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  1. Totally agree with the OP. Jos is getting our second string players to gel and compete and playing for the fans and the shirt, something Carlos had lost. Imagine when we get hoops back and a few of the other first teamers. Impressed and happy with my club again after being massively disappointed. Well done Jos.
  2. Voted for Reach thought he was outstanding last night but could have easily voted for Joao or Wildsmith and a lot of the others who all put a shift in. Still not sure what we need to do to get Rhodes up to speed or if we ever will. Wawaw.
  3. Adam Reach

    Well impressed with most of them tonight but particularly Adam Reach, great performance. Thought Clare was good too and Joao back on form. They all worked hard, yes even Jordan Rhodes but I have to say he is so lightweight it is unbelievable. Well done Jos and Reach.
  4. Snow

    The snow is forecast early hours of Tuesday morning and turning to rain later so no chance of the match being off unless we get a waterlogged pitch. Best we can hope for is the conditions even things up a bit.
  5. IF we were relegated ...

    Let's face it a drop in to the 3rd tier could set the club back 10 years and worse case scenario a Coventry type implosion is not beyond the realms of possibilities. Something is drastically wrong at the club far beyond the injuries and some of the players taking the wee wee but we can only guess what that is. Whatever happens we must not drop in to L1 as the potential ramifications don't bear thinking about.
  6. If the 150th is anything to go by I am glad I am unlikely to be here.
  7. What the heck happening at our beloved club. I'm shocked and don't understand it. If we lose Reach we are screwed.
  8. Carlos has quite simply left us in a world doo doo of his own making. I think it is going to take a painfully long time to turn it round.
  9. Adam Reach

    I think a lot of the criticism of Reach has been unfair at times as a lot was being asked of him by Carlos who regularly half way through a game would drop him to left back. How could a player ever get settled in to a roll when he was constantly being messed about in this way. We are now seeing the best of him and when some of our better players are back under Jos things might start to get a bit exciting again. Wawaw.
  10. The injuries are a massive concern. Bad training methods, excuses for not wanting to play, unlucky or have a bunch of ageing crocks?
  11. Re: that Lee Bullen post-match

    Looked a broken man really felt for him. Top bloke. Amazing how apparently only 3 players had stood up to be counted in that dressing room. Wonder who they were and who just melted in to the shadows or didn't give a damn. Agree he wanted to say something but couldn't for whatever reason or thought he shouldn't. Something is very wrong and us supporter's are being kept in the dark. Carlos kept giving the impression he wanted to say something. Gutted.
  12. The mistake is to just think money buys success. Jordan Rhodes hopefully has proven that is incorrect. The OP is right recruitment has been woeful and good money has been wasted leaving us in a very precarious position. Brentford seem to keep producing the goods on a shoe string even though many of them move on to bigger clubs they still seem to find young pacey talent where as we chuck good money at ageing slow premiership has beens. Unfortunately there is a lot wrong in a lot of departments at Hillsborough, recruitment being one of them. We are bang in trouble and I am so annoyed about it and sad at the same time.
  13. Time for Rhodes to step up. I won't hold my breath
  14. To be expected...

    Maintain mid table and build for next season
  15. To be expected...

    What's to be expected is Brentford are a technically great side with pace to burn and a good manager and then there is us