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  1. Absolute ends in unt
  2. woodys


    Or studied your posts ....
  3. woodys


    Anyone with half a brain and a pair of eyes can see Nixon is still the most reliable out there with news where we are concerned
  4. woodys

    anyone on I Follow ?

    Not to mention the sound around a minute later than the video
  5. woodys

    anyone on I Follow ?

    Let’s hope not mate I can only make maximum of about half our games live prob even less this year so has been perfect for the others
  6. woodys

    anyone on I Follow ?

    I know was trying to get on while at a bbq yesterday so couldn’t give it my full effort
  7. woodys

    anyone on I Follow ?

    I was using a paid for one tried loads of different locations and none got through
  8. woodys

    anyone on I Follow ?

    They told me on chat yesterday they have just upgraded their systems to stop vpns connecting. Said it’s in t&c’s apparently
  9. woodys

    anyone on I Follow ?

    Got done on the old vpn today w@n kers had a good run still annoying though
  10. woodys

    Today's match on TV

    Be on ifollow won’t it?
  11. woodys

    (Not a) Preston fan view

    Feel like I have entered a parallel universe
  12. I agree. He’s proven he can do an important job for us one way or another and I doubt he costs a lot
  13. There’s always one
  14. woodys

    Clean language viewing

    Who could possibly be a Wednesday fan and not swear while watching ‘em ?