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  1. www.thestar.co.uk/news/how-sheffield-wednesday-fans-can-travel-to-chelsea-v-owls-game-at-stamford-bridge-for-just-28-1-9544604 Coaches going from Attercliffe Common at 1pm according to Star for £28 return. Cheaper than intercity owl tbf. Looks decent. Doesn't say how many coaches are going
  2. Why is Wildsmith not an option? He’s my choice, assuming Westwood is off.
  3. Any indications on when either will be back? I imagine it’ll have been posted numerous times but I’ve been off owlstalk over the summer.
  4. Rotherham look big candidates for this. Now just need to find another two more and we’re sorted.
  5. *I’m anticipating a lot of negative threads incoming, so just wanting to try and balance things out a bit. Not sure what happened to the original post, on mobile. Just trying to lift my mood after that shower
  6. Joao looked lively after coming on. Thought he did well in the build up to the second goal.
  7. As per the title. After our showing today, and following what has generally been an underwhelming, at times ominous, pre-season campaign, does anyone have anything positive to say about the side? I’m anticipat
  8. Would love to see Sammy Hutch take on a coaching role for the Wednesday youth squad. I say that because, as much as I love him and think he’s an asset when he plays, his history of injuries are catching up with him. Such a shame that he’s in this position, which is in large parts because of how he was mismanaged at Chelsea, but I think it’s maybe time for him to hang up the boots and get into coaching. He’s got a lot to teach the youngsters about passion and playing for the badge. Good luck to Fox at whichever club we (hopefully) ship him out to next season.
  9. I can't see exactly how both Barnsley and Birmingham can each pull 5 wins out of their remaining 8. But I guess stranger things have happened.
  10. That lad just earned some lady down in East Sussex £1million on the Sky Sports Super 6. And secured us 3pts and a dirty double over the Wessie scummers themselves. Legend.
  11. To be fair, Wolves are due a 4-0 hiding from someone...
  12. My personal predictions are as follows: 30 Mar (H) Preston - 1-3 (L) 2 Apr (A) Sunderland - 0-1 (W) 7 Apr (H) Fulham - 0-2 (L) 10 Apr (A) QPR - 1-1 (D) 14 Apr (A) Hull City - 1-1 (D) 21 Apr (H) Reading - 0-0 (D) 28 Apr (A) Wolves - 0-3 (L) 6 May (H) Norwich - 1-1 (D) Which gives us 7 further points and puts us on 48
  13. Our final 8 fixtures of the season are as follows: 30 Mar (H) Preston 2 Apr (A) Sunderland 7 Apr (H) Fulham 10 Apr (A) QPR 14 Apr (A) Hull City 21 Apr (H) Reading 28 Apr (A) Wolves 6 May (H) Norwich After today's win at L**ds, we sit 17th with 41 points. Last year's 21st placed survivors Nottingham Forest stayed up on goal difference, narrowly edging out Blackburn who dropped on the final day with 51 points. Over the last 10 seasons, the average number of points recorded by the team finishing in 21st has been 49.4, with a range between 44 (Birmingham in 13/14) and 55 (Barnsley in 12/13), while the average points achieved by the team in 22nd has been 45.7, with a range between 40 (Portsmouth in 11/12 AND Charlton in 15/16) and 54 (Peterborough in 12/13). So, the numbers would suggest that a further 5 points, on average, sees us safe. Both Barnsley and Birmingham would need 13 points from their final 8 games to reach that tally, and Birmingham would need to see a swing of at least 18 goals in their favour. What I suppose I'm asking with all this is: how many do you think we need to be safe, and where do you think those points are likely to come from?
  14. Even in current climes, I’d be very shocked to see us drop into the bottom three. There are some bad teams down there. We’re an unfit, ageing and injury ravaged team, but even then I don’t think that we’re worse than Barnsley, Burton or Birmingham. Club management seems incredibly dodgy at the minute, but even then it’s no worse than Sunderland and Birmingham for me. It’s going to be hairy, and it absolutely shouldn’t be, but I think we’ll be reyt. Just.
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