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  1. I said this before and I will say it again, we have a chance now. We had no chance under Jos. Blackburn is now a mammoth game, 3 points with the momentum going into the international break and Derby + Bristol not playing either we could go into the break level on points with the playoffs never mind 4 or 5 behind!!! Blackburn is huge!!!
  2. Don't have red button function is there anyway to watch the game outside of this guys?
  3. Draw keeps us interested...... win and we are properly in the mix..... defeat and we would most likely need to win the next 3 to get back in again..... Monday is our chance to be a playoff contender...... 4 points with 11 games to go..... imagine the goodwill and positive vibes if we was to win Monday......
  4. Realistic or not..... 6 weeks ago we was miles off where we are now.... these next 2 games..... think the unthinkable....how many of us would of taken just a slim chance of getting the playoffs.... this chance has now arrived....... Monday night.... do we want it?? Do we want to be fighting it out with everyone else for 6th place? This is our shot..... down to you boys..... ps I'll have another tanquerrry bar man.... WAWAW
  5. If we're 6 points from the playoffs with 6 games to go it would be possible. So if we're 6 points off with 12 games to go and have to play the teams in 6th and 7th it's definitely possible.
  6. Hi guys, one reading ticket needed. Can collect in reading. If anyone has one spare let me know please.
  7. Thanks guys usually on the north but for today I'm in the grandstand
  8. Bringing my little girl along for the game today, she came to the rangers pre season friendly and has been wanting to go again ever since. All she has asked for is a picture with Ozzie owl, does anybody know where our feathered friend usually resides before a match?
  9. Row 23 don't want to give seat number as a little bit of privacy for family but I was 3 seats along and it wasn't nice to witness
  10. I was sat 3 seats up from the guy..... was horrible to see, you could clearly see he had passed away. Can't fault ambulance and associated staff they turned up as quick as they could. You have to say this gentleman woke up this morning and went to support his team like we all do...... for whatever reason his time was up today but he will always be an owl flying high in the sky..... R.I.P to this man and his family who was with him
  11. Fancy a convincing win this evening. I'm going to go for 1-4 with a performance similar to Leeds where we take all of our chances for once.
  12. Bloke next to me at villa was singing this to himself on Saturday constantly for the 90 mins
  13. Ticket no longer needed.... move on to the next person.
  14. Still looking for one, can collect from derby as I live local to there.
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