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  1. If we'd stayed up I think we would have struggled big time next season. Going down gives us a chance to reset, bring some younger players through and build a team with some backbone. Actually see us dominate a game maybe. If we can pay the wages we'll have some pull in league one. In the championship god only knows who we could attract. It's always been a laugh in league one but it won't be if it lasts more than a season, two max. I'm disappointed as we were so close to beating Derby but next season could be entertaining. It could be a disaster
  2. We have a poor squad and Moore will need to sort that out next season He can only do so much with what he has now but maybe he could have done slightly better I don't know if he said he would leave the match in Smith's hands but on the radio they were pointing out what they thought was wrong from a Wednesday pov but how it was maybe easier to see from up in the stands. If i was Moore i'd have been on the phone to Smith quite early on.
  3. If we go down Bannan will be like Iniesta in league one
  4. Been in the championship play offs twice, league one a stupid amount of times if we get relegated this year, poor finishes in the championship overall. Football has been dreadful as long as i can remember, with only the odd glimpse of excitement. One good season under Carlos and we've rarely had any stand out players like you get at other top half clubs. Not ones that any other club wanted anyhow. Rubbish academy that barely brings anyone through and in general we are crap. Look on wikipedia at our placings since the 99-2000 season. Its worse than i even thought. But you c
  5. I was just going to say, i'm sure in the 90's when we were doing well he was a supposedly a Wednesday fan. Bloomin glory hunter
  6. We need to replace most of the team. It would hopefully be easier to do in league one. We should still have a bit of clout as regards recruiting players. Replacing them if we stayed up would be a bit more tricky. Hopefully Moore can do a bit of a wilder and bring in younger hungry players and get us some momentum. Rather stay up but maybe we could go forward with a backwards step.
  7. Trouble is we aren't really catching up either. I don't know what can change to put that right. I haven't seen anything so far to convince me we aren't just going to carry on losing a few winning a couple and just going down by 6 or 7 points. Can we actually play any better. Today was a massive blow.
  8. He's the best of an average bunch.Can't see what option there is really.
  9. With utd, west brom and probably newcastle coming down, probably best we get relegated and avoid some drubbings
  10. It was a joke People knew how to pronounce his name. Well most did Wasn't racist but fair enough if he didn't like it. But end of the day he was a well liked bloke, even if he wasn't respected as the best ever Wednesday striker.
  11. Nothing ever changes. All these years and we are no closer to the premier league. There's no answer to it. Thrown money at it,had a whole stack of managers and still crap. Doesn't matter who the manager is , we are bob r. Saying that, you can't expect to go to Norwich and win. Maybe it'll happen for us one day but maybe not.
  12. Tbf he managed some good clubs at a bad time. None of them were really on the up. All tough jobs imo.
  13. What i hate is over cautious,playing like we are away when at Hillsborough,too many in defence,playing too deep and hoofing it high into the middle in the hope we win it. If we are playing with more intensity,getting it wide and getting balls in the box that can be exciting and show we are trying to win the game instead of nick it. Long ball can be exciting.
  14. Ok not everyone is the same. But i feel not giving him an chance what so ever is a bit daft. Gut might tell you he will do a poor job but gut feelings can be wrong. We've been rubbish for so long that it shows there is no secret formulae. Good managers have done bad jobs. Maybe Pulis can do something the long line of others haven't. One day it will happen. I don't think that other guy was demanding everyone get behind him but its just a turn of phrase.
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