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  1. woodys

    Possible player exit?

    And I was mocking the fact he obviously does. Nothing more
  2. woodys

    Possible player exit?

    But hang on some people on here have said Nixon doesn’t know anything?
  3. Really? Where’s that then? I just heard him and Carlos had to arm round the shoulder him a bit to play villa
  4. Got sat pretty much next to them at Wembley for play off...totally ruined the atmosphere as could hear nothing but their b@ star d instruments. Nothing against them as people but find the whole band thing a bit embarrassing and annoying
  5. Bet he is absolutely gutted he’s got to come back
  6. Underhanded tactics are clear as day here. Good riddance UTO
  7. Tango footage is not from Russia think was France Mint to see the Wednesday flags out there UTO
  8. Hopefully the only replacing in the striker dept is winnall and Rhodes
  9. Absolute ends in unt
  10. woodys


    Or studied your posts ....
  11. woodys


    Anyone with half a brain and a pair of eyes can see Nixon is still the most reliable out there with news where we are concerned
  12. woodys

    anyone on I Follow ?

    Not to mention the sound around a minute later than the video
  13. woodys

    anyone on I Follow ?

    Let’s hope not mate I can only make maximum of about half our games live prob even less this year so has been perfect for the others