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  1. ive got 600 points but cant make game so can get someone a ticket if still needed.
  2. Donny W Brighton L Watford W Leicester L Forest D Blackburn W Bournemouth D Charlton W Bolton W Ipswich D
  3. How many? any more than 15 and I'm not listening "as such"
  4. luke_evans17

    "As such"

    At least he doesn't talk about badgers.
  5. luke_evans17

    Out of contract and loan players

    Would keep the ones in bold Possibly Davies and Fenwick as well but don't know much about them
  6. luke_evans17

    TALLEST & smallest

    Wasn't JP Mcgovern quite small?
  7. luke_evans17

    Fryatt ?

    From Twitter Pete O'Rourke ‏@SkySportsPeteO7m Hull striker Matty Fryatt has agreed a 28 day loan extension at Sheffield Wednesday. #swfc #hcafc
  8. luke_evans17

    8 points from the next 4 games...

    We will get 4 points. 4 draws. All 1-1.
  9. luke_evans17

    Roll call for Bolton

    Me + 2 UTO WAWAW
  10. luke_evans17

    First Fixture Prediction

    Middlesbrough away
  11. luke_evans17

    Blackpool Roll Call

    3 of us heading to Blackpool at 4 tomorrow. UTO
  12. luke_evans17

    Super Wednesday Ole!

    Try this
  13. luke_evans17

    Super Wednesday Ole!

    Not the best video but from about 1min in.
  14. luke_evans17

    Super Wednesday Ole!

    ive got a video of just after goal thats got a bit of the ole chant on it. Will upload later.
  15. 2-2 Wickham & jj Att: 21, 849