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  1. I remember going 20 years ago for a pre-season friendly. Di Canio and Carbone played. I can't remember the score though.
  2. Ha! You can't be serious? I'm now convinced that you've reeled us all in. I loved Hirst. He was my hero when I was a kid. But during Beni's time with us, he was a bit part player. He was overweight, inconsistent, and he could never get back to where he'd been previously. Not only that, he left for Southampton half way through Beni's second season. Your posts on this subject are utterly ridiculous.
  3. The suspense is killing us. Paolo is obviously one, but who else are you referring to?
  4. I can't condone his actions, but he didn't refuse to play, he refused to sit on the bench. He was outraged that Wilson wasn't starting him. And it's clear now that Wilson did that due to personal issues and not for the benefit of the team. He also dropped Paolo from the starting line up away at Wimbledon, and played a young Alan Quinn instead. He then brought Quinn off for Paolo and Paolo scored. Again, I can't condone Beni's actions, but Wilson was completely inept as a manager. There were never any incidents like that when Ron was in charge.
  5. I'm still awaiting for you to back up your ridiculous posts. He didn't miss every pre-season. He was late back a few times though, but he got an extended break one year due to him losing his best friend in a motorcycle accident. I can't condone his behaviour at Southampton and he was rightly fined. But it was different to the situation with Fernando, because he was outraged at being on the bench. He had no relationship with Danny Wilson. He was very angry that he wasn't in the starting line up. Again, I can't condone his immature actions, but at least he wanted to play.
  6. Hey genius, if Fernando is 10 x the player that Beni was, and he's also better than what Paolo was, then why the hell is he still at Hillsborough??
  7. That's not argument, it's just more utter nonsense from you. More assists, more goals? What do you think Beni would do in this current side? You have said that Fernando is 10-20 x the player. I must be dafter than you to even continue the debate I love Fernando, but you're taking the pi$$. Let me know when he scores a goal like this one: https://youtu.be/uctgfRNpxvI (You'll probably think that he just slipped over)
  8. Your posts are cringeworthy. Inter did not decide he wasn't good enough. He'd had a great season with Napoli and he was one of Inter's top signings in 1995. He then had a good first season and he was highly regarded. But early on in the following season, he wanted to experience English football. They actually wanted him to stay. You have said that he left Serie A because he wasn't deemed good enough. Yet he then went onto play for Parma who finished 5th in the league. You have also said that he wasn't good enough to play for his country, yet you don't seem to realise that neither Paolo or Fernando had/have been capped. You're either on the wind up for a bit of fun, or you're completely clueless.
  9. Put foward an actual argument of how Fernando is 10 x more gifted. I'll wait. Are you not aware that both players played in vastly different teams of different eras? Are you telling me that if Beni played in the current team, that he wouldn't be head and shoulders above everybody else? Would Fernando be considered the best player in our current team if Paolo was here? What do you mean Beni wasn't even the 2nd best in the team when he was here? In what respect? Attacking wise or overall?
  10. Inter didn't want him to go. He also played for Parma in 2003. Paolo never got capped for his country either. Your argument has just fell apart.
  11. He played at the highest level in Serie A. What is your definition of world class? How was Paolo less flash? Paolo was more flash. Paolo would turn somebody inside out at the byeline, and then go back again instead of crossing it. I loved both of them equally, but Paolo was just as guilty in over doing things.
  12. Of course he was world class. He played for Inter Milan with the likes of Paul Ince, Roberto Carlos and Youri Djorkaeff. Paolo didn't play international football either. And that's because both Paolo and Beni played their best football without being shackled by defensive responsibilities. They both played their best football with Napoli, where they were given free roles. They were both good enough to get capped, but the managers of the national teams preferred hard working defensive minded players such as Angelo Di Livio. Regarding Waddle, he of course was also world class. But how often did he defend? Players like that shouldn't have defensive responsibilities.
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