Full Backs Needed.

    I agree with your post, but still think both could improve on their defending. They both appear to be more comfortable going forwards, but in a way playing a back three fiormation should suit them both as there’ll be the extra cover. Reach seems to be two footed so I suppose if we were to bring in one full back it should be a left back as Reach could also cover on the right if Hunt was crocked.
  7. East Yorks Owl

    Jos: DC got it right.

    Fair enough Wakefield that makes sense to me. Either way it looked obvious that our players as a team, lhad far less energy than Hudds.
  8. East Yorks Owl

    Jos: DC got it right.

    I think the quality of our players was good enough, but I believe what ultimately cost us was their lack of fitness. The play off games against Hudds might have been settled on penalties suggesting equally matched teams, but over the 2 legs Hudds definitely had the fitter players. Hopefully we’ll be a fitter side next season and as a consequence get to see how good we can be.
  9. Could be a bit of a blessing that we’re having to live in the real world. Some of those signings in Carlos’ last year were very damaging. Also as the last few games have shown, we’ve still got the nucleus of a decent side. Just needs some of the youngsters to kick on and a little bit of canny trading in the transfer market.
  10. East Yorks Owl

    Chansiri at world snooker final

    What a final by the way. Both players have been brilliant. Can’t believe the bottle Williams has shown to resist the Higgins comeback.
  11. East Yorks Owl

    On The Right

    When you consider the forwards we have at the club, who can all head the ball it probably makes more sense to have a right winger who naturally uses his right boot. I agree that Wallace was a good player, but from a centre forwards perspective it’s no good when your right winger is constantly checking back onto his left foot.
  12. East Yorks Owl

    Westwood will be Off

    For me this post is 100% spot on. Westwood has been a great servant, but a move should suit everyone. He’ll no doubt find a club playing at a higher level and command higher wages. We should receive some well needed funds to reinvest in more needed areas (full backs for me) and allow Cameron and Wildsmith to fight it out.
  13. East Yorks Owl

    Hutch as Supersub

    Agree completely with the above. Also if Jos persists with the 3 central defenders formation we will need extra cover in this area. Hutch definitely needs to be utilised a little smarter to both give him more game time (avoiding injuries) and also to avoid the needless bookings. Lastly it’s not as if we’d be playing out of position as his natural position is CB anyway.
  14. East Yorks Owl

    Cameron Dawson

    Completely agree and expect a transfer would work for all parties. There will be times when our young keepers might not look as secure as Westwood, but they now look like our present and future so take the money and reinvest where needed (left back is a priority for me).
  15. Im really pleased for Jos. There’s way too much stress and strain in many jobs these days, with the unfortunate side effect that it breeds poor performance. Surely a relaxed, more confident Jos, bodes well for the future success of our team? Keep smiling Jos.