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  1. Trouble is even when he's put out a good 11 we've still been garbage. We wanted forestieri back, wanted Wickham to come, moaned about reach. Doesn't make a difference who plays it seems. He shouldn't be playing Dawson every week, although during the decent spell people were saying how good he was.But imo he isn't good enough. Get rid of monk by all means but This will be number 15 in 20 years. I'm not convinced the next man will be able to sort this crap out either.
  2. It doesn't seem to make any difference who the chairman is, who the manager is or who we sign. Players that have done it everywhere don't do it here. The next manager will be just as bad. It's been a crap 20 years tbh and I don't know what we can do differently to change that.
  3. What I've read is that around 5% of men between 16 and 24 identify as gay. So between 16 and 70 it will be lower. 10% is probably including lesbian and transgender. But I think that's a bit high myself. I only personally know 5 openly gay men and one transgender. Some may be hiding their sexuality but I don't believe it's as common as people make out.
  4. Its all about opinions. There is nothing that's fact in this thread. Yes they may have hammered us if we had a go but I'm with you on this one. Derby fans must feel proud after having a go. I feel a bit meh. We did surrender and it was a case of damage limitation. But as I said it's opinions and some would rather lose 4-0 but give city a bloody nose and others would rather just defend well but not put a scratch on them and only lose 1-0. There's probably no way we could have won but I just feel we could have done more than hoof it from defence all game.
  5. That's my opinion too. Monk puts out good players who let him down. Many have done for a few years now. They play well one game and shocking the next three. It can't all be down to monk stiffling them. Why does it work one game but not the next. They have brains. They should be able to think on their own during games. He doesn't make them ball watch, give balls away, make their passing terrible or tell them to miss chances or not bother creating any. He needs his own staff, to get rid of at least 5 players and bring 4 or 5 in. We need a new keeper for definite. Way too inconsistent. He might not be the man but it's way too early to judge him. But if they let him go in the summer and want a clean slate then I can understand. But we need a proper clear out. And not the owlsman kind.
  6. Reason they support it is because they do need time. The club is in a mess with ridiculously inconsistent players ,many of who don't have the right attitude or mentality to succeed. We can keep changing managers till the cows come home. This bunch will not learn. We have to let a manager over haul the whole team. Monk might not be the man for this but its harsh to expect anyone to improve players who just aren't good enough. We need 5 or 6 out and 5 or 6 in. Until we do that we are mid table even with Klopp.
  7. When we were third people were praising him. So was he good and now bad? I think he needs more time. Its hard to manage this squad. You've got players who get the rag on and others who are the most inconsistent players in this league. He's done what we wanted, brought in some more attacking players and dropped the likes of bannan and reach who have been underperforming. He's brought Forestieri back, brings in a young lad and who then lets him down. What can he really do until he gets rid of the wasters in the summer and brings in 3 or 4 players.
  8. I think fessi or winnall next to Fletcher would score goals. Not knocking Nuhiu but him and Fletcher together just dont get enough. Fessi and winnall are goalscorers and probably better than what we could get in January. Just got to give them the games, especially at home.
  9. We create a lot of chances but don't score enough. As much as Fletcher and Nuhiu graft and have near misses, we need a goalscorer. Never seen as many dangerous balls go in the box begging to be put away. I'd prefer to see Fessi along side Fletcher. But we also give other teams a lot of chances. Swansea could have had another two goals easily. I think we have done this a lot. Leeds could have won it the other week even though attacking wise we were decent. It's the lack of putting away chances as much as conceding late goals.
  10. Who's actually saying monk out? It's a tough balancing act to keep things tight but win games. He's doing a decent job. Atm I think we are struggling for goals and relying too much on Fletcher. You can't keep playing below par and expect to win. Not enough to get you promoted anyhow. Playing well will win you more games. I think we've got to see more of fessi or winnall. We need a goal scorer in the team. People confuse debate and theorising about how we could improve with moaning.
  11. I don't think it's bed wetting to voice concern. Pre Monk we were a bit lucky at times under Bully. Been better since he arrived but the lack of goals is a concern. Winning 1-0 seems to be the aim. Didn't quite happen last week and didn't happen today. I can't call this team at all after today. Dunno if we are going to be in for a good season or a disappointing one.
  12. Cardiff and now this. It's such a fine line between being top of the league and looking like another year of disappointment.
  13. As good as our defence has been we have given teams some golden opportunities at times. We could so easily have had different results. As good as Nuhiu has been I think at home we should be looking at fessi to play more often. But can't really grumble atm can we.
  14. We did well and could have won it but at the same time if we'd performed like Leeds did today at their place, we'd have thought it was a good away performance. Think we edged it but yeah Leeds did well. I think we are in for a good season but just need to dominate games a bit more.
  15. Last 8 mins I thought Forestieri did well. Straight into it with some good touches and had them worried enough to bring him down. He wins more free kicks than Nuhiu who rarely goes down due to being a beast Got to see more of him now. Harris is a reyt signing. I thought we did well but we were at home so I wont get giddy and say we are as good as Leeds. It would have been another story at their place. We need to score more. We are relying on Fletcher too much atm. Definitely a top six team but it's going to be hard to get top two with the amount of goals we're getting.
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