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  1. East Yorks Owl

    Is football becoming uninvestable?

    In a way Kroenke’s takeover bid for Arsenal underlines the financial gulf between the elite clubs and the rest. Could DC sensibly ever expect Wednesday to achieve such financial success; I honestly don’t think so?
  2. There’s something depressingly familiar about the mess our club and our owner finds itself in. I personally can’t understand why any sane individual would invest their hard earned into a football club. It appears to be a horribly high risk investment and even with a degree of success along the way, it ultimately is destined to end in tears for the majority of clubs. Using my local club, Hull as an example, they’ve actually gained promotion to the PL twice in recent years but currently are struggling to cling onto Championship survival with owners who have seemingly given up on the club. Their opponents last night, Villa, have spent all those years in the PL yet financially have nothing but debt to show for it. Even sssuming one day DC could see our club in the PL, does that really guarantee his investment will be a success? With the exception of the elite top flight clubs, everyone else appears to be battling to minimise losses at best. The players seem to hold much of the power, but few if any risks. I know if I was DC I would find it very difficult to award contracts that the club can’t effectively afford. It’s a crazy business model that seemingly demands an owner to underwrite never ending losses to afford any chance of progression on the pitch and once promotion has been gained to the PL the risks just move onto a higher level ( as clubs such as Bolton and Sunderland have experienced). Its pretty obvious DC has made mistakes, but in fairness to the bloke our fan base was desperate for somebody to have a go and he’s definitely done that. I just find it sad that he’s probably regretting bitterly the whole venture and there won’t be an easy way out (as the Hull owner has found out). Personally I rarely attend more than a handful of Wednesday games each year, so I don’t feel as invested as many, but I do have some sympathy for DC as I feel the financial framework supporting football is horribly flawed. I haven’t much else to add apart from encouraging fans to show some tolerance and patience. Hopefully this season will offer some much needed hope, but irrespective of results there are still far worse things in life than losing a football match.
  3. East Yorks Owl

    Sign him up!

    Barry is definitely one to keep. Fitness permitting I’d expect him to be playing his best football over the next few years and it needs to be for us. I’m not always convinced about players sincerity when they big up their current club, but in fairness to BB I genuinely believe he feels a strong affinity with our club.
  4. At half time I was hoping it was going to be a re-run of the Sweden game, but alas Croatia had the heart and quality to hurt us. I have to agree that the future looks better for the England team. The whole structure and ethos appears to be much better under Southgate and based on the success of the younger England teams there’s got to be grounds for optimism. Similar to Wednesday under Jos, I like the 3, 5, 2 formation. It feels like the right option in the modern game, but really needs quality wing backs with pace to make it work. I agree with the above post that we lacked a bit of quality on the bench. Personally I would have played Loftus Cheek ahead iof Dier. Not saying Dier is a bad player, but for me he hasn’t looked comfortable on the ball this tournament. Looking at the tournament as a whole I think England have played a more confident and brave brand of football and I expect Southgate to continue in this vain going forwards. Without doubt we could really do with a bit more individual quality, especially in midfield, but on the whole I am positive that the team is going in the right direction.
  5. Spot on post. Couldn’t agree more.
  6. I tend to agree with you. Dier hasn’t looked sharp at all so when he stepped up to take that last pen I was fearing the worst. Hopefully converting that pen will give him a massive boost for the next game.
  7. All in all I think tonight might serve us well. Definitely better to avoid Brazil’s half of the draw and it’s probably made it clearer for Southgate to know his best team. I agree with others that Dier and Delph didn’t look up to scratch, but if the other midfielders stay fit hopefully that won’t matter. One possible headache for the manager is Pickfords form. Going into the tournament I hoped he’d look a bit more solid than he has. He’s got the habit of pushing his saves back into danger areas and I thought straight away he should have used his right arm on Belgiums goal. Hopefully his confidence is still strong, but as we’ve seen in the past, goalkeeping errors can kill you in tournaments. Didnt think Rashford and Rose had blinders tonight, but I still think I’d be tempted to play them ahead of a Sterling and Young Still grounds for optimism though and our best eleven is looking a lot more obvious now.
  8. Apologies if I’m reiterating what’s already been written in this thread (as I haven’t bothered to read all posts), but Villa’s financial plight tells you all you need to know about what’s wrong with English football. The huge financial gulf between the PL and the rest results in PL and Championship owners making crazy decisions which wouldn’t appear in normal business. Look at all the years Villa have spent in the PL yet despite receiving hundreds of millions it appeRs they’ve got bugger all to show for it other than the liability of overpaid players on ludicrous contracts. Be careful what you wish for fellow Wednesday fans, it’s a mad world.
  9. East Yorks Owl

    I'm ready

    I live in Beverley so like you I went to the Friday night match. In fairness I thought we played well in the first half, but second half I agree it was largely backs to the wall stuff. On a more general theme I hope Jos sticks with the back 3 formation. I also believe it will prevent us getting bullied by more physical teams. Southgate seems committed to play this way with England so it will be interesting to see how the World Cup goes.
  10. East Yorks Owl

    I'm ready

    Although we drew both league games against Hull that season, it was pretty obvious they had the edge on us in midfield (especially with Bruce playing a back three). My fear for the final was the occasion would make the midfield mismatch all the more significant and for me on the day that was the glaring difference. In reality we barely laid a glove on them, but our fans were top draw and made me proud to be there despite the hugely disappointing result.
  11. East Yorks Owl

    Do we think George Boyd...

    To be fair to Boyd he obviously wasn’t fully fit last season. The games he played in the last third of the season showed a player struggling to maintain his energy levels for the whole game. He seemed to have little purple patches then he’d go missing. As a player there’s nothing worse than being judged when you know you aren’t fit; hopefully we’ll see a different player next season,but at 32 there’s always the possibility that he’s lost that half yard of pace that makes all the difference at this level.
  12. East Yorks Owl

    Wee Barry Bannan

    A couple of years ago I had a chat with a guy I know who works for one of the big life insurers in Scotland. When I mentioned that I was a Wednesday fan he immediately asked my opinion of Bannan. It turns out they both played together for Scotland U19s. I asked him how good Bannan was in those days and he mentioned that He was a different class and that nobody could take the ball off him. His only surprise was that Bannan hadn’t made an even bigger impact as a pro. Have to say I really like Bannan as a player. He’s constantly looking to make us tick and I love the way he retains possession.
  13. East Yorks Owl

    Is it true?

    Yeah I absolutely understand it as I’ve worked in investments for 25 years.
  14. East Yorks Owl

    Is it true?

    Loving that chart btw.
  15. Have to agree about 1998 and greatest regret for me was that Hoddle never had the chance to complete his stint as England manager. Similar to Venables he was tactically strong and seemed to command the players respect. I’m not sure whether the FA had any choice about sacking him, but it was so disappointing that it wasn’t for football reasons.