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  1. Nooooooooo I forgot about that. And it's cheaper than I thought.
  2. Hillsborough is a great stadium though init. Iconic, beautiful, historic, legendary. A ground that, despite its recent history, was picked for euro96 and a cup final replay also in the 90s. I wonder why that was? I mean, you would have to have total confidence in the stadium to give it them events so soon after. The FA would have to believe at that time that our ground itself was really safe or we wunt have got near them events.. but thats all been washed aside like a forgotten memory, mind it dunt sit right with the new modern truth does it And yet I see so many of our fans talk of name changes or flattening the west. Or moving out altogether. And all because some dìk opened the main gates. Doh! If ur ashamed of our ground then you can't see the wood from the trees and/or u listen to crap. HILLSBOROUGH I love it. Love it. L O V E it..... Am I allowed? Is that ok? If folk dont like it, tough. That's their bitter problem, not mine.
  3. As the late graham Taylor once said, WHAT SORT OF THING IS HAPPENING HERE?! only popped into the last 5 pages to check the latest, has it all been like this?
  4. I've got a leather belt that my sister bought for me for my 16th birthday. It was stiff as a... well it stuck out like one if u didn't bend it thru the loops. It was also to big and I had to put 2 holes in it with a screwdriver. I've had it 29 years now and it's as floppy as a .... mind, if I breathe in and hold my breath I can just about still use the 2 screwdrivered holes (For a minute or so) Not too shabby. Tho the belt is!
  5. Yeah I'm 45. Had been to about a dozen or more grounds by 1989 when I was 15. I agree with you that police were there to ensure public order over safety. But with the nature of fans in them days I think it was the heavy handedness which at times kept you safe. Nipping it in the bud before it could possibly escalate, probably to proportions we didn't even think about at that time. I guess what I'm trying to say is it was the polices heavyhandedness which kept fans safe most weeks. Even if it might have been the wrong way to go about it, or that it worked even tho that wasn't their primary aim. If that makes sense.
  6. How was i scaremongering? It was a question FFS. So I could learn.. yeah I get it, some folk think they don't need to learn, as they think they know everything already.. if u know what i mean..
  7. Maybe u should have read the rest of the thread. Or does the whole world revolve around what happens to u and only you? Maybe it's the lads in this thread that had a diff experience from you that should get over themselves? Quite a dim view owler. And as for marrying one, I guess that's a problem for the none SWFC thread..
  8. its not a long post! its a good one though and thanks for the reply to my question. one thing i wanna ask you though, about the first line of your post..... do you mean Hillsborough specifically or high fences at grounds in general? cos i believe most of them were the same? millwalls and a few others were more fenced in than ours?
  9. Yeah but your missing the point salmon. I don't doubt what you or ur neighbours are saying. But what's the surprise? they, and fans of other teams behaved like that most weeks. The police job was to deal with that and keep the fans safe Despite the behavior of some. They kept fans safe every week up and down the country -and at hillsborough - but SYP failed this time. The argument is was the ground crap or did SYP mess up? Well the ground, compared to most of the day, certainly wasn't crap. Hence a number of big games played there regular. As for SYP... why the cover ups if they thought for a second it was SWFC and not themselves, who had screwed up. It's not hard. Or it shunt be, but the convictions to date have made it so.
  10. im off to a wedding later this month. big massive liverpool fan whos been to see them once. anyways, me and my lad av both got blue suits nice ties etc etc, but the best thing well be wearing, are matching SWFC pin badges on the lapel. not to be funny. we love our club and was always gonna wear them, not letting the propaganda machine stop it from hapnin! what a sad day that would be.
  11. And Conn explained, in great detail why we did that, and that we was one of a host of clubs that did the same thing at the same time. no probs then? shouldnt be, but he still seems to have a problem with it. oooh imagine being as bitter and twisted as david conn. a sad sad lad.
  12. Grimsby first played at blundell park the same day we played our first at S6 Back in 1899 and while the pigs had now been renting the lane for only 10 years both Gy and Wednesday were on their 3rd ground I think. Loads of Wednesday fans in Grimsby.
  13. That's dead good.. ten years ago tho and I think that's my point, the media frenzy and the blame game moving from pillar to post. So do U think it would be the same now or do u think it would be more risky? Based on articles like David connz
  14. Wot u think that would satisfy them? I ain't convinced. Question for anyone that wants to answer it..... would anyone walk round Liverpool City centre for 8 hours in an owls top? And if so, do u think it would be without incident?
  15. SYP failed miserably to look after a very testing crowd in a ground with fences and pens. Testing crowd - not relevant The FA- whose competition it was and who hired our ground - not even a mention. SYP- can't get owt to stick on them so.... SWFC - well it's open season int it. As for david fòòk1n conn.. in his binary head he believes every word he prints. Not realising that any folk with a wider perspective of the world than Merseyside will see him for the bitter and twisted idiot he is.
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