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  1. We’ll play better this season and come away with nothing so grab the points when you can
  2. Going to be the last game to finish today. Results will already have been read out-usually only means one thing….
  3. Only made worse by the fact they have awarded Fred the contract for the building work
  4. I’ve heard we have invested heavily in a couple of new flags for the referees assistants
  5. https://twitter.com/vancouverowls/status/1553382639540641797?s=21&t=WmzwjKDu-iGB9D6TYth2Nw
  6. Terry Henfleet is coming back…believe !
  7. Totally As a sports fan, I get the same enjoyment supporting Jess Ennis, Rebecca Adlington, Laura Trott, Emma Raducanu as I do Mo Farah, Adam Peaty, Jason Kenny or Andy Murray Am I expecting them to be able to compete against each other, of course not Similarly with the women’s football, why should we feel the need to compare it to the men’s game? Just enjoy it as a competitive event, get patriotic and suck up the inevitable disappointment
  8. Going to be the star of our Pizza cup triumph
  9. They are just getting a Yellow card printed with his name on it
  10. I seem to recall Jermaine Johnson having some of his more impactful games when coming off the bench. Made 80 odd appearances as sub
  11. Bet they wont even let them board the Rotherham Owls coach either
  12. Pop back on here in 2025 for the 100 year celebration of their last major trophy win It’s going to be epic - new cake ball, party in Hillsborough park, commemorative shirts…
  13. Let’s be honest, with our injury record it’s highly likely we’ll only have 2 strikers fit at any one time
  14. Looks like 20% of the fee, not the profit https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/lucas-joao-reading-sheffield-wednesday-23951503
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