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  1. I know Pudil got a club sorted very quickly abroad. As as far as I know Matias, Abdi & Hooper all still don’t have new clubs. Surprised that nobody came in for Hooper
  2. Not disagreeing with that. Just saying a negative approach got even more negative on promotion & led to his downfall. The football they played in his first full season was excellent. Incidentally we managed to beat them twice that season too :-)
  3. I’m not too sure. My girlfriend & her family are all Boro season ticket holders & I don’t think that he’s the man for us. Very stubborn & wants to do things his way or no way...I think he would clash a lot with Chansiri. I also remember the time he walked out on Boro. His football there in his first full season was great but strangely the season they got promoted it was dreadful to watch. It got even worse in the premier league & even more defensive.
  4. My point exactly. £4million is a fraction of the tv money that they get. If they really wanted him they would have stumped up the cash ages ago!
  5. Like someone else said, struggled a bit the first 20-25 mins then settled in. Akinde caused him & lees a few problems with his physicality. He doesn’t look like he panics on the ball & always looks for a pass
  6. At the end of the video it says “Level Up” which happens to be a hashtag that Elev8 use on their social media. Probably new kit related?
  7. I was underwhelmed when we signed Bannan & buzzing when we signed Abdi. Look how they both turned out Point is he could turn out to be a good player. We have to trust Bruce & his judgement.
  8. I thought I’d read that the away kit was green & the home one had blue & white stripes on the front & back this time
  9. Did anyone speak to the main man himself Mr Chansiri at OITP & ask him what the delay was?
  10. On the flip side, I took my lad & his friend & they loved it! They enjoyed the rides, games etc & even got to play football with Westwood, FF, Bannan, Joao, Iorfa, Bannan & a few others, made their day. I think it’s great that the club do something like this
  11. Think the wednesday bits are about an hour or so in pal
  12. I don’t know if anyone has seen this. Some interesting things on SWFC here. Like the pre season trip the season we went down being a holiday camp!! Also megson sacking him off. Also interesting ti see what Parkin & Miller say about Jordan Rhodes when they were both at Huddersfield
  13. I managed to get an adult one but couldn’t get one for my lad as the buy button is greyed out for the kids ones
  14. Last season they released images of the home kit the Friday before OITP for the “soft launch” so you never know
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