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  1. I'm pretty sure if bannan was out for 7 months he'd walk back into the team once fit. Same if we had David De Gea at the club. "Oh sorry David I don't know if you're any good so you're now third choice" He must know Westwood was the number one and what the situation is. For me you play the best players.
  2. Well it is strange really. You don't drop Westwood for no reason.
  3. Eightace

    After today

    I don't understand why we can't bring players in this year. Looks like we'll be in trouble next season so effectively it's a two year unbongo? Depressing.
  4. Eightace

    Gonna be a long old season

    I could cry tbh.
  5. Eightace

    Joost Van Aken

    He's like john stones. Got a lot of quality but makes basic errors fairly frequently. It wasn't just the Wigan game. Those things can be worked on but if he can't turn it round soon we are in for a long season. Ideally we needed to bring someone else in with him as third choice CB. We do need to get behind him but it's hard not to groan when players make mistakes.
  6. And why is the punishment for losing money a fine lol. You've lost money, right lose some more.
  7. Or keep him and go for promotion. We might get fined but we aren't signing anyone anyway so who cares about an embargo.
  8. Eightace

    Is it official

    So we're under an embargo this season and next season as well?
  9. Eightace

    So we've wrote this season off?

    People have their own view. Mine personally is the defence is too weak. Optimism is fine but you can't expect people to fake it. I see us finishing 8th. Might play some good football along the way but I can't see the consistency to stay in the top six. That's just my own opinion.
  10. Eightace

    So we've wrote this season off?

    I've wrote it off. We just don't have the defence. One of Lees, Palmer or pudil gets injured and we are even more stuffed. Not saying we'll have a poor season but can't see top six this year.
  11. If we still had hunt and a decent CB ,yeah play 5 at the back. With the current squad no.
  12. Eightace

    van Aken

    I don't know if it's his age or if he lacks confidence as a rule but he's always looked shaky to me. He makes simple errors regularly enough to be worrying. He may well come good but Id really like to see someone else there this season.
  13. Palmer and pudil are ok as cover but they needed replacing two years ago. Selling Hunt and not replacing him was ridiculous. We have one good defender in lees and that's it. Van Allen is the shakiest defender I've seen since Larry May. I can see a lot of 3-2 wins and defeats this season. We're going to have to have our shooting boots on to win games cos the defence isn't going to be reliable.
  14. Blurting something out in the heat as you say may very well be racist. But somehow I find it different. If you are friends with people of a certain race, wouldn't judge people of a certain race or deny them equal opportunities, have no I'll feeling towards people of said race, then I would find it hard to think of myself as a racist just because I got mardy and hit someone with a low blow in a fight. I just feel there are certain levels of racism where you don't deserve hanging. I'm glad to see this thread still going and it's not got too tasty. But I'm out now. I would like to think of the allegations are true then it could be handled sensitively , fairly and with common sense. IE no massive court case and throwing tomatoes at someone in the stocks just because it's the thing to be seen doing.
  15. It's not being racist,it's looking at the context. Your example is different and clearly racist. It's opinions. People dont always see crimes and their punishments in the same light. We have to let the law decide that even if it's not what we would choose. It comes down to what people find a suitable punishment. Nobody is saying it isn't wrong if it happened but for me I would hand the matter over to the club's or footballing body to decide.