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  1. Carlos blame bingo.

    Players unable to adapt to being 1 up at half time
  2. May be if the fans cheered more when the players were finding it difficult to adapt then they might be more adaptable. And if the ref cut us some slack while the players were finding it difficult to adapt then may be we would have 10 more points. Please ref next time give Carlos a red at the start of the match. Heard enough of this malarkey now.
  3. What absolute codswallop. Carlos stop please you are becoming an absolute laughing stock. The opposition must read that and be rubbing their hands. Ludicrous! !
  4. Take a bow Jon Newsome, could not have put it better myself.
  5. Thanks Mishowl for the correction. I can't see how that can even happen now.
  6. Why?

    Owling I think a lot of players are getting unfair criticism due to the way they are being asked to play. Hopefully some might make their feelings known to Carlos the jackal.
  7. So that's the target is it, another try at the lottery of the play offs. Quite clearly the target the manager has had from the off and now firmly instilled in the players. Dream on.
  8. We are all grateful to Atdhe and as fans I think we all have respect for him and the passion he has for the club. A bit disingenuous of Carlos though, no surprise there. If we had not bought a lame duck in Rhodes, shipped Winnall out and not desperate for something different to try and rescue a game due to his dire tactics, don't think for a minute that Atdhe would be getting any further than warming the bench. There are a lot of players in the team of better ability than him that don't even get a place on the bench. It is a sad reflection of where Carlos has taken us that we are relying on Atdhe instead the big money strikers.
  9. Becoming a laughing stock.

    Kernow that is not the point. The point is he is in danger of attracting the wrong impression and becoming a figure of fun.
  10. Becoming a laughing stock.

    Quite right Bagarri these things usually even themselves out over a season and he could end up with more than a little egg on his face. Just fire the team up and get them playing how we know they can and the rest will take care of itself. And more importantly the fans will be happier.
  11. Becoming a laughing stock.

    That is correct studentowl. The fact is the way we have been playing the bad decisions we have had have had a big impact whereas if we had played how we know we can then then that impact would have been greatly lessened.
  12. Listening to radio Sheffield news early this morning the reporter was talking of 'another Carlos rant' and played the meltdown clip from Saturdays post match interview where he was blaming the ref who in fact turned out to probably have made the right decision and also overturned the linesmans off side decision for our first goal. The news clip was done in such a way that led you to believe there was some mockery of Carlos. Sad to hear but it did make me cringe hearing that interview again.
  13. Carlos on channel 5

    So it wasn't a penalty yet we had a full rant from Carlos on radio Sheffield. Yes he was a poor ref for much of the game but overturned an offside by the linesman for the first goal just two games after loovens should have been shown a straight red for his challenge on mcgoldrick yet week after week he is getting more desperate to blame the ref and or crowd. Becoming very desperate now and most are feeling it.
  14. Carlos on Radio Sheffield

    Ref blaming again for a very average performance. Yes the ref was poor and we should have had a penalty but I didn't hear Carlos discussing how the ref had overturned the linesmans off side decision for the first goal and how the ref at ipswich had allowed loovens to stay on the pitch. We do seem to get more than our share of poor decisions but fact is we should be putting in performances where poor ref decisions or irrelevant. It's a sad indictment of where we are that atdhe Nuhiu was our man of the match and only came on at 52mins.
  15. What would you buy Carlos for Christmas?

    The Portuguese equivalent of a P45