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  1. Oh well , yeah changed my mind, it is the end of the world
  2. It's not the end of the world but annoying this close to the season. I really hope we get Hughton. I think I'll be disappointed now if it isn't him. But Hughton and a few million is a decent but of business.
  3. 100% It's the way it's happened. You wouldn't begrudge him if the whole thing had been done properly. If we get Hughton and 4 million then that is a result but it does leave a bitter taste.
  4. Bruce and Ashley haven't gone about it the right way. I've no objection to him going but he should have been our manager until a move was agreed. Ashley should have asked DC what he would accept and paid up or looked elsewhere. And this deal could have been done sooner. People are miffed. Maybe not all fans are reyt angry mad but most think it stinks. Some people are either saints or they have no pulse.
  5. He's been up Newcastle and managed Birmingham so I don't think moving to Sheffield would worry him. He's the man for me. I honestly would have preferred him to Bruce anyway.
  6. It's not really hate. People are very disappointed as getting someone of Bruce's calibre isn't easy. I think he should stay and he will fail at Newcastle and he must know it. There's a reason Raffa left and why nobody has been able to succeed there.Bruce is a man to get you there but not been outstanding in the premier league. A few annoyed posts and people just exaggerating their displeasure cos it's the internet isn't really hate. But people are annoyed so what else are they going to say.
  7. He must really love Newcastle. Probably moved down south as a teenager. He can't have gone often over the years as he's been too busy playing and managing. He never even played for them and I'm sure at some point it wouldn't have taken much to get a move there for a player if his quality. But suddenly it's this big dream.
  8. DC doesn't want him to go but will for the right price. If he goes he's the one who's responsible. It's not just down to the club's as he's making out.
  9. Trouble is if we line Hughton up then Ashley knows we'll let Bruce go cheap for a quick sale.
  10. I've looked on YouTube but not found any good showcase videos for these signings. Is that worrying
  11. Didn't Lampard cost Chelsea 5 million. We need a similar figure.
  12. What's actually been said. Haven't seen anything.
  13. My number one choice. If Bruce is going we need him in quickly.
  14. How much did they pay for Assombalonga again? He just wants an unfair playing field. Didn't he chuck money about back in the 90s with the likes of Ravenelli and Juninho. Hypocrite
  15. It's the flag of Amsterdam. Looks a bit racist but it isn't
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