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  1. Easy to say with hindsight but wanted luongo to start to todaythoight it would have been his kind of game
  2. You make decent and valid point mate. To cut my long story short if I was choosing right now I wouldnt want him as manager but would want him as part of the coaching setup
  3. Trouble is if he gets the job full time if/when it doesn’t work out that’s probably him done at the club. I’d much rather we get someone in and he carries on long into the future with us as coach or what have you as I think personally he’s a valuable asset the club
  4. Top man am up for another watch of that
  5. Ironically I think we are more likely to see new arrivals with a new manager and less likely with Bullen
  6. It’s not a shame for me as I’m not on my way to Sheffield when using that route
  7. Victoria to kings cross is dead easy mate 10 min max do it regularly
  8. Yes I think they have just ran the same story as before (whether true or not)
  9. I really rate Joao but the problem for me is the consistency, he has the attributes there just for whatever reason doesn't seem to sustain them game to game whereas as someone said above you can pretty much guarantee a 100% shift from SF when he plays That said i would still rather keep hold of Joao ahead of Winnall, rhodes and Nuhiu
  10. would definitely take some satisfaction from him ending up in whatever scenario he least wants out of all the possibilities
  11. A journo has just poured cold water on it the chronicle lee Ryder on twitter
  12. and if Chansiri is holding out for more then good on him - this is a huge f ing disruption to us and we need compensating as heavily as possible
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