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  1. If a company can sponsor the shirt, why not an individual? The chairman has invested some more money in the club. Personally I think it's good news and it keeps us free of the FFPR's sanctions.
  2. Perhaps the current style reflects where we've come from? To stop a relegation fight again, you have to become difficult to beat first. Perhaps is just the first part of the plan in club development?
  3. There is a lot of negativity about at the moment. Not matter what fans think. We were never going from a relegation fighting to side to one of promotion fight in one season. The recruitment started slowly in the summer, but I think that had a positive side. The defense is almost sorted. Milan Mandaric has let the club on a sound footing. The new owners have a good platform to build on going forward. We haven't heard from them yet, so we don't know what their plans are. The time now is or a bit of patience. This season was always going to be one of progress. That we're making albeit not a fast as some would like. The current squad is one of a work in progress, not the finished article. It's my opinion that Stuart Gray should be supported and allowed to continue. He has steadied the ship from the hit and miss, rush to sign anyone of the Dave Jones era. Stuart Gray has made us difficult to beat. That's where we had to get too first. Now we will be able to afford better attacking options with the takeover. Next season will be a totally different approach from the new owners. Stuart Gray has earned that right to be given a chance. The future is bright despite the wrist slashing approach by some of our fans.
  4. We are a mid table Championship side at the moment. I do think Stuart needs help. I'd bring Micky Walker in as Director of Football. He's worked at the club before and has loads of contacts at the bigger Premier league clubs. He would be an asset in player recruitment.
  5. Player trading is part of football. The sale of any player would allow SG to strengthen. No one wants to see us sell our best players. However if it's for the betterment of the squad then it has to be done. We have progressed under Stuart Gray, even if it's not has far as people want.
  6. What I like about our fans is the in fighting when the club is doing well. When Milan Mandaric took the club over it was worth £1. It was a financially broken League 1 club with unpaid tax bills. The chairman isn't here to spend millions on players. He's here to get the club back on its feet, by getting the losses down with an affordable wage bill. We have had a number of managers, all have played some part in the club's progress, so far. Don't forget we're still a club running at a loss, all be it a sustainable one. May be we should remember where we have come from, and where we are now. It's just nice to see the club enjoying a little bit of success.
  7. Stuart Gray has brought the squad together. They clearly want to play for him. Milan Mandaric making him long term Head Coach was a stroke of genius.
  8. He's only here while January. What's he going to do start an armed insurrection? There's nothing like not giving a player a chance before he's even kicked a ball.
  9. The biggest weakness at the moment is the negativity. Things aren't perfect, but they could be a hell of a lot worse. Look at Blackpool. Think back and remember the winding up orders, and not being able to sign players. Even without a takeover there's room in the budget for signings. Stuart Gray has also brought some decent youngsters through this summer. Milan Mandaric will get it sorted.
  10. A £20m shirt sponsor deal for "The Land of Fire." FFP got around!
  11. Luke Varney is a decent player. I don't think he'll be top of Stuart Gray's wanted list though.
  12. I don't know if Stuart Gray is the right man to take us forward? Only time will tell on that. However he's certainty earned the right to try.
  13. Hopefully Dave Jones will get another job, and take Stuart Gray as part of his coaching staff. That will make the chairman's mind up for him. WebRep Overall rating
  14. Both our strikers can be recalled on Christmas Day. Does no one pay attention to what Stuart Gray says? WebRep Overall rating
  15. Where does rebranding of the club = We can't have a manager because he's a blade? What is the best option available? A proven manager at this level, or an other? WebRep Overall rating
  16. You can either put the club's interests first and let chairman make an independent decision. Or you can have the brain of a bigoted one eyed chav and say "I don't want him, because he's a blade." WebRep Overall rating
  17. There is no loan market after Thursday's deadline. FIFA have scrapped it. WebRep Overall rating
  18. Jones is on a quest. He wants the oldest and biggest squad since records began. He's making sure the new manager will have plenty of choice. WebRep Overall rating
  19. Positives? Dave Jones has only one game left in charge. WebRep Overall rating
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