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  1. Eightace

    Stop the blame game.

    That team yesterday is probably our best 11 at the moment. They can be inconsistent and we do need new players. I never believe that players don't try. Consistency is what separates the quality players from the average. It will be hit and miss for the rest the season regardless of who's in charge. We need a rebuild and it could take a few seasons. We need to give Bruce time to put a team together and he's going to have to do it without big money signings but hopefully smart buys. There's no point getting giddy one week and looking to blame the next. We are just way off being a top six side and that's it.
  2. Bad day at the office Same players did ok recently. What can yer do.
  3. I'd hate to think how many chances we'd have a game if he went. Too important to let go imo.
  4. We need a long term plan. We need to build success instead of trying to buy it. If Bruce is the right man I can wait.
  5. Eightace

    Steve Bruce Giant Flag

    Get it sorted. Need a new song too.But it's got to include Bruce, massive and on our way back.
  6. He is mardy. ofc he is. Saying he was going to sell and peoples money pays for nothing. But who isn't. But he's trying to do the right thing so people should forgive him his strops and mistakes. If saying the truth deserves negs then so be it.
  7. Eightace

    Bruce's Record At This Level

    He's a proper manager. Not guaranteed to get us up but he's someone I feel could build something. Unlike Jos. Villa fans are poo pooing the appointment but why not point to the times he's succeeded.
  8. He doesn't go out of his way to make mistakes. He's a bit mardy, like a lot of us and doesn't like to admit when he's wrong. He spits dummy out when people have a pop. But he's trying and wants success. Hopefully he's learnt now that we are usually right :)
  9. Eightace

    Jos Luhukay

    Exactly. I can see what he was trying to do but he went the wrong way about it. And that line up at Bristol when we list 4-0 was ridiculous. Made me start to think he wasn't the man.
  10. He often seems to be the one letting someone get the better of him or at fault for a goal. Obviously the fullback's are put in that position more often. I've never had a problem with him using the ball. He's not bad defensively. He's a decent player but it's a position we could strengthen.
  11. Eightace

    Dear Barry Bannan,

    Let he who ant ever made a mistake and that, or whatever the saying is.
  12. Eightace

    Hutch's salute....

    It is but on the internet people get shocked and appalled by really trivial things.
  13. Eightace

    Sad picture

    I once got sacked at Xmas. I was a bus conductor and got caught by Blakey having hanky panky on the top deck at the terminus. Oh no, hang on that was on the buses
  14. Eightace

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    Yeah villa could have folded like many relegated clubs but he got them to the final. There was some faffing about with the takeover and then he got exactly 2 months of the season. So it's hard to really judge his time at Villa. But he's experienced and knows the players in this league. Which people scoff at but he'll know who he needs,where as Jos couldn't really know the players inside out in England. We can pick spots off his career but equally point to the promotions. He's no guarantee of success but id be happy with him. He will need time. Especially as we won't be throwing money around. But I have more faith he could build a side given the time than Jos could.
  15. Eightace

    No Thank You Joss

    Maybe thanking is too strong but he's not a bad stick and I wish him luck. Sorry for ruining the thread