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  1. GY-owl.4

    Rub It In, Jos!

    I guess when Reach breaks the lines it does become a 3-4-3... but when needed he helped out in midfield and we was a 3-5-2.. not that it really matters as the point is that he went to 3CBs and wing backs in his 3-4-3 (5-2-3) rather than the flat back four we had been using in previous games. or indeed later on in the game when, as you say, Hector pushed up and the full backs sat in.
  2. GY-owl.4

    Time to turn up

    It cant be judged on how many newbies turn up for a one-off cheap offer. its about a trickle of newbies throughout the season(s) My bro in law has moved to within half hour of Hillsborough and went to his first ever game at home to ipswich earlier this season, he loved it. yet the atmosphere wasnt great at all. good idea to take him friday night, hell love it.. but no chance at them prices when its on TV though. and thats what i mean, hes not an owls fan, but he can be turned. for that to happen he needs to go to games. at £40+ most weeks we are not gonna get these one-offs in, while we might not see the damage now, its the future fanbase i worry about, there wont be one! All the threads on ere about 'first ever game' etc.... some great stories but most of you it was off the cuff, not planned, tagged along with a mate straight out the pub.... thats not gonna happen at these prices. the natural trickle of new fans is a disappearing art!!
  3. GY-owl.4


    where ya bin vlla park mum no, tell the truth wheres ya bin. villa park mum, honest, wheres your wheelie bin ive really been to villa park mum, im not lying.
  4. GY-owl.4

    Special mention for

    Maybe Onomah will play alongside them in a 3 when Penney gets rested and Reach will go to LWB. But back to Joey. i dont think you need to eat your words... i dont think its a case of everyone all of a sudden opening their eyes to Joey. more that his form has picked up. for a start hes looking to make forward passes of his own now, and drive forward. that just wasnt happening in the first few games. but on this form i agree he has been brilliant.
  5. GY-owl.4

    Liam palmer

    This for me too. Palmer in a flat back four. but im happy to have Baker in a 3-5-2. got a decent cross on him and a good engine. But most of all, no where near the finished product. will get better with games. was really good on debut v Norwich at the end of last season, this year hes probably only reached that level again in a couple of games. but once he adds a bit of consistency Him and Penney as wing backs will do just fine IMO.
  6. GY-owl.4


    ha ha thats funny you scilly owl you.
  7. GY-owl.4


    we aint gotta win all 4 games (tho that would be nice) win a few, draw a few, get to the next international break still in touch, its a snickers, not a sprint.
  8. GY-owl.4

    Rub It In, Jos!

    everyone on ere been super quick to right 3-5-2 off as crap just cos of wigan and Brentford away. they are tough games for anyone, and at that time we hadnt replaced Hunt & Vanancio. since then we have started playing Penney, (albeit on the other side) and Hector has come in. after the run we had at the end of last season we would be mad to bin it, especially away from home,
  9. I dont know how a manager like steve Bruce can get done by a system that is soooo easy to be countered... and dem pesky pigs won again. If more Champ managers read up on stuff in ere they wouldnt be getting turned over so easily init!
  10. everyone blaming Baker, yes his header was crap but ultimately it found a blue and white head... pudil heading it to the edge of the box ffs, head it out wide.
  11. google reddit soccerstreams and a different one will pop up. easy to find
  12. well, as thought by most anyway!!
  13. Everyone will lose their poo anyway.... doesnt make Jos wrong - or all the Peps on here correct.