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  1. Embarrassing. How can a professional footballer not know how to take a throw in?
  2. Couldn’t score if they paid for it, this lot
  3. Frustrating this. We’ve been the better team again but haven’t taken or chances. Why are we so dreadful at finishing? We create lots of opportunities but have no composure in and around the box.
  4. What’s happening then? I’ve heard rumours about rumours about rumours today and everything’s stopped making sense. Anyone actually ITK? What’s the kit man’s next door neighbour’s best mate‘s missus saying?
  5. Difference between the sides has been shown in the final third. West Brom miles more clinical than we are. Shame, because I think we’ve been largely decent. Scoreline flattering them at this stage.
  6. Why is it that Bannan can put the ball on a sixpence from anywhere in open play, yet can never beat the first man from a corner?
  7. BBC Look North understands several Sheffield Wednesday players have not been paid in full this month. This includes some players who are still under contract and involves salary and loyalty bonuses. The club has been contacted for a response.
  8. Why is it that Bannan can put the ball on a sixpence from anywhere in open play, yet can never beat the first man from a corner?
  9. Sky Sports commentary and punditry is always a laugh. It’s like they pick a side before the game starts and everything is commented upon and analysed through that lens. Today’s angle is clearly pro-Bristol City, so everything about the goal, the Bristol chances, the half as a whole, is presented through that general prism. I remember in the run up to the 2016 playoffs, a good three months of Sky Sports sucking up to us every time we were on, even if we were playing poor they seemed to be very fawning over us. So it’s not always anti-Wednesday, but today’s game certainly se
  10. Ouch. Does it look likely that we’re going to lose, or is it still anyone’s guess? And which were the charges that were dropped a few months back? Was that for something different?
  11. My mate is a reyt idiot and hasn’t been keeping up with all this. He thought that this was all done and dusted and the charges had been dropped. What a muppet. Would someone mind briefly explaining – purely for his benefit, mind – what the point of this hearing is and how f00ked we are likely to be if the decision goes against us? And then I can pass the message straight on to him. Cheers.
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