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  1. Dominic Iorfa on injury frustration and return to action Watch video here Dominic Iorfa on injury frustration and return to action
  2. Dominic Iorfa on injury frustration and return to action Watch video here Dominic Iorfa on injury frustration and return to action
  3. Worth posting again, couldn't agree more. And who will be the next fall guy as it is probably only a matter of time before Monk gets forced out. Would any decent manager want to risk their reputations.
  4. I must admit that was my initial thought but the problems for this season run much deeper and for that reason the buck stops with Chansiri. May be Bruce couldn't wait to go to Newcastle but may be also he was thinking he had dodged a bullet and would have eventually suffered the same team issues as Monk. I am not sure how many managers we are going to go through before some fans realise that if Klopp came and managed us we would still end up having a poor season. I really wish I could say that if we escape relegation that next season will be better but as things stand I can't. If Monk goes early on we will be in the same position, getting in another manager and setting them up for failure.
  5. Can't say that side fills me with hope but you never know, Odubajo might actually not give a penalty away today, and Pelupessy might impress. Should have kept off that lager at dinner time
  6. Big Jack's reign was the time I started watching our great club as a 13 year old. Great team playing great football with a great atmosphere. Halcyon days indeed. Loved it and was hooked from the start. However I do remember it being scary on the cop with the surges and managing to just keep on my feet as I went down an unknown number of steps when we scored or nearly scored. Wawaw.
  7. You think we are unique in that we don't have any?
  8. Couldn't agree more. How many more managers are we going to get through before this sinks in. Some on here wouldn't be happy with klopp if we lost more than two in a row. At some stage we need to give a manager time to build a team and that is going to take a few seasons. I have said it before but who is to know that Bruce wouldn't eventually have had the same problems with some of the mardy billy big times we have. Give the man a chance for gods sake.
  9. A salary cap has been needed in football full stop, for a long long time. It is what has ruined football and allowed 'some' players to think they are bigger than the club, of which we have had more than our fair share. Unfortunately it is taking a pandemic for people to wake up. How can it be that some average championship players are paid more than top surgeons or CEOs of medium sized companies employing lots of people. I mean Jordan Rhodes getting £2m a year. It's time to wake up. These people are born with a better than average talent for kicking a football, something which a lot of us would gladly do for nowt rather than our mundane day to day grind. And then some of them on big money decide they don't want to play for the club or the manager and they get away with it until they move on to the next big pay day.
  10. That's true Blue and white and he may be a man of his word but while the world is going to hell in a hand basket due to coronavirus I can't see many people wanting to buy a football team, let alone one that is a basket case in so many ways. So I think we will be stuck with him for a while.
  11. Well looking at the voting it's pretty conclusive, alas I don't see it happening anytime soon.
  12. You could argue it did when Monk took over, he got us to third. And who can say Bruce wouldn't have hit a brick wall just the same and been suffering the same now. We will never know.
  13. No we are left to guess just like when Carlos alluded to it, like when Jos alluded to it and like when Bullen has been at a loss for words to explain the lack of desire and background issues. Totally unfair on the fans that we are being kept in the dark and being asked to pay premium prices for everything.
  14. Monk had got us to 3rd just before Christmas, ok we weren't scoring a lot but we weren't shipping goals either. Unluckily we lost our talisman Fletch for an extended period. Monk didn't just become a bad manager, something else has happened and the whole ethos changed over the xmas period. Will things change here with yet another new manager? I would lay good money the answer to that would be low. Someone needs to tell the fans the truth what is rotten with our club. We are only going one way at the moment and it ain't the right way.
  15. Fletcher is back to save our season. Now wrap him up in cotton wool please Monk.
  16. Was going to go but can't get motivated at the minute and didn't feel like sitting shivering in the cold watching another average performance. Will be there Saturday though and Man city game.
  17. Well when you put it like that torres Didn't do any worse than Tom Lees anyway.
  18. Can someone explain what Palmer was doing at captain? I think that is the question. Have things got that bad. Been a great servant for us but he is no captain.
  19. Too little, too late I'm afraid. I wouldn't say he was best of a bad bunch but was certainly better than most today. But like a few others he is one of the things that have been bad about us since the play off loss at Wembley and needs to be purged at the end of the season. Another player with too much baggage playing when it suits.
  20. Not apprehensive myself, I am quite looking forward to a lot of the wasters we have been carrying for far too long being shown the door. We need to go back to basics and start again and adopt a Brentford style recruiting policy. That is signing young players with quality and selling on at a profit rather buying older players whose best years are behind them, paying them huge wages and selling them on at a big loss or on a free. And as we know many of these older players come with chips on their shoulders and only want to play when it suits them, Mr Westwood. As the song goes rip it up and start again. It may take many seasons to get where we need to be but I am fed up to the back teeth of the status quo.
  21. Well Leeds let me down losing to Wigan. Ahh well small mercies and all that lol.
  22. Welcome home Connor. Wish you as much success and adulation from the fans as the first time
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