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  1. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    I agree that thats the norm and its my biggest frustration this last 2 seasons. but for this game, with the importance of it for both sides, i just have a feeling that they will go for the equaliser in a way they wouldnt vs anybody else, and if they lose their discipline against our quality we will pick them off.
  2. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    Got a feeling the first goal is going to be really important. if we get it the game could be quite comfortable for us as we pick them off. if they get it we could struggle IMO as they will cheat/scrap/waste time.
  3. Which opposition player ...

    Cobi Jones. American winger for Coventry just after USA94 world cup. I think he had a few decent games for USA and coventry bought him off the back of that.. not being funny but i fuuukin broke him gooood from the front row of the North stand. Waddle had a GREAT game and shew him how a premier league winger should perform.. i let him know for 45 minutes. At one point im sure he was about to cry, he was really poor. loved that game. think we won 5-1 maybe, was a night game possibly live on sky. edit - This Sunday i hope all their players get it just as bad. I'd help but not sure that will work from the Grandstand!
  4. Score Predictions Owls v Blunts

    oops ignore my last post, it was a typo. 14-0
  5. Tom Lees

    Im 43 and in my lifetime England have never had it so bad in terms of players at CB. You only have to look at the CBs in and around the England squad to know that if Lees was playing in the Prem, he wouldnt be far away. Maguire, Keane and even talk of Alfie Mawson lately. Lees plays in the champ so he's a million miles away from the squad. but thats the main reason.
  6. Our options out wide

    we using him there during these two wins though so he must be doin alright. no one seems bothered nowadays what with K Lee coming back and Jones upping his game this season. no reason to be bovved either, BB does a good job linking up play.
  7. Our options out wide

  8. capacity.

    No, but no doubt this is yours.. tramp.
  9. capacity.

    more than the total amount of seats in your pigsty.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Westwoods last big clanger was away at Brentford last season when we battered them and played ace but needed a last min Hutch goal to get a point! KW ran into one of their players to give peno away i think. the home game vs brentford last year proper bugged me. we dint turn up 1st half and was 2-0 down at HT. better 2nd half but didnt score till 90mins. point being - Brentford bug the foo00uuk out me!
  11. Hooper's Place Tonight

    But you are Hoopers biggest critic on ere... he's crap int he? Whats happened have you banged your head zummms?
  12. That first 15 minutes...

    In that case she will be sending you for the pants rather than the pads! i wish i never started this now as im starting to feel a bit queasy! ... er, the first 15 mins were good weren't they?
  13. That first 15 minutes...

    40 eh.. not long till she's sending you to the corner shop for tena lady.
  14. Last night...

    what they talked about, it made so much sense, but now the haze has descended it dunt make no sense anymore.