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  1. Isn’t Brendan Rodgers an Owl? Thought I’d read due to him being a cousin to Nigel Worthington
  2. A team full of male substitutes ? How fitting
  3. Gonna struggle to get a song going with his name in it
  4. Kieran Lee scores, all ex players at it today Nuhiu scored yet ?
  5. 10 goals in nearly 6 years (although hardly played) He has turned into a complete disappointment
  6. Chesterfield fans at Chelsea last weekend made me chuckle ”Johnstones paint trophy, you’ll never win that”
  7. One of the lads we went with took a punch outside a nearby Pizza Hut after the game Poor lad, he was a Celtic fan only came along for a day out
  8. St James Park late 80’s when we sent them down. Think it was a Hirsty wonder goal, green and white hooped shirts Open terrace at the away end back then, loads of Geordies waiting in the park opposite the exit. Got a police escort some of the way then had to walk back to the car on our own. Locals gave chase, we did Starsky & Hutch entrance to car, wheelspinning away as they continued to run alongside the car. Pulse rate racing !
  9. Klinsmann did ok in his spells overseas. Surprised not yet managed in England
  10. Howard Wilkinson won the title up the M1
  11. He showed a graph showing our demise since 2000
  12. 2nd January onwards can see this coming in Boxing Day might be the last home game for a while
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