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  1. Maybe they had to steer it towards Man Utd & Steve Bruce as opposed to his own career. Makes me feel even more frustrated at some of the comments he got before starting with us
  2. Don’t know if anyone else has seen this, but stumbled upon this on Twitter. Found it an interesting read: https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/utd-unscripted-alex-bruce-on-my-dad-the-legend
  3. Very minimal price to be honest. I was just going to throw them out but thought I’d ask about on here before I did
  4. Feel free to move if this is in the wrong section. I have loads of old programmes from between 2006-2012 that I’m looking to get rid of. Would anyone on here be interested or if not any ideas on where I might be able to get rid of them without throwing them all out? Seems a waste so would rather they went to someone that would actually have a use for them
  5. Seems odd as my girlfriend was watching the goals on her phone on sky sports news which is usually about a minute behind when you stream. They had the action on there when it happened & that was still ahead of what I was watching
  6. Yeah I agree. I don’t think it was fully live either, probably about a minute or 2 behind the actual match? But like you say, it was free & got to watch the match
  7. Yeah I found the same. Fine you didn’t have to refresh or find links etc. No replays was weird but having just one commentator sounded really awkward
  8. Out of interest, what did you make of the red button coverage?
  9. Yeah I’m trying to get tickets for me & my lad for the Ipswich match
  10. Ha ha! I also got one for my lad aswell & it works out about £4 a match. It’s not just the bundle it’s when you try the pick your own seat option. All I get is the below message
  11. I’ve been trying to redeem some tickets for the 6 match bundle I’ve bought but keep getting an error message. It also happens when I try to pick a seat. Is this happening to anyone else?
  12. That’s my issue. I’d love to go to all home midweek matches, but the 140+ mile round trip & ticket prices make it hard to justify the expense
  13. I won’t be for the first time in years. Too expensive & I wouldn’t get any benefit these days unfortunately
  14. That’s last seasons home one isn’t it??
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