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  1. GY-owl.4

    Are you always on the same side?

    true enough, but if as you say, Jos' remit from DC was to stay in the division, it would seem a tad unfair to then load him up with promotion aspirations so publicly. personally i think Jos remit was promotion (in DCs head) - and his main thought was getting someone in who was to be seen as his choice, rather than popular choices from fans. as it happens, its true that DC could have fell on his feet in terms of having the right man in for the more realistic 'remit' going forward/
  2. GY-owl.4

    Are you always on the same side?

    Are you not giving him too much credit for his footy knowledge here? especially with his comments at the forum re promotion, or did he say that as a smokescreen (even though most saw it as deluded) with a wider picture going on in his head?
  3. GY-owl.4

    Sheffield Derby- A neutrals view

    How much of a moral victory is it when you have to go 6-3-1 to achieve that clean sheet? cant see how its somink to build on, we have to prove we can get a clean sheet in a game were we are trying to score also. lets say we concede in our next two games, then pick loads of defensive players with a defensive formation and get another clean sheet in the next game, is that progress? until we can shut teams out, while at the same time getting involved in trying to win a game... im not convinced.
  4. GY-owl.4

    Are you always on the same side?

    i normally have more patience than most on here, always takes me a few months longer to want a manager gone. same this time, based on the squad we have i am happy for him to keep going. unless we could get McCarthy. Dunno why but sometimes you get a club, or squad, that fits a manager. I know there are managers out there who have had promotions more recently (Jocanovic, Bruce etc) but i just think us, our squad and MM would be the best chance of success with the squad we have atm, plus a couple of cheap newbies.
  5. they were. you're right. all game rather than just first half IMO.... but more so cos of us than them. i like this old boy on now, spot on
  6. another one telling us they are barcelona... if they had pushed us back from the start of a normal game id agree but we set up 6-3-1 before kick off.
  7. or you could argue the other way that their team only played so well cos we played 6-3-1 and set up to help them play so well. they aint played as good as that vs sides that look to attack.
  8. & likewise the prem dont give a t0$$ about the champ clubs.. lets be honest every club only care about themselves. but when big clubs in the champ (owls leeds forest etc etc) are struggling to get back up, struggling to compete with your Bournmouths and Burnleys and Udders, who get paid more than 50 times more for their tv deal. Us/leeds etc have the fanbase putting enough money in to compete with these clubs, all being equal your big clubs would rise back to the top. but this unfair tv share gives clubs no chance to find their rightful place. Fight against it and get footy back where it should be. pretty weird when Brooks is leaving 25k 'pashun'ate fans in a decent stadium, to go play in front of 10k farmers in a ground smaller than our kop. among hundreds of other equally weird signings. its not weird now i know, its the normal thing. and its all down to the money. exactly the reason to fight it then. if prem clubs get over 100m. we should get at least 40 to 50M per year. Even as a neutral id rather watch Sheffield Derby than udders v cardiff. or Derby v Villa over Burnley v Watford. If the tv money stays the same, dont stop owners putting money into their own business, but if we do have to play the ffp game, make it a fairer chance for all by closing the gap on the tv money between prem and champ.
  9. If you look at the figures. the difference between what sky give prem clubs, compared to what they give champ clubs is way too big. especially when taking into account the fact that you go from 1 of them leagues straight into the other! its not as if they are ten leagues apart forFS. L2 clubs get £492k L1 clubs get £708K (nearly double that of L2) Champ get £2.3m (triple that of L1) bottom of prem well over £100M ...... all of a sudden a jump to more than 50 times bigger! its a wonder the 3 relegated clubs dont go straight back up every year... soon they will. Im glad the 15 champ clubs are making a stand.
  10. the one with the blue clothes on!!
  11. he can rant on about this and that all he likes.... fact is last 2 games against us have been in their own backyard against a side low on confidence/performance and riddled with injuries. yet they haven't scored!! thats reality. yeah sure they can come at us with 'but we won the one before that' - they did but it got them nowhere as they missed the play-offs. what about the one before that though. l0l
  12. good post but you are wasting your time. too many idiots that dont understand football.
  13. weird init. we wait and want sooo long, for a clean sheet, finally get one - at the stain of all places (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) yet loads of posters are gutted, ashamed even, surely thats wrong?! im always positive.. and argue with the doom and gloomers on ere as much as anyone.. but for once, do they have a point? i mean, wilder was a t0$$er in both tv and radio I/V's ... but we give him the chance to come out with that classless crap with our woeful err woeful tactics, not display, as we did what we set out to do. seem to remember CC saying after Burnley away defeat that we lost the game, but found a team. its weird tonight cos im thinking the opposite as in 'we found the clean sheet' but sank to a new low in terms of 'surrendering' from the start. they have won 1 in 5. they really aren't that good, but tonight, they was brilliant. mainly due to our tactics. more disappointed with tonight than any of the 4 defeats in a weird way, not in one way cos we battled and stopped the rot. but we sank to a new low in terms of tactics...against them and all! Finally decided to launch the ball clear of danger.... hurrah.. but wait, lets start to do it on a night when we have nothing to make it stick up top! if we are gonna start doing that then we can start playing 5-2-3 or 4-3-3, could have had Fletcher Joao MM up top tonight chasing the hoofs.. woulda stopped them takin the pi$$ playing the game so high up the pitch. as long as this is the low point (in terms of tactics) and its up from here, then good. but do folk wanna see that sort of thing week in week out while Joao MM and FF play bit parts? Fletcher was the best forward player on the pitch tonight..a cut above, but tactically he didnt have a chance. we was away on a bad run so context has to be taken, but even that said, the way we approached the game was a low point for me. were better than that.
  14. GY-owl.4

    Andy Hinchcliffe

    Wasnt as bad as normal tonight. Only thing he said that really bugged me was before the game.... 'utd were unlucky to finish tenth last year as i thought they were one of the best 6 teams, but were really unlucky with the injury to coutts' in his next breath he said... 'meanwhile the owls were poor and finished 15th' so i was sat there finkin,,,,, WELL DINT WE AV ABOUT 16 INJURIES TO TOP PLAYERS YOU TOTAL D1KKKHEDD? but he dint mention that.
  15. whats happened to the radio coverage? intro music for last 5 mins on my telebox