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  1. Fletcher is back to save our season. Now wrap him up in cotton wool please Monk.
  2. Was going to go but can't get motivated at the minute and didn't feel like sitting shivering in the cold watching another average performance. Will be there Saturday though and Man city game.
  3. Well when you put it like that torres Didn't do any worse than Tom Lees anyway.
  4. Can someone explain what Palmer was doing at captain? I think that is the question. Have things got that bad. Been a great servant for us but he is no captain.
  5. Too little, too late I'm afraid. I wouldn't say he was best of a bad bunch but was certainly better than most today. But like a few others he is one of the things that have been bad about us since the play off loss at Wembley and needs to be purged at the end of the season. Another player with too much baggage playing when it suits.
  6. Not apprehensive myself, I am quite looking forward to a lot of the wasters we have been carrying for far too long being shown the door. We need to go back to basics and start again and adopt a Brentford style recruiting policy. That is signing young players with quality and selling on at a profit rather buying older players whose best years are behind them, paying them huge wages and selling them on at a big loss or on a free. And as we know many of these older players come with chips on their shoulders and only want to play when it suits them, Mr Westwood. As the song goes rip it up and start again. It may take many seasons to get where we need to be but I am fed up to the back teeth of the status quo.
  7. Well Leeds let me down losing to Wigan. Ahh well small mercies and all that lol.
  8. Welcome home Connor. Wish you as much success and adulation from the fans as the first time
  9. Well why would you have Wildsmith on the bench if Westwood was fit? You wouldn't so there has to be a reason for it.
  10. It's such behaviour that is ruining football and unfortunately we have more than our fair share of such shenanigans. What Westwood should realise is that he is probably getting paid more per day than most spectators earn in a week, fortnight or month for doing nothing. Absolute disgrace.
  11. Roll on next season. Seems like that is becoming the standard call around this stage in the season. And Chansiri wants folk to sign up for a 15yr season ticket
  12. Ok who failed to take the opportunity to get forward? All 11 failed to take the opportunity by the sounds of it. Be interesting to hear Monks interview.
  13. Ok who failed to take the opportunity to get forward? All 11 failed to take the opportunity by the sounds of it. Be interesting to hear Monks interview.
  14. Of course they are, we have just gone down to 10 men by bringing Rhodes on. Has he given the thumbs up yet to a pass he was nowhere near or been knocked off the ball by the smallest player on the pitch.
  15. Midweek against Man City, SAG will be having kittens. Wonder how many more roads they will shut or how big a gap they can forge between the Lep and the North Stand.
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