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  1. I agree. He’s proven he can do an important job for us one way or another and I doubt he costs a lot
  2. Clean language viewing

    Who could possibly be a Wednesday fan and not swear while watching ‘em ?
  3. Luhukay out.

    Any chance someone could summarise LS comments please? I must have missed them ....
  4. 3 pages and still waiting for some cv nt to come and say we don’t want/ need him
  5. Not Big & Not Clever

    Thoroughly agree be nice if that c v nt swarbrick could share it
  6. Always had a strong dislike of brummie Birmingham city fans can’t really think of any particular reason but just f ing hate ‘em ..don’t mind villa in general at all
  7. Carlos reception tomorrow

    Don’t think he deserves booing also don’t think we should be cheering him or any other opposition manager/player ... unless possibly a round of applause for his efforts after the game if we win
  8. Sam Winnall

    IMO Sam winnall left with the intention of not returning. Staying at derby injured also makes me think the perm deal is already done in principal at least. I also don’t care that much cos rated him lower than our other strikers apart from big Dave... not saying he wouldn’t have come in handy lately if there was a recall mind
  9. Sam Winnall Recovery

    This makes me think the deal is already done a bit like the Rhodes one we did
  10. Any I-Follow users on here?

    Yeah was about to say this ... selfish f ers
  11. Any I-Follow users on here?

    I like it. Could be better, much better but still seems good value to me to ensure I can see pretty much every league game when I can’t go to the game itself. Lot better than radio only option imo
  12. Walked out

    I know the costs only too well mate also an out of towner. Seriously though (and I may have had beer goggles that were also rose tinted) thought we genuinely still had a chance of a result at 3-1 we were in the ascendancy. Sadly the 2nd sending off put that to bed
  13. Was it fixed?

    ‘Joked’ the exact same thing yesterday... If you later found it had been you’d say it was obvious it was
  14. Walked out

    If you’re bemoaning value you should have stopped you could have got 90+ mins for your money equating to just over a quid min