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  1. Looks you’re right. I didn’t see it was an unofficial account. I’ll go back to lurking and not posting.
  2. I thought I had spotted something, but I must be just an unintended peddler of fake news
  3. May have been a windup that I’ve fallen for
  4. How my timeline and account page looks via Tweetbot
  5. I did wonder. But seems Blue tick only shows on the twitter account page and not on timeline via Tweetbot. Wondered if it was a wind up but when I tapped the profile it went to the official page.
  6. Checked it was the official account first.
  7. Noticed this tweet. Took a screenshot to text to bro, but now it’s gone.
  8. I managed to bag a couple of corporate seats in the East Stand with my dad and brother ( @East Sussex Owl ) and as to be expected, the away support was absolutely fantastic! An absolute credit to the club! Chelsea fans really should be embarrassed.
  9. He could do a job in midfield when Hutch isn't available, but for me, last night showed he needs vastly improve his passing if he's to be used in that role regularly, as he was generally sloppy in that area. He also looked clumsy and at risk of conceding a foul every time he went in for a challenge which, when the referee is as poor as last nights was, only serves to add pressure to an already shaky defence.
  10. Shame. Had been considering taking number 1 child to her first game but a 450 mile round trip on a Monday night means it'll have to be a no from me :(
  11. I might have missed it, but where does it say the game has been moved? The Wednesday site and Sky site both still have it shown as the 2nd at 3pm.....
  12. Born and raised in West Sussex but the old man is from Sheffield. Went to the odd game down south in the mid 80s when I was around 4/5 but I wasn't deemed old enough to go more regularly or to Hillsborough until the early 90s, perfect timing really! Aside from my dad and brother @East Sussex Owl, have always been on my own as a supporter as never found another at school or work etc. Even now, as my two daughters hate football and won't entertain the idea of watching with me. Believe I once saw a Wednesday shirt in the village I live in though, and randomly a tiler who worked on my
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