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  1. Just seen this on tinterwikiweb re PC. Paul Anthony Cook (born 22 February 1967) is an English professional football manager and former player who was most recently appointed the new manager of club Sheffield Wednesday. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Cook_(footballer)
  2. No. Stick with Carlos! Or we start again... and so may as well wait til end of season.
  3. Guys, guys!!! Just believe. Positive noises will WIN the day. Inspite of differing views on tactics and performance, the one thing we all have is passion for the Wednesday! No negativity please, this will do nothing. Up the OWLS!!! Positive praise and encouragement whatever we play like - we all need to stand, sing, shout wave the flag, scarf, for the rest of the season. We can do it! WAWAW!!!!
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