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  1. Apologies as missed in previous posts. What date are we supposed to find our destiny with the efl charge? thanks in advance.
  2. Buxton was solid although not sure about best
  3. I got duped. I like fox. But he is very average and not the saviour we need.
  4. First game next season on the north. Potentially watch a starting line up including.... dawson, fox and Palmer. no thanks.
  5. Anyone know if the match is in at the Wednesday tap? Cheers
  6. It’s no coincidence that the chief constable of South Yorkshire police is form Liverpool.
  7. It’s the one partnership at the start of the season that made me shudder. Glad to know absoloutly nothing about football. :)
  8. I share the sentiments of the op. Steve was owls through and through. He replied to every questioned post whether right or wrong. Rip Steve we need more fans like you x
  9. My mate supported Blackburn, when they got relegated he chose to support arsenal. It was a sweet sweet day.
  10. Has Nixon said he is going to be assistant ?
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