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  1. be careful, we on here should know this more than most.

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    2. dorian gray

      dorian gray

      just to be careful what you post on here, and other places too hun.

      the topic looks to have been pulled. 

      when posting anything like that, ask yourself  'am I open to prosecution for what i'm writing'?

      I have written a post many times only to delete rather than posting once I have given it further thought along the lines of 'could I prove this in a court of law'?

      look up 'libel' and ask how much proving you innocence, or fighting a court case would cost?

      look what happened to the guys on here when Sheffield wednesday v owlstalk (posters) was thrown into the air.

    3. SallyCinnamon


      Fair enough, will be more careful in the future.

    4. dorian gray

      dorian gray

      i'd love to write what I wish and think about doyen, but it wouldn't be very positive stuff, I was very surprised when lee s  posted a couple of weeks ago, maybe i'm too careful, who knows?

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