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  1. Whether people like it or not he is still the best/ most reliable source of early transfer info out there
  2. Anyone watching the city match still genuinely pleased we have drawn them?
  3. Yeah I know mate just feel City will too easily beat us and I’ve watched us play them a few times since perm days ..there were some tasty options for abetter chance at progression or ties against big sides we haven’t played for a long time. City was the last draw I wanted. Just my opinion of course
  4. Rather a better chance at progression to the next round than another likely cup defeat at the hands of Man City. Cheers
  5. Your post loaded before the op’s one I thought f ing hell I’d lose anyone before iorfa at the moment ffs
  6. Some live outside the Sheff broadcast area I guess maybe other reasons tho
  7. You can watch live on the day if you live abroad or have a vpn that makes it look like you’re abroad
  8. Anyone still peddling the FF feigned injury to have Xmas off story?
  9. Interested in hearing what actual facts you are basing this victimisation on exactly?
  10. The good thing is at actual games there only seems to be support for our player while he’s playing for us
  11. You can say that about anyone injured or suspended it’s just part and parcel of the game. Our match day squad is stronger with him in it than not
  12. You could argue yeah we all have opinions right or wrong. What you referring to exactly I can’t remember the words ...
  13. His quality simply has added to the squad whether we disagree on to what quantity
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