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  1. he hasent been interested since we lost to hull in the play off final,apart from the cash
  2. can remember looking round at the kop scoreboard, and seeing north korea one up, then 2 up, then 3 up against Portugal, before Eusebio started scoring, and 5 - 3 to Portugal in the end
  3. why would I want to pay money for a book that reminds me of the dross that I paid to watch for all those awful years
  4. mind plays tricks as time passes, but I seem to remember in 1968, we played Swindon at home in fa cup 4th round. in second half, we were losing 1 - 0. our full back, wilf smith was on the half way line going towards leppings lane. he was near the touchline next to north stand, and tried to put a long ball forward. it was instantly blocked, and went back over smiths head. he hooked it back over his shoulder from at least 40 yards, and it sailed into the back of swindons net, with the goalie transfixed on his goal line. Ritchie scored another with about 15 minutes left, and we won 2 - 1. smiths goal, although a complete fluke, remains the best goal I have seen at Hillsborough in my 55 years of attendance.
  5. wembley 66 to be sure. an everton fan was sitting in front of me, and stormed out when david ford scored our second. soon after, I started having a churny stomach, then we let in 3 goals. have had many churny stomachs since, and they all have meant the same......heartbreak
  6. must have played for us, if he was on about misses. think he must have meant "missus"...….lol
  7. might have missed reply, but when did the 6 floodlights get removed????
  8. knew all of them, but thought that Rotherham would be the lowest. how far have we dropped in the last 20 years, to be below derby county, in the mascot stakes.
  9. good point mate, but seeing as bookies are usually loaded, and we are not, there must be something they would do to stop this happening
  10. remember this well. our coach stopped half way down into motorway services, for people needing the bog. looked out of window, and all other coaches were man u, who stopped for the same reason. luckily, no bother. as for the match itself, we didn't play well, neither did brighton, but their winner came when our goalie pushed a shot wide, but it spun back in, instead of going out for a corner, and was put away. also remember pat heard hitting a 30 yard screamer that was bound for the top corner, and their goalie, who was usually crap, tipped it round the post. not destined to be our year, but brighton should have beat man u in the final, but missed a sitter in the last minute, and got smashed 4 - 0 in the replay. I also remember that any team who were in the semi final, could not host the other semi. seemed to apply to us, but not to arsenal.
  11. guy says johnny quin. he remembers him so much, that he can't even spell his name correctly. leave his comments to people who can remember quinn, a player who more often than not, started games......eg cup final 1966, a match that I actually went to. nuhiu has his critics, but for what we paid for him, and what he has contributed over the years, he has been a superb signing.
  12. didn't forest do the same thing with lee chapman. we sold him to niort for peanuts, then forest got him for the same price.
  13. able to get to matches again after lengthy time. used to park on rawson spring road. what is going on with roads shut etc
  14. totally agree with you mate, but off loading all the crocks in the last couple of transfer windows, has helped as well...……...onward and upward
  15. this guy has signed because westwood has been a BAD BAD BOY.
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