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  1. didn't forest do the same thing with lee chapman. we sold him to niort for peanuts, then forest got him for the same price.
  2. able to get to matches again after lengthy time. used to park on rawson spring road. what is going on with roads shut etc
  3. totally agree with you mate, but off loading all the crocks in the last couple of transfer windows, has helped as well...……...onward and upward
  4. this guy has signed because westwood has been a BAD BAD BOY.
  5. sorry, but reach and bannan and hector were superb today,
  6. one of my favourites was from 1967. qpr at home. they had a young Rodney marsh who was going to smash us but big john Ritchie scored a hattrick, and the guy putting the numbers up on the sidelines put 999...……….brilliant..
  7. the mind plays tricks over the years, but in 1968 we were playing Swindon at home in the fa cup. in the second half we were 1 - 0 down, and wilf smith had the ball around the half way line near the north stand. he tried to put a long cross up to the lep end penalty box, but it was blocked, and the ball dropped over his shoulder. he seemed to hook it back over his shoulder, and the ball sailed right back up the pitch, and their goalie just seemed to watch it go right in the top corner. Ritchie then scored a winner near the end. anybody else remember this?
  8. i know it has been an awful season, but our strikers have scored 40 goals between them..........hooper 11....joao 9...huhiu 10...rhodes 6...fletcher 3...winnall 1. maybe this just makes things feel a little better, as i would not have thought the total was so high..........thoughts?
  9. 24 points dropped this season so far from winning positions. holding onto leads would have left us with 62 points now......thoughts
  10. i'll kick this off with............WALLACE and GRUMMITT.......over to you
  11. one of the bad 'uns i remember, was in april '67, fa cup quarters against chelsea. we'd smashed 6 past them earlier in season, so thought we would win. coach got stuck in traffic on kings road b4 match, and the actor, lance percival, jumped on the coach and told us that we had no chance of winning. match going to plan at 0 - 0, then bobby tambling got injured near the end, and it took ages to get him off the pitch. in added time tommy balwin mishit a shot which springett could only push into the corner of the net. if he had hit it properly, springett would probably have pushed it out. after that, a cross went across their 6 yard line, behind both ritchie and fantham, who had their backs to the goal. had either stuck out a heel, they would have scored.............when i returned home, my girlfriend at the time, told me that the goal had come so late, that the final score on tv was 0 - 0, and she didn't know that we'd lost till she saw me. what a gutting day that was.
  12. playing rookie Ellis instead of Hickton in '66 final......probably cost us the FA cup.
  13. i had a brummie mate who was well into 1970's fashion. i asked him if he wanted a kipper tie. he said that a kipper tie would be lovely............no milk and 2 sugars. ha! ha!
  14. chapman for me. his ground skills improved greatly in his last season with us, but seem to remember that when he didn't get the pay rise he wanted, he went on the cheap to Niort in france, then on a quick transfer to Forest, cos they wouldn't pay us what he was worth.....lost us a lot in transfer fees, and very underhand imo.
  15. the only Mikes that we'll be signing are Mike Hunt or Mike Oxlong.
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