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  1. Not sure I agree with TC. We haven't got the money to pull the big names anyway. Surely we have and need a manager that can spot a talent at a good price. In Jos we trust.
  2. Yes decent to compete in this division but by no means good enough to challenge for honours.
  3. Vic Flange

    Atletico Wednesday Shirt

    Love it. It's blue and white vertical stripes what's not to like. Wawaw
  4. Well if Carlos contract is only til the end of the season at the Swans then they will have dodged a bullet and will be spared the same fate as us being left with a team full of unfit crocks. Calamity Carlos.
  5. Yes we do and we are right. The championship is dog eat dog and is one of the hardest leagues in the world. To get promoted takes a lot of good fortune and many ducks to line up including keeping best player's fit and having the right manager. Let's hope we have got both of those next season and have a great deal more good fortune as well. Wawaw
  6. Vic Flange

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Carlos did not get the best out of some of our most important players with his tactics . Atdhe was one of them and has suffered for it. He is a revelation under Jos and hopefully he will stay but I think that very much rests on how strong Jos position is, as if a new manager came in he could find himself back on the bench again or not even making the side. Hope he stays but on a knife edge I think.
  7. Vic Flange

    who went to this game?

    Thanks to the OP for that clip. For a long time it's been bugging me who Adam Reach reminded me of with his look and style of play. The clip finally gave me the answer, Darren Anderton.
  8. Vic Flange

    Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    Good 3 points with another patched together side. Not pretty but safe now. On to next season and hopefully something better . Looking desperate for barnsley hopefully they can pull themselves round too and consign Bolton back to league one.
  9. Vic Flange

    Tactics were wrong today...

    Don't think tactics were wrong. We very nearly kept a flying Fulham to a nil all draw. I am not sure what some were expecting. We all know most of our best player's are missing or off the pace and we were up against probably the paciest team in the league. The team was freshened up with pace each time with kebano and ayite and we did well for so long to keep up with them. I was happy with our performance and we are still improving under Jos. Wawaw
  10. Vic Flange

    Kieran Westwood

    Unfortunately Westwood just another victim of the Carlos regime and now struggling with his fitness like many more of our players for whatever reason that is so annoying to us who pay good money to watch our team week in week out. Wrong to write him off and would still get in any other championship side. That said tough decisions have to be made at the end of the season as we can't have another season like this one and the team needs freshening up with win hungry players. I am not sure Westwood fits that bill now.
  11. Vic Flange


    Let's get it done for the Reading match. Agree don't think last match best time.
  12. It would be nice to know what the other stuff was, how much of it there was, and who are/were the perpetrators and is it still causing very obvious problems at our beloved club.
  13. Vic Flange

    Adam Reach

    He has had very much of a free role under Jos and has done a great job and more importantly kept himself free of injury. I would like to see him keep this free role especially as we are unlikely to see kieron lee again this season if ever. Only problem is not sure how this would affect how bannan plays but I believe he should now fit in around Reach and not the other way around.
  14. Vic Flange

    John Pearson

    Wednesday through and through. Well done JP. It's been a tough old season for us all but moments like that can change sentiment. Massive respect JP.
  15. Got to hold this now. Come on! !!!!!!