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  1. Evening Owls. I'm moving away in a couple of weeks so I've been having a clear out. I've got a box full of home matchday programmes from the start of the 03/04 season through to the end of 08/09. One or two from before then in there as well. Anyone who might be interested in collecting them from Buxton (Derbyshire) let me know. Thought I'd post it before just throwing them out.
  2. Thanking you. p.s. For anyone else, it may look a bit like a match report early on, but it isn't. Take a look. Hopefully you'll see why I'm really keen to get it across to you all.
  3. Having been on here since '04 and through a fair few interesting moments to say the least, I always want to share my writing about the club with any of you who are interested. I don't write about us for a living, it's just purely when I get that feeling that I really want to put some thoughts together and share it with everyone. As strange and ridiculous as plenty of Saturday was, I just felt that we really stuck together and it gave me even more pride than usual when the final whistle went. So I wanted to share this. Whether you agree with some of it or not, I hope you can enjoy it. UTO. Bonded by the blue and the white
  4. Paul Jewell confirmed the clause in Jonk's contract on something Sky Sports did about us during the Turner days. It was the usual 'decline of Wednesday' montage and they had Wilson, Jewell and a few others doing interviews for it. I remember Jewell saying something like 'he had this appearance fee, which believe it or not, he got even when he didn't play.'
  5. In all seriousness I just hope he can get back into things and that he has the chance to make an impact. It might not end up working out but the guy's got some serious ability and I still think he could do really well here.
  6. When did his temperament get him into trouble? For someone who takes so many kicks and fouls, and wrongly gets punished sometimes, I think he's had a very well-controlled temperament.
  7. I just wonder if that free-kick against Leeds had gone in instead of hitting the bar. That would have been him up and running, confidence up. It seems we signed him without having a proper place for him. I've been genuinely gutted that he's been left out so much. He's not just someone who had just one standout year (Bothroyd), he's been one of the best midfielders in this league consistently. You can't get away from the fact he hasn't played in his correct position. I'm really, really hoping he'll be given a run of starts there.
  8. He doesn't usually react aggressively. I can't remember any other time he's done anything like that. His two red cards for us were for 'diving'/handball and a foul/'diving'.
  9. Thank you all for the kind words. When I write about Wednesday it's just because I really feel like I want to say something or I've been inspired by a moment in a game for example. I don't write about the club on a professional basis so getting to hear how people felt when they read what I put together is a big thing with these. Thank you and thank you! In 12 years on here I can't say anyone's made that observation but it's an interesting one.
  10. Here's an article I put together, which I hope you'll take a look at. Just a celebration of why I've loved watching Forestieri play for us and some of my current feelings on us as a club and as Wednesdayites. Hope you'll enjoy: http://bit.ly/1nZShTa
  11. Definitely someone who's shown his worth with an extended chance in the team. One of the notable things about him is that he seems a big part of the team spirit and appears to really enjoy being here. When you've got that as well as good players you're on to something.
  12. It's hard to feel anything like the same kind of assurance when it's anyone but Westwood in goal but Price has a good enough background to be confident in. It can't be easy to just go straight in to something like the Leeds game when you've not been playing regularly and be free from any kind of nerves. I think we could be a hell of a lot worse off than we are with having him.
  13. It's easy to look at the number of clubs he had before he got here and to make a quick and unfair judgement but he deserved the chance to do his best and he's been brilliant so far. All that experience and in different countries seems to have given him a wide knowledge and I really like his approach and outlook. He seems the kind of coach players enjoy working with and playing for. My hope is that when we run into bad results again that we properly stay with him and the team because they totally deserve it.
  14. I went to my first games in our final Premiership season (it's not even called the Premiership now...) and whenever I talk to fans of other clubs the first names they always mention are Di Canio and Carbone. It's great that people of my era still associate us with those years in the top flight and have that respect because of it, but we're way beyond ready for a return.
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