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  1. Didn’t deserve to stay up to be fair, gave it a bit more of a go in that second half but we were relegated long before today realistically. Ah well, hopefully it’s all aboard HMS pee the league next season!
  2. You couldn’t flipping write this final day. Crazy.
  3. Anyone know if Cardiff even look remotely like scoring?
  4. I know commentators have to say it, but honestly who’s getting offended hearing a footballer say a swear word? Wednesday’s abysmal football is far more offensive, don’t hear anyone apologising for that.
  5. Fair play to both Wycombe and Toytown, at least they’re both actually giving it a go
  6. At least they’ve scored now, rather than 90+4
  7. Tactics for the second half have just been leaked...
  8. Real talk though, would you rather stay up thanks to an absolute worldie or an offside goalmouth scramble? Even if Rovrum do stay up, ours is still the moral victory
  9. OHH SAMMY SAMMY Bang offside, I’d be furious if I was a Derby fan
  10. Chuffing chuff, we’ve only gone and chuffing scored
  11. You won’t need powers of imagination in a couple of months
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