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  1. I don't understand why he hasn't been playing. Surely you play as normal until the day your contract is up. Whether you are going to leave or not it shouldn't make any difference
  2. Honeymoon over Jos

    He's a tinker man like Ranieri. I'm more a fan of putting the best players out. We worried too much about what Millwall could do and didn't concentrate on what we are good at. I like Jos, I've not lost faith. He's still learning and trying new stuff but for me I would have played as near to the side that beat Derby as possible. It's a game we could have won. Forget ifs and buts against villa.
  3. OK let it begin

    Jos has had success before. He must know what he's doing. But I hate too much faffing with the team personally and can't see any reason in playing that line up at a team that isn't that good anyway.
  4. He was a like a mate. You can say he didn't do a good enough job but I find it hard to dislike the guy. I don't see anything wrong with clapping a returning manager who the majority liked as much as big Ron or Megson. Imo it's being a mardy arse if you give him a bad reception. We have always applauded certain players and managers who we had a good bond with.
  5. I'd have thought Swansea would rest a few and be hard to break down. So a more attacking line up might have been better. Don't see how this side can break them down. Could be a real snorefest. But Jos is the man and we'll see how it goes.
  6. Disappointed with that. Could scrape a win ofc but looks a 0-1 line up me.
  7. Stop the blame game

    The players that are left are second and third choice. They are doing their best and that's only good enough to draw games attn. Birmingham was just down to errors and bad luck. We are creating and we will convert a few at some point. If they aren't good enough what can they do, suddenly become good enough. Just got to ride it out till we get one or two back and sort a few things out in the summer. No point getting mardy heads on and causing more pressure. Things are crap but in this case I dont think us moaning will help because we have what we have atm
  8. pay on dayers

    Thing is, why do I want to pay more to watch us play Villa. We've got less chance of winning so I should be paying less lol. Villa arent man utd. It's not like I'm going to see all the stars come to Hillsborough. Well over priced
  9. Luhukay Out

    Apart from Rhodes for João or Nuhiu, Hunt for Palmer and putting reach at left back and playing Boyd I don't think he could have done a lot else. And tbh Rhodes and Hunt have their downsides and plenty wouldn't have started with them. The players we have left arent that great Pelupessy still needs to settle in and Wallace has had a bad season. Apart from reach we are probably missing our first choice 11 and a couple that would be on the bench. It's horrendous and I've never known anything like it. The way things have gone have added pressure. These players would probably do better if this was the start of the season but its asking a lot of them in this situation. Jos is doing ok. Probably more than ok really considering.
  10. Pick Our Best Team

    Wildsmith, Hunt, Thorniley, Fred,Reach, Wallace, Jones, Pelupessy, Boyd, Rhodes,João.
  11. Three at the back

    I think which ever way he juggles it the current players just aren't good enough. We need a big clear out
  12. Three at the back

    Yeah hunt and reach for me unless it's a tough away game. Id like it's to stick with it next season but with a new left back, lees back and another centre half come in.
  13. The Legacy of Coco

    But the back up players are not good enough. Maybe we could try and pick a gung ho side but when we are missing hooper, forestieri,Lee and Bannan all at the same time we are up against it. We just haven't the strength in depth we thought we had.
  14. The Legacy of Coco

    The squad is atrocious. Need a big clear out and a big rethink. I'm puzzled who no João and Boyd but Jos has been left a squad that has lacked bottle and creativity for two seasons now.
  15. Dour and attritional.

    Thing is though they are Carlos's players and also there is the pressure of avoiding relegation. He's stopped us conceding and we have actually created chances , which were scarce sometimes under Carlos. We have so much quality still missing and you can only get so much out of players that aren't really good enough for a promotion side. Carlos would have took stick but it would have been stick two years in the making.