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  1. GY-owl.4


    some poor cooont has put their name to that piece.. step forward Sam Cooper, congratulations you fat foook
  2. GY-owl.4

    Big Atdhe haters

  3. GY-owl.4

    Big Atdhe haters

    Ive found with alot of our fans that the way a player looks or runs or jumps, or even walks is vitally important to whether that player is any good or not. strange, must be a sexual thing!
  4. GY-owl.4

    R I P mum and fly high

    My mum is 66 and lives down south. shes coming up on the train today to stop at mine for a week. she talks ALOT and can sometimes be quite exhausting. this thread is going to make me have a higher tolerance level this week and remind me not to get bugged by silly little things. chin up tinks x
  5. Graham Dilley was from similar era. he died a few years back. was only 52 i think. maybe you thinking of him.
  6. Claude Dielna if that was his name. crap
  7. I know there is some crap posted on our forum but.. kinell, this post takes the biscuit, how deluded are they to even think that.
  8. Anya is no better than Maghoma
  9. Nice to see a happy ending. also confirmed, were all Neil arent we!
  10. Loved Jos' attitude from the start. whats not to like. I admit i love all our managers on the day they arrive, they get like 100 credits in my old brain bank. then during the weeks and months they lose credits for sh!t they do wrong. but they can gain them back again if they see the error of their ways. If they get below like 40 credits i want them sacked, but credits are quite stable, so it would be hard to like lose 20 in one game, for me anyway. some on ere, the ones that start threads at HT cos were losing, i imagine their credits would go up and down like a bride's nightie. But i digress. Point is Dave Jones is the one in recent times that dipped below 40, (prob dipped below 20!) i wanted him sacked. SG hovered in the 80s, understanding the restraints he was under. CC was prob in the 90s during season 1, 70s season 2 as although we got 4th i think we under achieved. Jos probably lost 5 or 7 credits after the Millwall game but has more than gained them back since, again understanding the tools at his disposal hes still in the 90s. Cant believe ive had to defend him on here so much, especially in the early days. play the credit game, its fun!
  11. GY-owl.4

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    Lets not forget he is also a tramp i think its wrong for any snodgrass thread to happen without that point being mentioned..
  12. GY-owl.4

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    If your starting threads where your verbally rimming him you should really know this stuff yourself. rather than asking others to tell you. shouldnt be hard to find, the PL is big business.
  13. When they come back for first day of pre-season they have certain requirements they have to meet. if they fail them, then sure they should be criticized and probably fined. but it shouldnt be terminal to their fitness for the season. the training that goes on together within the training ground walls should have them catching up in no time, even if they foookd up personally, the fact that it never (caught up) tells us all we need to know about our coaches standards to fitness. Jos wont leave it in the players hands to do it alone away from the training ground.
  14. GY-owl.4

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    too many letters, however w*nkers mentality fits perfectly
  15. Lets be reyt all our players were fit. they trained, played matches, probably did do running on there own most of them, but the level they had to reach to play CC style of football they obviously reached, CC was happy. Our new man wants to make the fitness AS important as the ball work, he wants them to be one of the strongest in the league, still flying about at 95mins, so just like last year our professional athletes will be at the standard their boss demands. our team will be better for it, but i say it again, it stems from the top. your blaming the wrong people.