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  1. I'll buy it there and then if its stripes proper stripes that is
  2. Blueandwhitestripes

    #SWFC shirt and kit design for next season

    You only have to look back in history to see it every time they mess around with the kit they get reagated
  3. Blueandwhitestripes

    So David Hirst regrets

    We all have regrets in life, he would probably have been out injured at Manchester as much anyway he was just prone to injury he went to Southampton and hardly played a full game
  4. Blueandwhitestripes

    Can you change your home kit mid season?

    I've said it all along those shirts are bad luck religation shirts when ever wednesday mess with the stripes they go down it's in our history to play in stripes
  5. Blueandwhitestripes

    Where will we finish?

    Everytime we ditch the stripes we go down just look in the past these shirts are religation shirts bad luck shirts
  6. Blueandwhitestripes

    Jos is already kicking in

    The defence is a lot better especially against United our defence out played them completely I was watching Swansea the other day thier defence was allover the place just reminded me of how we were under carlos didn't take the new guy long to make a difference
  7. Blueandwhitestripes

    Wednesday chants through the years

    I remember years ago Wednesday were playing forest they were singing Monday Tuesday Wednesday poo then we piped up woods dushes forest poo
  8. Blueandwhitestripes

    Was it really a red card for Loovens?

    Clumsy tackle he actually tried not to contact him as he pulled his leg back not a a red card
  9. Blueandwhitestripes

    Big Adthe

    He's a spoiler he comes on at the end of the game when the other teams are running out of steam and just barrels around coursing trouble can you imagine being a defender and he comes on in front of you he may not be a fantastic player but he certainly puts himself about can't fault the guy
  10. Blueandwhitestripes

    We all knew we would lose today didn't we?

    Ever since I can remember as wednesdayite they have done this beat the top or good teams then loose the next game to a crap team so many times in the past time like when they beat Leeds in the cup in the seventies when Leeds were in the top division and Wednesday were in the old 3rd division the next cup game they lost to was it Shrewsbury or something
  11. Blueandwhitestripes

    Current Feeling

    The most annoying thing is how well we played against Leeds I thought we had started to get it right then that show against Bolton was absolute crap
  12. Blueandwhitestripes

    New kits this week?

    I'll never buy a shirt until they return back to the stripes those shirts they are wearing now were the bad luck shirts from the sixties when they went down just look back into history as soon as they mess about with the traditional stripe shirts they go down
  13. Blueandwhitestripes

    Owls Megastore staff getting abuse over new kit

    I'm not buying any shirts until they go back to stripes
  14. Blueandwhitestripes

    Fair play Fletcher

    I think hooper is the one that gets the best out of Fletcher he seems to hold off and give Fletcher time and space to get in maybe if Fletcher is carrying an injury Rhodes could have a chance
  15. Blueandwhitestripes

    Joost the right man

    Yes he looks good, I noticed when he came out he looked around the stadium he looked at bit surprised with the noise and size of the place I noticed how he seemed to up front a lot he seemed to cover a lot of ground think he going to be one of our best buys for a long time