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  1. Thought he looked out of his depth when he played unfortunately looks like being another massive waste of money
  2. Much prefer him to go somewhere other than our league
  3. For balance I agree with you on this one
  4. Crap penalty sure no one would argue. Under par performance today yes as with most. Waste of a wage? Not for me and definitely not be ‘happy’ to sell him
  5. so do most fans with eyes
  6. Was a poor game for most he was no worse than others and simply doesn’t stroll around generally like he doesn’t care you’re talking absolute sh I te
  7. Complete b 0 lloks reg ff
  8. Poss not, it would be the Wednesday way to win next 3 then lose v Preston and qpr
  9. I think Norwich is winnable esp as they could be home and dry by then
  10. Society we live in if anyone had challenged him they would have most likely got banned. F ing joke wish he’d got taught a lesson as I would expect doing that at any opposition ground
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