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  1. Utd doing so well after spending sod all is humiliating.
  2. some people on here

    At the beginning of the season I thought he deserved another go. But now I think he needs to go or we won't even make the playoffs. I didn't anticipate not signing the kind of players we needed or playing as consistently bad. Good likeable bloke but when things go wrong like they have you have to step a side.
  3. Any team can turn up on their day. We seem to have more bad days than good which makes me think we aren't as good as we believe. I don't think we have the players to go up this year. Too inconsistent and bottle it when the pressure is on. And we still lack that pace and physicality we've been crowing on about for ages. I think a new manager will have to bring a couple of new faces in. Got no confidence in Carlos turning it round this season at all.
  4. Something isn't right

    I feel its got to a stage now where he can't turn it round. When things are going wrong in football they tend to carry on getting worse until a big change is made. It feels like when Jones was in charge. I love Carlos but I think he needs to pass the reigns to someone else.
  5. Snowflakes.

    Happened too often now to be bad luck.
  6. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    If we look like going up he'll stay. If we don't then it won't matter anyway.
  7. After that massive rant, nobody will care less. What a waste of ink as they say on talksport lol.
  8. Leeds autopsy

    Well we keep saying Utd only won because we played absolutely terrible. I think we did play outstanding but Leeds can't have been at their best.
  9. Leeds autopsy

    As we know though, having a really bad day doesn't mean you're a poor team. We hammered them but it could have been a bad day for us if they'd taken their early chances. They'll be up there unfortunately. Especially with a player like Saiz
  10. I said same about Hooper. You need to play these type of players and look at them over 35+ full games. Give Rhodes 40 starts and he'll get near 20 goals. But I do think Fletcher and Hooper play well together so don't think it's going to happen. But switch Rhodes for Hooper and I think you'd see the same results.
  11. Gary Hooper - Mister Prolific

    I always knew if he was left to it he'd get the goals. You have to keep faith with certain players and not chop and change every week. I think Rhodes would benefit from a long run in the team but atm maybe Fletcher is the better partner for Hooper.
  12. I don't think he'd have had the same impact for us and he'd probably have still gone to Manchester utd, so I've never lost any sleep over it.

    I'm keeping my gob shut from now on and just see what happens. Not going to get giddy if we win a few and not going to post doubts about Carlos if we lose a few. He's going to get the full season and probably deserves to and the end result will be what it is. I do think we have inconsistent players. We rely on Bannan and Wallace especially to perform. When they don't we look poor. Reach is hit and miss, Van Aken ball watches then pulls off unbelievable tekkers. So sometimes it is the players that let Carlos down.
  14. And the previous two games proved why they were right. Only at the end of the season will we really know.
  15. To all those who abused Carlos..

    Doubting if poor performances can be turned round isn't abuse. Nor is thinking maybe the squad make up could have been a bit better. Bit more pace and physicality. Brian laws gives good honest opinions and he isn't abusing Carlos either. I don't know if Carlos can change things round on a permanent basis or source the missing pieces in January. But Carlos doesn't know I doubt him. I've never booed or contacted him on Twitter. I just doubt him and there's no abuse at all from me. When he goes I will have good memories of him.