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  1. ah right yeah makes sense then
  2. when even was it like a shed? in the 90's i remember it being uncovered terracing.... or is it at the opposite end to the old away end?
  3. Any going let me know after anything up to 4 cheers
  4. It’s a shame jos can’t be prosecuted for his crimes against us
  5. woodys

    iFollow help

    You could try windscribe free one - not sure if it still works but know it used to
  6. woodys

    Liam Ridgwell

  7. woodys


    Dunno about that mate but yeah a matter of opinion either way. Can’t really suggest any better
  8. woodys


    Wouldn’t go as far as to say well and believe they/ those positions are considerably weak links for us
  9. woodys

    Van aaken off

    Another pointless waste of money from that era!
  10. woodys

    Added time

    Seems to be when we need to score it’s only 3 mins but if we are holding on it’s 4 minimum and upwards
  11. woodys

    Bet365 live stream

    A lot if not all will give you short trials and they usually have a Facebook or twitter account so you can gauge the likely reliability by some comments from other users. As others have said there are no guarantees but the prices are imo low enough to take a bit of a chance
  12. woodys

    Gaetan Bong

    Wish player speculation threads with absolutely no relevance to us whatsoever were posted in non swfc
  13. woodys

    RIP Playoff Hopes

    F ing criminal what jos did to us and sh1 tty position he’s left us in
  14. But but I thought he was going to prison for his war crimes