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  1. Anyone know if the match is in at the Wednesday tap? Cheers
  2. It’s no coincidence that the chief constable of South Yorkshire police is form Liverpool.
  3. It’s the one partnership at the start of the season that made me shudder. Glad to know absoloutly nothing about football. :)
  4. I share the sentiments of the op. Steve was owls through and through. He replied to every questioned post whether right or wrong. Rip Steve we need more fans like you x
  5. My mate supported Blackburn, when they got relegated he chose to support arsenal. It was a sweet sweet day.
  6. Has Nixon said he is going to be assistant ?
  7. Could he be a cult hero next season? 2 goals in 11 games not too shabby.
  8. dint copy it across very well to be fair. got the above programmes and signatures. Trying to get rid of them either for free or if you are feeling genourous a small price. Would rather get rid in bulk but as long as you are happy to collect I dont mind getting rid of them individually. Probably could have put a better OP. Anuyway hopefully thats that cleared up. 10p for Scott Oakes are you mad, expect at least £1.20 :st2:
  9. Day Day Month Year Opponent Saturday 18th November 1995 Man City Monday 12th April 1993 Southampton Tuesday 17th January 1984 Liverpool Saturday 28th October 1995 West Ham Saturday 16th September 1995 Tottenham Saturday 23rd December 1995 Southampton Saturday 01st March 1997 Middlesbrough Wednesday 23 August 1995 Blackburn Saturday 02 March 1996 Nottingham Forest Saturday 19 August 1989 Norwich Saturday 17 February 1996 QPR Saturday 23 September 1995 Man U Sunday 27 August 1995 Newcastle Monday 04 December 1995 Coventry Sunday 15 October 1995 Middlesbrough Sunday 14 May 1995 Ipswich Saturday 07 September 1991 Nottingham Forest Wednesday 12 March 1997 Sunderland Saturday 20 September 1997 Coventry Programmes to be given away. Will give away for free if collected, any money offered would be a bonus but not essential. Llera (X2) Orlando Trustful Regi blinker Kevin Pressman Matt Clarke Dejan Stefanovic Peter Atherton Ian Nolan John Sheridan Graham Hyde Andy booth Mike Williams Steve Maclean Ritchie Humphreys Des Walker David Hirst Mark Bright Scott oakes Jon Newsome Mark Pembridge Guy Whittingham Signatures of players. Apologies I couldn't find the original thread I started. If anyone is interested in the above let me know by PM. Obviously best offer and they are yours. Cheers
  10. wish I could get one those now. would deffo get one!
  11. I'll put a list on here later today or to tomorrow it's mainly the nineties although there's a few older ones. If you want them I'm happy to give them away. Never done private messenger or owt on here but if you do want them I'll send my address and you can collect? Cheers neil
  12. Cheers buddy. There Nowt special just don't wanna throw me away but want to get rid
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