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  1. Thought i would get in early and say you're welcome for the easiest 3 points you will get all year! Now it will probably please you to know that we are terrible. Defensively we are a shambles, and i guarantee that we will gift you a couple of goals due to our inept defenders who can't defend, no exaggeration, but you probably know that anyway looking at the table. To be quite honest, as a Barnsley fan its quite embarrassing how bad we have become, on and off the field. The sheer ineptness at boardroom level has set us back years. We will go down thanks to the boards stupidity and unwillingness to learn that filling the squad with kids and untested foreign imports only leads us one way. Unlike last season League 1 will be a struggle next season and i fear we will be looking down rather than up! Anyway i'm hoping we can restore some local pride at least tomorrow, but i fear the worst, again. Our games are never classics, and i don't expect tomorrow to be a classic either. Best of luck, not for tomorrow , but for the rest of the season at least.
  2. Looks like our site has had the plug pulled for tonight
  3. If you have a bid accepted for Hourihane, wages won't be an issue. Last month we were in talks with him to extend and he wanted 10k a week, but we can't afford it unfortunately. Personally though i think we will hold out and let him run his contract out given the position we are in currently, a great chance of the play offs which is a chance we might never get again, in my lifetime anyway.
  4. In so many words yes, sorry if i wasn't clear enough. You want promotion this season don't you?
  5. No of course not, i was making the point that Hourihane and Winnall seem to play well together, and if Winnall did join yourselves then it might take him time to form that understanding with your players. The thing is will you allow him time?
  6. If he gets the correct service he will get you goals.
  7. Have you been creating plenty of chances for your forwards throughout this season?
  8. I agree however it will probably take Winnall time to "sync" up with your players, plus your style of play is much different to ours. Obviously given time Winnall could be a good signing for you, but will you give him time? And if you get promotion this season will he adapt in the premier league? Definitely not in my opinion.
  9. Evening guys, first off there is no point signing Winnall without signing Hourihane, and that is unlikely. As some of you have alluded to, Winnall is a finisher, he feeds off exceptional service provided mostly by Hourihane, he rarely creates chances, and his biggest problem is picking up the ball deep, he is poor on the ball, though he is a grafter. If you do buy him you are paying for his goals, which aren't guaranteed in my opinion. Fortunately for us, we already have his replacement in Tom Bradshaw who i believe is the better all around player. Personally for me, anything above 500k is acceptable considering he hasn't signed a new contract.
  10. A great game to watch from a neutrals point of view, very stretched in the second half, end to end stuff. We played really well and can be proud of our performance, but unfortunately for us you were the better side at scoring goals, and that's what counts. After your first goal, which had a hint of good fortune about it, we lost our heads a bit and the half time whistle was a relief. 2nd half i felt we stretched the game and looked like grabbing the deserved equaliser, but your boys dug in, and your keeper made a couple of match winning saves. After your second goal, that was it, game over. The red card was harsh, and after watching it back it would have been harsh had Hutchinson had been sent off. Two different types of ball winning challenges, one from an attacker trying to retain possession and create an attack and the other from a defender trying win the ball any way possible. A typical derby challenge. Unfortunately the referee was a disgrace, but its nothing we're not used to this season. I'm not blaming the referee for the result though, you scored two goals, and defended well, so fair play. Anyway, best of luck for the rest of season, we'll see you at Oakwell in a couple of months.
  11. Makes for some top reading this thread, thanks lads! Watched your game in Weatherspoons in Stevenage with none other than Whitey the more worldies Westwood pulled off the more i thought you were gonna nick it at the end, but that was some strike. Would have been nice for a double South Yorkshire result, even more so to laugh at them Piggy lobbers down the road. Anyway i look forward to our fixtures next season. Oh and btw, that Brigton home game 1st leg, seemed a reyt atmosphere on telly! Top Stuff!
  12. The most frustrating thing was that your player was down in the corner with his back to goal, all he had to do was stand there and not let him turn. Like you say, baffling. Good luck mate, not that you need it, you are safe already in my opinion.
  13. Not going to judge him on that one performance, obviously it makes it worse happening in a local derby. I expect Wilson will have had words and expect him to calm down when he next makes an appearance.
  14. Right, i must be the only Barnsley fan who thought we played awful! Even with 11 men, we were woeful on the ball and to be honest, if anyone plays long ball stuff it was us. We got what we deserved and we played right into your hands. We lack any sort of discipline, and are embarrassingly naive, we can't even string 2 passes together, it was the same last Tuesday night against Blackburn. We lack any sort of movement off the ball thus making it difficult for ourselves to keep hold of the ball, a key thing when you are a man short. Wilson made an awful decision substituting COG when in fact he is the best hold up striker at the club, the ball just seems to stick. I dont think Prostwhateverhisnameis won a header all match! Yet we constantly just punted the ball up to him bearing in mind it was food and drink to your big defenders. To be fair to Wednesday you were very patient, however lacked any sort of flair or guile up front. Nuihu is a donkey and that Afobe looked off it. Frimpong is a petulant little pillock and that's why he's with us and not in the premier league. Mellis is a plonker, not even a penalty and i knew it at the time, i had the perfect view down the front. Embarrassing. The worse challenge of the lot was by your player Johnson, just awful. Must admit, when the goal went in, the atmosphere was electric, just wish it was us cheering obviously, great to see, but not if you know what i mean. Anyway its going to be a big ask avoiding the drop and i just don't think we are good enough unfortunately. But it will be a shame you must admit, as these are the games we most look forward too, the local derbies. And obviously the Blunts are going down (hahaha) so no Derbies for us next season. Gutted.
  15. Weather is looking good, i'm feeling fairly positive, but should i be? How are you guys playing? You seem to be rejuvenated under Stuart Gray. Obviously you have seen how active we were this window, 5 out 8 in. The big signing being Frimpong, which baffled me, in a good way. You got his mate Afobe in on loan, better than Wickham? I know you would have preferred the latter. Anyway, hopefully we see an entertaining game today, however it is a local derby and it will most probably be a scrappy affair. I say this all the time, but lets hope we get a good referee, Marriner i believe it is? Oh....just heard the galloping of the horses, my horse and cart awaits! :danny-wilson: Good luck! (not)
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