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  1. Paul Williams v Port Vale Oct 1990 https://youtu.be/mEdEAGj62d8
  2. Heard on the radio on the way home Bullen say it was minor injury in Friday training and just a precaution. Better, he said, to miss one match than risk playing and be out for 5-6 weeks. He mentioned managing Keiran Lee's amount of games as well, so I could see Lee being rested when bringing Bannan back in.
  3. Just been announced, 5.30pm Kick-off on Sky https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11703/11658418/sky-bet-championship-fixtures-live-on-sky-sports-leeds-vs-sheffield-wednesday-added
  4. Complete guesses, but I will say across the top from left: Carlos, Chansiri, Sougou. Then Joao, Keiren Westwood and Palmer on the next line. The one that looks like Ozz might be 23, so Sam Hutchinson. Maybe the one with the big R (4th down right hand side) is Reach?
  5. I have Hirst and Pressman. Attic or garage somewhere (3 or 4 house moves since then)
  6. Westwood 6 Hunt 4 Lees 6 Loovens 5 Pudil 4 Reach 6 Lee 6 Bannan 5 Wallace 5 Forrestieri 5 Fletcher 7 Dawson 4 Hooper 6
  7. Between Reach and Fletcher for MOTM imho. Westwood 6 - Poor kicking at times. Could have he done better on the 2nd goal? Will have to watch it back to be sure Hunt 7 - One of his better games of recent times. Think teams look to exploit the space he leaves but was sometimes a threat Hutchinson 5 - Penalty, red card, not his best game Lees 5 - Abraham had the beating of him for most of the match. Too often came and didn't get it Pudil 6 - Linked up well with Reach in the first half Lee 8 - So important as so often is the driving force from midfield, willing to run past his
  8. There is no money to spend and Buckley has probably been brought in to play on the right. Joey O'Brien and Mathieu Flamini are both still without a club though who could do a job at right back. Bit of a long shot but Flamini could shore up the midfield too on days Hutch has to play at the back. Bringing back O'Brien is probably more realistic and is only 30. Or a punt on getting Ola Aina on loan from Chelsea?
  9. 1. Wallace out (see point 2) 2. Hutchinson in midfield 3. Abdi as central attacking midfield (4-1-2-1-2 / 4-3-2-1 / 4-3-1-2 whatever CC finds works best) If I could have a 4th it would be to replace Hunt sharpish
  10. Westwood 5 - Two shots on target, two goals Hunt 2 - Far far far too slow getting the ball in and poor delivery when he does. Out of position defensively. Unable to beat his man. Terrible performance Pudil 4 - Below average. Again pushed up but no quality delivery Lees 6 - Pretty solid as always Hutchinson 6 - Ditto Lee 7 - Tried to play, got about but needed a bruiser alongside him Bannan 6 - Not his best performance by his standards. Worked hard but didn't have the final product and let the Leeds midfield run past him a few times Abdi 5 - Looked okay for someone forced to play
  11. ...oh, and I'm middle aged and 'reasonably' able-bodied, so don't mind if I have to sit or stand. UTO
  12. Wow. Reading most of these replies it's shocking how little wawaw attitude there really is. I don't think anyone has actually said everyone should have been sat down (even though it's the law), but that there should be a bit of consideration amongst your own. There were two very old guys near me who couldn't stand. They obviously, in this situation, couldn't choose their seats. At Hillsborough they would have probably gone in the south, but through no fault of their own they were on about row 15 (2nd tier). The owls near me in front of them were smart enough to sit so they could also enjoy th
  13. They are. All the middle tier that are not down the sides of the pitch are cat 2.
  14. Yep. I had a look at pink ones on NW side for getting to the tube station easy. Blocks 242, 243, 244 and 245 all had seats available. I'd imagine the SW corner would have plenty too as it is further from Wembley Way but tbh I didn't check the block numbers here.
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