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  1. GY-owl.4

    Any possible streams for today?

    thought you was gonna tell me you had a big worm..
  2. GY-owl.4

    Any possible streams for today?

    she wont be interested in your little maggot!
  3. GY-owl.4


    3. tbf he is the main reason we are in this predicament. 2. and at the time (with what we had and what we needed) he wasnt a great signing but number 1, you're right he hasnt gone yet. and its doubtful a club will pay what we want. but 12 others (minimum) ARE going. so maybe we can now build a side that plays to JR strength, i think he has proved in his short time at Norwich that given a full season of playing time he would get you 20+ goals... well i cant see any of our others doing that right now, nor can i see us affording someone who can.
  4. GY-owl.4


    Ive changed my mind about Rhodes. the forwards we had when we bought him, coupled with the way we played at the time, he was the wrong fit for us. i didnt want him. then he started playing, and he was worse than i could possibly have imagined.. off the pace, missed quite a few chances you would expect him to bury, not to mention our other forwards offered more in the way CC had us playing. then a breakthrough, a club actually want to take him on loan, i couldnt get him out the door fast enough. i wanted him to bang in loads of goals every week so we could sell him for LOADSAMONEY!!!! But now ive changed my mind. while he hasnt broke into the 'Narchh' first team every week, hes shown enough in his cameos, the types of finishes.. even when they lost 4-3 to Derby the other week Rhodes came on late and crashed a half volley on the turn, onto the underside of the crossbar last minute. hes started popping up in the right areas again, scoring the scruffy goals. he wont dominate a defender like Fletcher, he wont smack one in from 25yds like FF, but hes re-found that knack of ghosting into areas at the right time, scoring scruffy goals, and clever goals with deftness of touch. Not to mention we as a club are in a diff' place to where we was when JR arrived.. is it 12 players out of contract this summer? big rebuild needed. while i was never an advocate of changing the way we played to suit JR when he came, we now have a clean slate with new manager, new ideas and with JR still in contract, its not a bad problem for steve Bruce to have is it!
  5. this is true. though i didnt think the ref was a cheat on sat, just crap. tbh i can even cope with them being crap if they give what they see. but too many, including the idiot on saturday, are just weak, weak spotting dives, weak listening to fans. hand up and down towards his mouth like a yo-to not sure wether to blow up or not. winging it he was.
  6. train as many hours a week as you want, but deep down, if youre a footy person, you want one of the teams to win. not saying all refs, but alot of them, put their ego before their professionalism imo. the ego that they can affect a result. the game is crap. and crap refs have alot to do with that. i can take getting beat me, like play-off final. they was better than us and deserved it. (ref still bottled the Dawson on FF challenge 2 mins in tho) seen too many games in the last 5 years when the refs simply dont want us to win. cheatin f*ckers. its not even hard to see.
  7. ref v Luton at home was crap. ref at Hull was even worse. Too many refs are cheats and for some reason none cheat for us. all time low is spot on.
  8. GY-owl.4

    Nothing short of pants

    While i dont agree that we have reverted back to the jos form, (i think we look worse!) your post about Fletcher being isolated is spot on.
  9. we were abject. no one played off anyone. no-one ran past anyone, it was dinosaur footy and quite frankly it was frightening. its ok to big them up but it took them no time to see we were never gonna be a threat, an they played accordingly. but as for us, i thought we were poor v Luton last week, but today was a whole new definition of the word crap! dont even get me started on 2nd balls. didnt get near one all day. and the players were 30yds apart from each other all game. its alright Fletcher picking it out the sky, bringing it under, but whos showing for him? whos getting close, whose running past? our performance was so below the sum of its parts its scary.
  10. GY-owl.4

    Hooper and Lee

    We wouldnt sign him unless he can overcome his issues. but if he does that he will know his next contract, at wherever, will be alot less than his last one. that being the case, knowing how good he is and if we lose Reach, it would be stupid NOT to offer him a new contract. chance to get a good player on the cheap. you are talking about signing a broken man, im talking about signing a fixed one... or are you suggesting a fit K Lee isnt good enough for us? jesus just wept a whole lot more!
  11. GY-owl.4

    Hooper and Lee

    K Lee is a no brainer for a new (sensible) contract. especially if Reach does get sold. lets be honest, Reach may never have been moved central without Lees long term injuries, so hes the natural (cheap) replacement in CM. not saying they are like for like, but the fact is a fit and firing K Lee gets in our team. If we have to sell Reach for FFP letting (a fit) K Lee go would be criminal.
  12. GY-owl.4


    I went to meadowhall after the match yesterday. was in the lego shop and two Luton fans walk in, father an son i assume. Anyway, got chatting about the game and he said 'he was well impressed with us and thought we were brilliant' I asked him if he went to the same game as me. weird.
  13. yeah it kinda depends if he means 'to the right as your looking at the stand on tv' or to the right as you're sat in your seats watching the game. both diff' places init..
  14. GY-owl.4

    Sorry I’m watching the cricket

    Burn out. spread over quite a few years His last few jobs have all been high pressure 'expect promotion' type of jobs. that can take a toll on a bloke regardless of whats happened with his family last year. What i saw towards the end of his Villa tenure was a guy that had not been looking after himself very well. even for a bloke whos weight has often fluctuated i dont think ive seen him as big as he was, not to mention the drawn out face, bags under the eyes, hair unkempt.. then we get the FF thing when SB genuinely didnt even know he was suspended an said he was our dangerman! most managers, like CC now, get a chance to step away for a bit, recharge their batteries before going again, looks like its done Nige Adkins the world of good at hull too.. well Steve Bruce has always been in demand, by ambitious expectant clubs, so hasnt had that time away, and you can tell. the best thing he could ever do. for himself but also for SWFC, is take the time out he needs till HE HIMSELF, is fit and ready to return to the grindstone, cos thats what it is. as a fan that wants to see us get promoted in the next 2,3 or 4 years, i would Much rather wait till this guy is READY. be it feb or even march i dont really care. once we decided he was the man, we need him right or we've got no chance.