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  1. Eightace

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    We do need some mentally tougher players. We are good when confidence is high but sometimes it gets knocked easily. We completely bottled the first Derby . Got muscled out of the playoff final with many of the same players. We have players with the ability like FF ,João, reach, bannan but are still missing a couple of seen it done it types. Hutch is one but I don't know how much will see him next season. But I trust Jos to get the right players in.
  2. Eightace


    At best he'll play half the games. Maybe he'll even retire? Don't know if Lee will come back or play that many either. I think we need another centre midfielder the summer as well as two fullbacks and a centre half.
  3. He's great at making fans and players laugh but tactically he's no genius. The poor start didn't help them but who was responsible for the finish? I like Carlos and I wouldn't have minded him keeping them up but we did the right thing letting him go.
  4. Eightace

    ffs Wednesday

    The 4-4 cup game against Chelsea when we were 3-0 up. Woods fumbling it in the last second of the FA cup final. Losing 3-0 at home to forest, to go down on goal difference. Losing in the playoff final. Various times when I've checked the score 5 mins in to find we are losing.
  5. Eightace

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    When he's played in the past he's sometimes looked too slow and not very prolific. But he's always been a useful player with good ability on the ball. But the majority have always loved him as a character even if they wished he'd put away his chances more. This is the problem with social media. Players take to heart what the 5 or 10% think.
  6. Tbf you could only judge him on what he did before and until now he hasn't set the league a light. He's always been better than many gave him credit for but anyone who says they never doubted him is kidding. Put him in a good creative side and he can do the business. He's got to do the same next year and not be a one season wonder.
  7. Reaping the rewards? Have you seen the premier league table.
  8. We always went on the pitch years back and it never seemed a big deal. At the back end of the 84 season I think I went on the pitch six or seven times home and away Times have changed but I think most would only run on of it mattered. Like a promotion run in or a win that's kept us up. Doubt anyone would have bothered Saturday.
  9. Eightace

    That Noise

    It's brown noise. The frequency that makes you want to go for a number two. Usually put it on at half time if we're losing so people go for a lucky dump.
  10. Eightace

    Safe standing petition

    Old barriers too far apart, overcrowding,surging and being penned in caused the problems with standing. Many times as a kid I could have been injured. But this standing is so obviously different and it's ridiculous it's not being brought in. Squeezing past people to get to your seats and jumping up from seats for a goal or near miss is less safe. Many stand up at games anyhow. But let's not upset the minority by bringing it in.
  11. At home we shouldn't be losing to teams like Fulham. It can and did but home advantage should be massive. Little teams don't roll over in the FA cup. We had enough quality on the pitch to give them a game. Wasn't good enough.
  12. Eightace

    Well done Wednesday.

    Wednesday do have the better squad imo. Less for us to do next year but no guarantee we will do it. Leeds should be top six every season till they finally go up,just like ourselves but the teams with real money have a good head start. And it's been so long I do think we fulfill our own prophecy sometimes. Tutting and moaning has to take its toll on the players. The teams coming down this season are going to have some real clout but hopefully we'll both get back to the premier league in our life time.