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  1. how strong the championship is on a yearly basis really is down to how the relegated prem clubs do. you always seem to get 1 or 2 champ clubs find a formula, Norwich, udders cardiff wolves brighton fulham over the last few years.. but its relevant to how good the relegated sides are. the two years we pushed for it we had Newcastle fly straight back up, and i think Burnley did the year before. leaves only 1 auto spot for everyone else. but the last 2 seasons while we have been dire, no prem clubs have stormed straight back, allowing wolves, cardiff and fulham to get up. This year swansea and stoke have been an embarrassment considering they was established in the prem. even WBA havent pulled up any trees, leaving the decent champ outfits (Norwich leeds pigs) an open door to chase the prize. we all laughed at the pigs for taking 7 years to get out the pub league yet they seem to timed it about perfect as luck would have it. lets see what happens next year, we will have ourselves sorted out, but we need help from the relegated prem sides. which is why id prefer Cardiff to drop, rather than say southampton, who are more likely to bounce straight back.
  2. As fans we have to be supportive of players like Aarons. we've got so used to players who play it safe, playin front of their team, possession based stuff for 4 years. this lad will frustrate, as we have already seen, losing the ball on the edge of their box and quickly turning attack into defence quite a few times. but if you are prepared to try and beat a man, go past a player, you cant beat them everytime can ya. worth it for the times it comes off tho as occasional brilliance would win you a few points over a season.
  3. yeah i was meant to quote beloved aunt, but his quote was on the last page. i cudnt be aaarrssed to go back so i used yours instead.. soz u bin dipper
  4. and who sends it long to Fletcher? mainly the defence, so the song is accurate after all.
  5. i thought he was crap. the fact he didnt get his cards out all night shows what a poor job he did, unless someone wants to tell me there were no bookable offences last night? what bugged me the most about the ref though, was when he gave them a decision, be it a corner or a free kick, his whistle flew to his mouth and his arms were shoved out in a fast motion, pointing towards our goal. almost in excitement. when we got a free kick he hesitantly blew, after waiting a while, then slowly lifted his arms up to gesticulate the direction, but didnt really want to. he looked gutted every time he gave us a decision. body language says alot, and that ref was a cheating vvancker.
  6. most important.. make sure we defend our Hillsborough pokemon Gym. its at the memorial near south stand, not at any point in the night do we want it to be red with piggies in it. keep it blue folks keep it blue.
  7. come on you Owls... im tipping Hutch to score the winner breaking from midfield, just as Carlton did here.
  8. Good side.. could even be a bit braver and move Aarons up in a 3-4-3. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Palmer Hutch Bannan Reach Aarons Fletcher Forestieri Lets see how much they wanna send their marauding centre backs forward now.
  9. 27 points gets us to 74. while that does sneak teams into 6th spot some of the time, looking at the table its doubtful it will this season.
  10. those saying 'win the next two and its on' may well be right, but how hard will it be to win two Derby's on the trot?!
  11. if Dc88 gets sorted id take 1 or 2 if anyone has to dip out last minute.
  12. l0l got a feeling im not the man to ask on that one. maybe the stat said Joao 9 and Reach 8. dunno but it was obviously wrong anyway!
  13. thanks. i noticed that! weird cos before the game i thought i heard a stat that said fletch has 8, joao has 8 and reach has 9. maybe it was a premonition!
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