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    Dawson doesn't fill me full of confidence. He does look dodgy at times, although his shot stopping is ok. Sorry to say it. I know it upsets some. Unless he reads this though he'll not know because im not going to tut and moan at him. It's probably just confidence and hopefully game by game he'll find more of it.
  2. Eightace

    Perspective thread

    I'm satisfied but not overly optimistic. No reason to complain but everything you said is basically the reason people aren't jumping for joy. We miss hooper, hutch,Lee and Westwood. We need a right back.We aren't in the playoff spots, utd look more likely to finish in them. There are a good number of better teams. We get out played too often or for long periods. But I'm not moaning. Jos is doing ok. But there are reasons to feel a bit like we had our chance and it's gone. We got ourselves into trouble and it might be a season or two before we get back to our best. Playoffs are a possibility though if we can hang in.
  3. Eightace

    Still an out from me

    We haven't really dominated games for a long time. I think it's up to the players to play with more confidence and consistency. We have some real quality and shouldnt be worried about anyone, although often it seems we are. We have a lot of players like Reach and Pelupessy who have blinders one week and then look like a scared rabbit the next I think it's down to the players mentality more than jos's tactics. It annoys me how utd always seem to put teams away and play with such confidence when I believe we have the better squad. They seem to have the stronger mentality though We are really missing some of the mentally stronger players like hutch, Westwood, Lee and maybe Hooper. But Jos is doing ok. He needs to be able to bring a few in next summer before we even think about judging him properly.
  4. I'm not good at explaining what I mean sometimes but consistency has to play a part in the level a player plays at. Two players ,both with Bannan like ability and both good athletes, the one who can do it more often goes on to play at better level or team surely.
  5. Well for instance a striker who finishes more consistently will have a better chance of playing in the premier League. Bannan at his best could play there. Like a player can score a worldy in league two once in his career but a good player can get a couple of those in the top league every season. I could do a cruyff turn then lob the keeper from 25 yards(I have done) but I couldn't do it every week because I'm crap and not consistent. Convinced yet
  6. Eightace


    I like how it's on the floor like an opposition fan and they are wanting to stick a cheeky boot in. That lads mate his pushing him to do something and then backing off lol. Proper pack mentality.
  7. I think it's the way this league is. Teams like villa and Derby have good players but they are hit and miss too. You have players who aren't in the premier League because they lack consistency. I think confidence is what we lack at times. We have technically good players but like Jos said, they need to believe more.
  8. Eightace

    Are we trusting him yet?

    Don't agree with him regarding Westwood and leaving forestieri out and was puzzled by his constant chopping and changing. But he knows more than I do so I have to trust him. He's always had a tough job because he hasn't been able to go out and assemble the squad he wants like previous manager's. He's doing a good job with what he's been given. I think the league is so strong this season that if we dont make the playoffs it might be harsh to say he failed. He's got to have a couple of seasons at it.
  9. Eightace

    Adam Reach

    At one time he looked nervous and completely lacking in confidence. He always showed glimpses of what he could do. Against utd at home last year he went missing. But now he's so good that we worry about losing him. Hopefully pelupessy and van aken can show the same improvement. It's weird like with Nuhiu how a player can look poor one season but then turn into a fan favourite.
  10. I hate the M1. I'm on it everyday and if it's running smoothly it's a surprise.
  11. Eightace

    Feel good factor returning!!!

    Hector looks decent to me. So what if he couldn't get into Chelsea's team. Other lad looks comfortable on the ball and competition for Matias or Pelupessy. Theres never been a problem with the rest of the team, injuries aside. Now João is getting a look in and bannan's looking good. Reach is the player now that we paid good money for. If hooper and Lee come back things will definitely be on the up. I'm always a pessimist but we have enough to have a go. I do think though we needs Westwood's gob and experience back In goal. We have the players but need the confidence and have to get back to the more attacking, quick passing, closing down style we had in Carlos's heyday. These two loans could make all the difference.
  12. Eightace

    Feel good factor returning!!!

    We needed to bring someone in and we have. I'm happy to see those in charge could see it. On paper they are what we need but it doesn't always work out. We can have a good crack at it now and if we fail at least we tried.
  13. We need a strong centre half and someone better than Pelupessy. He's ok but as a third choice cm imo. If hutch was able to play a lot of games maybe it would be different. But we are missing another leader for definite. We really need to think about bringing Westwood back. I don't think we'll bring anyone in but the squad is still missing 4 good players for me.
  14. If we had a centre back as good as lees and someone better than Pelupessy In the middle we'd push top six. Without them I don't believe we can. And as said, if anything happened to lees we'd be in trouble. Good business getting João and bannan tied down but we have to get some loans in imo. If Lee and hooper were fit in a couple of weeks my whelmometer might be a bit higher though