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  1. I didn’t say they walked about punching pensioners, they’re not monsters. Their scum will be a minority. Same as any club.
  2. I said twice that I wasn’t condoning it. They have far more scum fans than we do. On the most part, our fanbase is perhaps too politically correct. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just an observation on 2018 society.
  3. Don’t shoot me down cause I’m repeating what I’ve been told about Wilder’s daughter (Not condoning it), apparently she’s a qualified beautician so that would make her at least 18 as she wouldn’t have the qualification if she wasn’t Let’s also look at it another way (Again, not condoning), Sheffield United fans who are handing out threats online and leaking the addresses of those who’ve tweeted it online are as bad imo. I’ve also heard of a couple of lads being visited by some United fans to “warn them off” since their addresses were posted online. Sheffield United fans also since racial songs aimed towards our chairman and his wife due to the Thai stereotype. Songs were also aimed at Carlos taking Maddie simply because he’s Portuguese. They sang about Ched’s accuser’s name whilst it was going through court - illegal. A lot of them also threatened Jess Ennis with rape and sent her death threats online after she refused to have her name on the stand due to their support of him. A couple of seasons ago, my mate and his missus were attacked by some of them near the bus station in the city centre while they made their way back from an away game. While it may be wrong for our lot to sing what they’re singing, their lot have said/done much, much worse.
  4. Been on train and drove. Horrible drive, can’t imagine the coach would be any better at all. It’s more expensive but I’d recommend the train over driving.
  5. Why? Cause I don’t believe in it? I don’t believe in religion or Father Christmas either so I’m not going to listen to someone who believes in those things either.
  6. I won’t watch the video cause I don’t believe in “white privilege” in this country.
  7. While I agree that there hasn’t been enough effort on the most part this season and you can add the Blades match to that too. But for me it’s not coincidence that when we do play with even a smidgen of attacking intent, we go back to looking like one of the best teams in the league. Look at the Leeds & Forest matches this season, Norwich last season etc. Majority of the blame has to lie with Carlos’s negativity.
  8. Are you saying the players are at fault for Carlos’ negative tactics?
  9. I find it so ironic that you claim ignorance throughout the thread yet you post the most ignorant comment I’ve seen in the thread thus far
  10. Where did I “diss” your friends? I said they could probably give something up (like most households if they want something bad enough), that’s how the world works mate
  11. If I was a season ticket holder, no. I’d have a season ticket. If I had to, I’d pay the full price for a season ticket rather than reduced cause it’ll save a few quid over the course of the season. For the record, I’m not a STH and when I do go to matches, when I’m not at work, I pay full price.
  12. Do they have a telly or a microwave? Or even a pot to go for a pi55?
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