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  1. Terrible. It's there any way of juggling these players to get a good performance or are we going to be poo no matter what formation or manager we try. Starting to get boring now being poor so often.
  2. I personally think it's a decent appointment. I could well be wrong but until he does a bad job I'm going to assume he can do a good one. The managers who usually succeed are the ones like the guy at Norwich and Wilder. Just decent managers who weren't world class players or managers of big teams. I dunno who people expected. Fergie to come out of retirement or some world cup winner There's no way anybody can say it's a bad appointment at this time and usually these things are self fulfilling. Negativity breeds negativity as it rubs off on the players and sometimes makes the manager second guess himself. Get behind him.
  3. I honestly think he's ok. We've had Wilson, Jewell, Bruce, Jones , managers who had done it before and it didn't do us much good. He's young and well thought of in the game and tbf took on some tough jobs. He's definitely no dinosaur of a manager. He had Swansea playing well. Who is there really , who we could attract ,that could come in and please everyone. I guarantee if wilder had come in a few years ago we'd have thought it was a terrible appointment, only managed at a lower level etc. Can't turn our noses up at Monk imo.
  4. I'd say Iorfa. They all have bad games but I think he's the best in that position. I'm not sure about bannan. I'd probably go with Westwood Iorfa, Lee's,Borner, Palmer Murphy ,Lee , Luongo,Harris Forestieri Fletcher Two grafters in the middle and let the wide players and fessi create the chances.
  5. Strange line up. Don't get how it will work but if it does Bullen is a genius.
  6. Lump on now trust me ;) I know someone who knows someone.
  7. I'd like to see 3 at the back with reach, bannan,lee,luongo,Harris midfield with Rhodes and Fletcher up front. We finally have some good options wide so wouldn't it be better to have two goalscorers for them to supply.
  8. To be fair this sort of performance has happened for the last 20 years, regardless of who's been in charge. We gave the game away. Bully might not be the man but these players could let any manager down. We've too many inconsistent players like fox and reach just to name two.
  9. We've got the players we've got now. Bully is trying a formation and style im pleased with. It'll work more often than not I reckon. So if we don't play well I'm not laying all the blame on him because maybe the players under perform sometimes. All teams do in this league. It's rare for a team to run away with it. Look at Derby last night and as good as Leeds were last year, they let themselves down in too many games. It's not 1983 anymore. We are going to play crap it's the nature of championship players. I'm not 100% sure about Bully but I think he should get some more time. He's not doing bad. But maybe he does need some help with the coaching. Nobody is guaranteed to come in and do any better. So as much as I wanted a new man in before the season started, I'm happy for Bully to carry on atm.
  10. I think that the two wide players will score their fair share. Reach is capable of getting a few. I don't know if we can play this system every game but up to now don't think goals will be a problem.
  11. The latter. They defended well and we did well in what probably was an intimidating atmosphere. We'll be ok this season.
  12. He's always struck me as a bit odd. Not knocking him but he has issues and that has been a big reason he hasn't got where he wants to be. Besides that he may well just not have a great personality.
  13. I'd leave reach and bannan on the bench for Millwall. Fletch up top, Harris and Murphy wide causing havoc, lee, hutch and luongo dominating the middle. Defence same as Saturday.
  14. He is saving DC money though, it's true. If there's someone like Mourinho yeah bring him in but otherwise I'm happy for Bully to carry on. No need to give him the job though atm. Would be crazy to. We'd have to pay him off if it went downhill fast and we'd lose him from the club. I'm not really that fussed about the likes of Rowett myself. Maybe Bully is more of a tactician than I believed he was.Time will tell. His team selection is good and he wants to play good attacking football, so let him carry on. But let's not give him a 4 year deal just yet.
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