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Community Answers

  1. Does barley in the box mean it was in the box? also after watching it from every angle I believe it was a penalty as apart from the bear hug there is contact with the the back of Nuhiu’s legs
  2. You can hear him beating himself off every time they get the ball
  3. Doesn’t matter who you vote for the government always get in.
  4. The guy who came on at right back for Cranie was very very quick faster than Harris imo.
  5. Ahh nostalgia...........it’s not what it used to be.
  6. Do you seriously belive anyone from the Birmingham camp will take any notice of what I post on here?
  7. Team Wildsmith Palmer Venancio Loovens Pudil Fox Butterfield Reach Pelupessy Wallace Nuhiu Earliest I've ever been given the team news.
  8. Well I would, what a wonderful site to behold, just fills me with nostalgia all my childhood memories are flooding back. Thanks for that.
  9. Have to agree the longer the game went on the more we've come into it. We've had a few promising situations but never looked like scoring they've looked the more dangerous.
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