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  1. I havent said rafa didnt do a good job at the toon, anyone who keeps them up under ashley has done great, i expect bruce will do the same. But they Wasnt solid mid table at all. Last 2 seasons theyve been crap in bottom 5 or 6 till good runs catapulted them up there later in season. Matteo won champos league with chelsea but was an absolute car crash at villa and bruce had to sort out his mess.. Point being, winning champos league or not is irrelevant when ur at a club like villa or toon, its what can you do at that level. And im saying the gap is nowhere n
  2. I dont think rafa is as good as the geordies make out. Nor is bruce as bad as they say. The only comparitive jobs theyve had is rafa at newcastle an stevethenőb at sunderland and if u look they are similar finishes.. about 10th to 13th from memory. Rafa from the champ is 1 from 1 but with that squad and all that money bruce would have got them up that year easy without the brighton keeper having to drop one in his net last min to hand them the title in a poor league when we was crap an we finished fourth. Would rafa have got the 4 promotions bruce did?
  3. thing going for Holloway imo is that hes better with experienced pro's than he is with youngsters, and, with the way weve kept players this last few years, even with this freshen up weve had, its still full of older players who have been here a while. Holloway would be a great fit. i would be well happy with it.
  4. As other posters have said, he became rubbish once he moved upfield. While a loan may be a decent idea to improve him, id rather he improves while with us cos hes miles better than fox already. Yes he got caught out at times. But as a young lad under jos i can forgive him for that.
  5. Already proved last season that he is well capable so thats wrong!
  6. Everyone saying they wont use sports direct anymore.. I never do. But i think ill start now, cut a few holes on germents. Atomiser of bleach as walking past the rails. Then take a big trolley full of chavvy poo to the till, wait till she rings it in then ill ask if 'fat băštard ashley owns this establishment' and when they say yeah im just gonna tell them i dont fůćkin want it and walk off. Actually ill do it this arvo and record it on my phone for your pleasure... laterz.
  7. Well his dad said he wanted steve to manage the toon, so hell get no stick from me. Cos his dad will know hes got it wont he! Shuda főőking took it on the 2 occasions he had the chance to while his dad was alive ffs. Doin it now is takin the pïśs in my book.
  8. Id prefer an unknown foreign appointment to most of the dross in the betting. At least i dont know that hes crap yet. So would have a few early games with abit of hope. Can we have Loovens on the next poll please. I dont know how good a manager he would be, but i know he would have the dressing room and he wouldnt push players to the side. I also know he would be busting a gut to do well in the job hes in, rather than trying to put himself about elsewhere. Think about it. If we failed with GL at least we would all know that its cos we wasnt good enough. Half th
  9. Well its paranoia to you but only cos u dont agree. Maybe he has a degree in psycho stuff and is just way more perceptive than you? Tbf you may well be reyt that all the stuff bruce said was meant to be complementary, footy folk can be a bit dim after all, but dont discount KIS89 post out of hand, There could easy be truth in his opinion. 50/50 for me. SB could have meant either, but whoevers wrong certainly aint 'paranoid'
  10. Thinking about it... loovens has just had a season in L1, he'll know a few rough diamonds. You never know, he might be able to fill the gaps with young players we could actually make a profit on - radical i know! Yeah im in. So much so that i am gonna turn into how siminiac owl behaves regarding meggo!! Come on DC u know it make sense. Loovens for manager.
  11. Well said. Didnt know loovens had done his badges, or maybe i did but i forgot! Anyway, Clubs often go for the opposite of the last man dont they. For instance from youth to experience or from a gobby stroppy guy to a cool calm guy. Point im making is DC will be hurt by what has happened, so if his thought is now loyalty, it wouldnt surprise me if DC was to give loovens a thought. If it did happen, we would be missing certain things, experience, know how, Contacts, etc etc etc. But he would certainly have the dressing room, an thats half th
  12. Well slightly diff' in as much as if someone said something on radio (in this case alladyce) then they actually said it.. in print its 50/50 at best if words were even said.
  13. Does anyone know, Is the alladyce interview from talk sport still available online? Would be good to know exactly what was said? Is it true he said he turned it down as he knew his mate Bruce wanted it badly?
  14. That goes against what SB said in his interview. Almost the opposite anyway.
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