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  1. The Plough was a great pub, particularly when the weather was good. Not been for years so can't comment on what it's like today (I used to live in Cambridge).
  2. Expected but a shame personally. Not living locally I don't prioritise/have the time to take an entire day to travel to every game but was happy to pay for ifollow. Not sure how much it worked out at per year but it couldn't be far off the price of a season ticket. Plus I would still go to any away game which isn't too far from me.
  3. I had the same issue with the error. But going through the menu seemed to work (You arrive at the link shared above) Still cant see anything on the Next match page though (usually there is a video player even if its not started)
  4. I bought x2 tickets for Bristol and followed the refund process the club posted. Had a couple of emails from the club. But got stuck when it came to getting the refund on my account as i dont have a season ticket.
  5. I don't have a season ticket but still trying to get 2 tickets refunded for Bristol City away. I contacted them via email and had a couple of email conversations but they ended with the advice of scanning the barcode on my season ticket
  6. I was logged in from about 11am waiting for the match live links to appear. Finally did and I got about a minute of watching the warm up and then the video froze. I waited a few minutes, had to refresh and then I was logged out and couldn't get back in
  7. Only 9. I think some of the bad years just blurred together.
  8. Just logged on to iFollow I didn't realise it was an early kick off
  9. I was living in Cambridge at the time and drove across after work. Terrible, terrible game. I just remember someone shouting at Dibble (Colchester keeper) to give us a goal :D
  10. Akpo Sodje. I remember the first game of 2008 season when we smashed Burnley 4-1, he looked unstoppable, then went off injured :(
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