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  1. It has to be Marvin Johnson. He has played: Left back Left wing back Left midfield Left of a front 3 Right back Centre half 6 positions! One of the many reasons why the team hasn’t gelled.
  2. You started out by saying that we had produced 89 crosses. Yet when you look into it, it isn’t anywhere near that number. If a defender intercepts a cross or a keeper comes and claims it etc, then that is nothing to do with the striker being at fault. I’m not going to get into it with you regarding Gregory. The issue lays solely with Moore. It wouldn’t matter if Gregory never played another game this season. We have a guy in charge who lets the team try and play out from the back, a guy who plays players out of position, and a guy who thinks it’s a great idea to play with WB’s at home. Gregory isn’t the issue. Moore is the issue.
  3. Yes, we have the players for it. Theo Corbeanu is a very gifted player, and Shodipo scored goals for a decent Oxford side last year. Sow also looks skilful. Of course they’ve all been disappointing so far this season, but that’s due to Moore either not playing them, playing them out of position, as well as constantly tinkering with the team/formation every week. None of them have had a proper chance.
  4. You don’t even know if they’re missed crosses. Not unless you went to every game, recorded them and then analysed them all afterwards. Defenders and goal keepers intercepting them aren’t even classed as missed opportunities. There’s no issue with Gregory whatsoever. The only issue is with Darren Moore, with his baffling tactics and decision making. That’s the reason why we’re the fourth lowest scorers out of 24 teams.
  5. Fair enough. Nothing is guaranteed. People are rightly getting frustrated. I would definitely start him at home, in either a 442 or a 433. It’s going to be hard to go up when we’re the 4th lowest scorers in the entire division.
  6. Crosses and attempted crosses are two completely different things. We could attempt 20 crosses in a game, but literally only a few of them may be of quality which get put into the right place at the right time. So what’s the point in quoting them? Again, I’ve been to matches where we’ve only put in a handful of quality crosses. Gregory hasn’t been supplied with great service, and neither have the other forwards. 89 attempted crosses is such a meaningless statistic. Only a handful of them will have been like Hunt’s for Gregory and Johnson’s for Patterson.
  7. I’m interested to know where these stats are from. 89 crosses in 4 games? Really? That’s a huge amount. That averages out at over 20 per game. I’ve been to games and only seen 4-5 quality crosses that weren’t intercepted. Are these attempted crosses or successful crosses? That number seems way way too high for me. I don’t believe for a second that he’s had almost 90 crosses to attack. If they don’t fall to him and are intercepted well before they reach their intended target, then they’re not chances for him are they. If they’re blocked/cleared they’re not clear cut chances. Your math doesn’t add up. He can’t have had only 7 shots from 89 crosses. Also, I’ve seen many crosses that have been claimed by the keeper, as well as ones that have even gone out of play.
  8. Good post. But calling for him to start isn’t odd. Not when you consider that we’re scraping by teams and are one of the lowest scoring teams in the entire league.
  9. We’re barely beating teams now. Why would we definitely get slaughtered in midfield? Why can’t we go out and put the opposition under pressure for once? He could also be played in a 433 You’re asking why he deserves a start, yet I could reasonably ask: Why doesn’t he? We’re not playing great. We’re scraping wins. The WB formation keeps getting changed, as we look unbalanced at times. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t feature more.
  10. We looked awful in the first half against Bolton with the WB formation. As you know, he was forced to change things through injury. And when he did, we looked a better, more balanced team. It’s a joke that Theo hasn’t featured more, when we’ve seen Dele, Bannan and Dennis out wide on the right.
  11. He didn’t though did he. We won by a change in formation, where we looked a completely different team. Just like against Cambridge mid-week. The WB formation doesn’t get the best out of our squad. The forwards are reliant upon quality service from 2 WB’s, who need to be high up the pitch to provide the crosses. But it doesn’t happen that often, especially as we’re constantly trying to play it out from the back.
  12. He was very impressive against Mansfield. Very confident, dribbling at pace, where he put some quality crosses into the box. He also set up the winner. He deserved a start against Bolton based on that game. Yet we have a manager who thought that we’d be better off playing with WB’s on 48 hours notice instead. Yes, of course he’s going to make mistakes. But he should be used more, especially at home. He puts the defenders under huge pressure. He can win free kicks, corners and throw-ins deep into the oppositions half. He can take 2 of the opposition’s defenders away and free up space for other players. I would bet my house that if we played a 442 with Theo on the right and Johnson on the left, that between them, they’d produce more quality crosses for our forwards over 90 mins, then any combination of WB’s that Moore could play.
  13. We’ve got a manager who saw him put in a M.O.T.M. display against Mansfield, before then deciding on just 48 notice, that we were going to play with 3 at the back with WB’s, at home to Bolton. The fact that Moore doesn’t play him when 21 teams have scored more than us speaks volumes.
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