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  1. Interested in hearing what actual facts you are basing this victimisation on exactly?
  2. Do you know what Murphy is costing? I wondered if the deal was part or all of the settlement with Ashley ...
  3. The good thing is at actual games there only seems to be support for our player while he’s playing for us
  4. You can say that about anyone injured or suspended it’s just part and parcel of the game. Our match day squad is stronger with him in it than not
  5. You could argue yeah we all have opinions right or wrong. What you referring to exactly I can’t remember the words ...
  6. His quality simply has added to the squad whether we disagree on to what quantity
  7. Well there’s only one way find find out answer to that
  8. Anyone that doesn’t think a player of his quality adds to this squad is living on another planet
  9. Guessing they were at Sunderland same time?
  10. Was quality at Brentford and Burnley and a bit of a sh1 thouse be very happy to see him here
  11. My guess is he is part or all of compensation for the Brucey and his pals debacle
  12. Never really thought madine was of the standard we required myself
  13. Assuming he not only has pretended to be injured but also that would require monk and other staff to be complicit says more about your poor attitude towards our player
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