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  1. Agree with this wholeheartedly. And the incompetence extends in to the Wednesday Tap. There is never enough staff on or not fully trained and the pumps must be the slowest pourers ever. This culminates in long queues and the club not taking the revenue they ought to.
  2. Agree with much of that but it is an inevitabllity that at some stage we have to move to a new stadium. It is not just that our stadium is old and has antiquated infrastructure/sytems and new fan safety measures are crippling us but road access and parking is a big issue. To bring Hillsborough in to the 21st century would be very costly but still wouldn't solve easy access and parking issues. At some stage we will have to accept a move for the greater good even at the expense of tradition.
  3. Agree with everything said. IF we can keep him fit there is every chance of promotion.
  4. Yes good luck Joao and thanks for scoring for us against your new team
  5. It's already in play Night you just need the joining number.
  6. Sorry Waddle you are right. I thought the OP was referring to fantasy premier league. Not seen an owlstalk efl one to be honest.
  7. Yes there is Night King. Mine has automatically renewed straight in to the league. The poster who has set up the league needs to put the league number on here. It doesn't get any easier though. Jeeze I have had and scrapped about 10 teams already doh!!
  8. This in a nutshell. Deserves a second post.
  9. Good riddance. Good performances too few and too far between. No fight no heart. We can do better.
  10. Well not exactly but it means we are close to starting another season with a cloud hanging over us instead of hitting the ground running as I had hoped.
  11. Hope the club make a statement sooner rather than later.
  12. Yes the old Championship merry go round. Only one name on there makes any sense and that is Hughton.
  13. Won't lose any sleep losing Joao. Great ability but lacks the application. Often lazy and not the player to dig deep when the chips are down. That said £1.8m in today's market is a good bit short.
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