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  1. Vic Flange

    John Pearson

    We love ya Pearson a true blue legend. FTB.
  2. Vic Flange

    Joao get him off

    And therein lies the problem with Joao. Did a job at Bristol that meant eyebrows would have been raised had Jos not started him. So Jos, rightly, gives him a start and is repaid with another non performance. He must be the most frustrating player. We all know he has the ability but he only produces once every 4 or 5 games. He didn’t even look bothered when he was subbed as though he was happy to get sat down. But as said he wasn't on his own tonight and my doubts about Dawson grow.
  3. Vic Flange

    Slept on it thoughts

    Agree with that especially when saying our subs didn't improve us where their's did, unfortunately that is down to the depth of our squad . But it shows how good we had been that they made 3 subs at once and left themselves wide open had they picked up any injuries. But Joao really has to show more intent and battle and I would have sooner seen Fletcher come on. Small margins though and I am very happy with how we are competing against the stronger sides of the division. Yes it was a kicker to end up drawing but they got out of jail and if Pelupessy had a bit more guile and taken one for the team we would have had all 3 pts.
  4. Vic Flange


    He's brilliant. The new Kieron Lee.
  5. Vic Flange

    Watched the Match back

    Yes the ref was dire. Thought the treatment of Fletcher just as harsh, he got nothing. Every 50/50 was awarded in the scums favour and although our performance wasn't great, the performance by the so called referee gave them confidence to keep marching forward and getting tight on us. But even with the ref on their side and with us playing with several youngsters they still couldn't beat us. Laughing at the Leeds scum.
  6. Vic Flange

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Thanks for the replies
  7. Vic Flange

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Tried to get a ticket on line but unable to as not been registered for a while. Any ideas?
  8. Will be missed especially in the big fixtures we have coming up. Great player but again he has let himself and the club down. You have to ask what kind of mentality it takes to get embroiled in something like this in a friendly.
  9. C'mon you blue and white wizards! !
  10. FF still in the doghouse then
  11. Let's hope they get what they deserve but probably won't. Ought to hand them over to those whose cars have been smashed week after week. Well done bus driver.
  12. Vic Flange

    What is George Boyd?

    Just another example, if one were needed, of our poor buying policy over the time since Chansiri came where we have thrown money at has beens and semi fit individuals and those just coming to play out the end of their careers and keep them in Bentley's - Mr Boyd. Pinching money.
  13. Vic Flange

    Fox? Seriously wtf

    Boyd was every bit a waste of money as Abdi and he will be on a big wage. Pinching money while fans pay big entrance fees. Shocking.
  14. COME ON see it through lads for another 3pts
  15. Unfortunately the Police and associated bodies are more intent on fining people for how and where they park on match days than fighting real crime and catching these morons and scum. Napoleon's car park is a fiver but at least your car is safe.