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  1. Will be missed especially in the big fixtures we have coming up. Great player but again he has let himself and the club down. You have to ask what kind of mentality it takes to get embroiled in something like this in a friendly.
  2. C'mon you blue and white wizards! !
  3. FF still in the doghouse then
  4. Let's hope they get what they deserve but probably won't. Ought to hand them over to those whose cars have been smashed week after week. Well done bus driver.
  5. Vic Flange

    What is George Boyd?

    Just another example, if one were needed, of our poor buying policy over the time since Chansiri came where we have thrown money at has beens and semi fit individuals and those just coming to play out the end of their careers and keep them in Bentley's - Mr Boyd. Pinching money.
  6. Vic Flange

    Fox? Seriously wtf

    Boyd was every bit a waste of money as Abdi and he will be on a big wage. Pinching money while fans pay big entrance fees. Shocking.
  7. COME ON see it through lads for another 3pts
  8. Unfortunately the Police and associated bodies are more intent on fining people for how and where they park on match days than fighting real crime and catching these morons and scum. Napoleon's car park is a fiver but at least your car is safe.
  9. Vic Flange

    Lucas Joao signs new #SWFC deal

    Well that is surprising given he has hardly had a kick this season with him down the pecking order behind Fletcher and Nuhiu. Should imagine if fit he will get a run out tonight. Good news but he needs to grow a pair and not drift in and out of games.
  10. Vic Flange


    It's easier to get information out of the Kremlin than it is from our manager and chairman. I am sorry but fans deserve better.
  11. Was this one of the things Carlos was going to tell us at the end of last season. Lots going on we don't know about that's why backroom staff keep leaving.
  12. Vic Flange

    Dingle Mick

    Dingle Mick wouldn't come to us. For one he would be puppet for no one and that would not work with Chansiri so it wouldn't happen.
  13. Vic Flange


    The way those questions were phrased I really didn't expect any other outcome. Now the company have carte blanche to continue the same way of increasing prices of everything for fans year on year and p****ing it up against the wall with poor management of recruitment. Ludicrous! !
  14. Vic Flange

    The Money's got to come from Us

    Half the problem is Chansiri won't take advice and wants to micro manage everything, often badly. So if we did manage to get good advisors and recruiters in would he be willing to listen.
  15. Vic Flange

    The Money's got to come from Us

    So how do Brentford (and others) turn out excellent entertaining footballing sides year after year on half the support we have and not ripping off their fans in every way possible? It's nowt to do with us coughing up it's how well the existing funds are spent and ours might as well have been peshed up the wall. The advisors and recruiters want firing for a start.