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  1. And a big shout for Liam Palmer. Been brilliant since Bruce arrived. Well done he's one of our own
  2. Apologies for earlier post was just a bit hacked off at the time. Always been one of my favourite players but he knows refs don't like him and when on a yellow he has got to make sure he doesn't give these pleb refs reason to get another yellow out. That said a yellow for celebrating, a new low for a championship ref.
  3. Nothing to see here he just probably pulled something on his way to the courts or threw himself to the ground with his hands in the air. Seriously though as much as I love the lad when he actually plays, he doesn't do himself or the club any favours with his antics. We have had our fill of distractions at the club, we don't need anymore at the moment.
  4. Feel sorry for the guy but glad he has gone. Think he was sold a pup but made things hard for himself. Wonder if any of his frozen outs will make it in to the team tomorrow.
  5. Been a strange old day. A Labour leader standing up in parliament and blatantly lying aligning himself even more closely to the other side AND more importantly a delusional SWFC chairman who can see the future and says we will not go down. Don't see either ending well. DC Taxi for chansiri.
  6. Shock horror he's going to admit him and his so called advisors have made a horlicks of it and now we are up excrement Creek without a paddle. But he will find a way of blaming the fans.
  7. I hope the players said 'thanks for asking my opinion Mr Chansiri and I think you should find a buyer for the club as soon as possible, some one who has some idea about football'
  8. Preston beating Millwall 3 - 1. Our next opponents
  9. The buck stops with Chansiri. There is too much in English football where foreigners with money think they can come in with no prior football knowledge or history of the club and run a successful football team. We as fans eat it up because we want success and these days more often than not you need deep pockets to succeed. Unfortunately more often than not it doesn't. Case in point, our very own glorious club. All we can do is ride this out, hope he learns lessons and stop interfering in things he doesn't know about and put the correct people in that do. Question is where will we be when this plays out. Not doing a Coventry I hope.
  10. Is Eastleigh Owl the name of a horse because it surely has blinkers on. There is a saying about coffee, waking up and smelling.
  11. Hi Alan Thanks to Rotherham for making the Blunts look so ordinary and knocking that huge chip off of Wilder's shoulders. With us losing to Derby the same day I must say it was the highlight of the day seeing him sat in the dug out with a face like thunder. Please don't turn up playing like that at Hillsborough though or we will roll over. But at least it could see us finally get rid of our manager so small mercies and all that. Good luck.
  12. 'as open and honest as possible' lol. I can't believe they have used that statement which clearly means Chansiri will only tell you what he thinks you need to hear and nothing will happen nor will the real problems at our club come to the fore or be solved. I hope those who go enjoy the night but it will solve nothing until Chansiri stops micro managing the club and leave it to those who can and know about football and what it is to be a Wednesdayite.
  13. I think it will be more than £8m when everything is taken in to account and that will be per annum as who is to say with what is happening at our club that we will bounce straight back It's not just the money but we will have gone backwards by about 5yrs and it will be a slow rebuild. We have got to ensure the rebuild is kept in the confines of the championship and not league 1 or it could be a slippery slope.
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