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  1. My iFollow cuts off half the screen and everyone looks like a smurf :( Plus its turned red into blue :<
  2. McShefferty

    How did we make them look so good

    Looked like we setup to let them have the ball in their own half, where as they pressed us hard when we had the ball at the back. First goal was always going to be important and when they got it we didn't react particularly well. At the beginning of the season I was thinking 10-15th, nothing I have seen so far this season has changed that. I'm taking it game by game, hopefully enjoy some good performances along the way (yesterday was not one of them).
  3. McShefferty

    Wednesday and Forest links

    McGoldrick played a few games for us on loan I think?
  4. McShefferty

    Rob staton

    All the best to him. I remember him posting on here way back when.
  5. McShefferty

    Liam Palmer

    Agreed. I've been critical in the past, but he played well yesterday. Well done Palmer :)
  6. McShefferty

    NOW TV

    I usually buy a Now TV / Sky sports day pass and watch on my laptop. It seems like that should work based on their schedule: https://www.nowtv.com/sky-sports-live/sort/scheduled/today
  7. McShefferty

    The I-Follow Service Thread

    Video quality was ok. Audio was terrible, it was way too quiet and kept cutting out. I only got the commentary for about 25-30 mins of the overall match. The whole process of purchasing could be made much simpler. It feels like it's not been setup right. I've had issues last season where it constantly told me my password is wrong (I know it isn't as I use a password manager) and the only way to get it reset is to contact them, which they have to manually reply to. So often I had missed most of the match before I could actually log in. I've used the same platform / provider (Neulion) for other live sports coverage and the whole experience from purchasing, resubscribing, to viewing is far superior. Overall, still not a great quality service but slowly improving from the days of Wednesday World. /me shudders.
  8. Surprising. I thought they were going to make a call later today as further snow is forecast in Bristol.
  9. McShefferty


    Telling me my password is wrong AGAIN. I only reset the other day and I use a password manager so I know its right. Not receiving the password reset email so Im stuck :(
  10. I remember that night. Great atmosphere. We went clubbing in Nottingham after and I got the DJ to do a shout out for my "friends" birthday - Owen Morrison!
  11. McShefferty


    RIP Jeremy :(
  12. Well done WP made it 3 minutes in this time before cutting out.
  13. Absolutely shocking that Sky sports ends up about 10 mins ahead of Wednesday Player. I need to stop leaving Soccer Saturday on in the background :/ Come on!!!
  14. Let's go! Gutted I couldn't make it today. Fingers crossed for Wednesday player