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  1. Surprising. I thought they were going to make a call later today as further snow is forecast in Bristol.
  2. McShefferty


    Telling me my password is wrong AGAIN. I only reset the other day and I use a password manager so I know its right. Not receiving the password reset email so Im stuck :(
  3. I remember that night. Great atmosphere. We went clubbing in Nottingham after and I got the DJ to do a shout out for my "friends" birthday - Owen Morrison!
  4. McShefferty


    RIP Jeremy :(
  5. Well done WP made it 3 minutes in this time before cutting out.
  6. Absolutely shocking that Sky sports ends up about 10 mins ahead of Wednesday Player. I need to stop leaving Soccer Saturday on in the background :/ Come on!!!
  7. Let's go! Gutted I couldn't make it today. Fingers crossed for Wednesday player
  8. I've still not got the goal on my Wednesday player live! About 6 minutes behind.
  9. McShefferty

    Petter Rudi

    I remember a game v Chelsea and the commentators on the radio saying his off the ball skills were incredible
  10. First time I've been excited about deadline day! I reckon we should go for Laurențiu Buș as well (just for the headlines, I dunno if he's any good :p )
  11. Was about to say - you can see the deleted red sleeve on the left arm quite clearly. I quite like the kit though! (without the red)
  12. McShefferty

    Wednesdays worst ever srike pair

    Who played up front with Enoch Showunmi?