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  1. woodys

    If the Chairman agreed.

    Don’t mean to be awkward to you personally mate but is he really a very good businessman. How do we know? He’s got running a footy club terribly wrong
  2. woodys

    If the Chairman agreed.

    I genuinely think he would to be honest
  3. before the match started i though udders at home play offs - but in hindsight
  4. woodys


    I’m with you mate better side with him in it
  5. woodys

    Streams for today

    Ifollow via vpn is prob your only option I’d guess ... there is iptv but more technical
  6. woodys

    Danny Batth

    Were we ever even in for him?
  7. yeah they had a man sent off fairly early on if i remember rightly
  8. woodys

    wolves game on ifollow?

    Hmm ... maybe? https://www.wolves.co.uk/shop/wolvestv/
  9. woodys


    Imo its down to chansiris naivety that the forestieri thing even came about. Countless top players at clubs have it in their contracts that their wages are automatically alligned if new players come in on bigger salaries. was even talking to a west ham fan this morning who was on about andy bloody carroll having that in his terms at their place
  10. in the slightly longer term could it force clubs into lowering attendance prices
  11. woodys

    What's going on at #swfc?

    hope he's planning on sharing this knowledge with the players at least
  12. woodys

    The Star - Were after a CB

    hefele? think forest just signed him
  13. Yeah a lot of the iptv providers have the ifollow feeds this season and can use on any device... defo the best value. even if you do month to month its still cheaper than the abroad subscription (albeit the chance of it not working does go up a little bit)